Best Pizza Delivery Singapore: 7 Places To Get Affordable Pizzas Delivered To Your Doorstep

pizza delivery singapore

After a long day at work, you just need a lazy night sometimes. Forget about adult responsibilities and get pizza delivery.

But pizza delivery is not only perfect for a night of Netflix binging, it’s also convenient for when you’re hosting friends or feeding your colleagues.

Let’s cut to the chase. What’s the best pizza delivery company in town?


Top 7 pizza delivery companies in Singapore 

Pizza delivery company Cost of a 6-inch pizza  Cheapest pizza delivery bundle
Pizza Boy From $6.20 2 regular pizzas with a large Coca-Cola for $22
Pizza Hut  From $9.80 2 regular pizzas with free sides for $22 
Sarpino’s Pizza From $9.90 2 regular pizzas for $22, 2 large pizzas for $33 or 2 extra large pizzas for $44
Domino’s Pizza From $11.90 2 regular pizzas for $22, 2 large pizzas for $33 or 2 extra large pizzas for $44
Pizza De France 2 regular pizzas for $24
Canadian Pizza  2 regular pizzas with 1.5L Coca-Cola for $27.90
2 regular pizzas for $20 (offer until end of 2019)
Rite Pizza 2 regular pizzas for $21.80


Pizza Boy delivery in Singapore 

One of the newest players in town, Pizza Boy has the cheapest personal pan pizza in the list at only $6.20 per pan – that’s half the price of some other pizza delivery companies. 

Under their Awesome Pizza menu, they have local flavours like Pizza Rendang (their highly recommended flavour) and Sambal Prawn/Chicken. You can opt for their Super Four pizza and get 4 flavours in 1 pizza if you don’t want to choose one over the other.


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Pizza Boy’s pastas are very value for money too. Their Aglio Olio Pasta is only $4 and with prawns, it’s still at an affordable $5.50. For those who want something less heavy, there are wraps and quesadillas — cheesy and creamy quesadillas is said to be oozing with cheesy goodness. 

To keep you coming back, you get a 5% discount for your next delivery. 

Pizza Boy delivery hotline: 6493 5777


Pizza Hut delivery in Singapore 

Everyone knows Pizza Hut, surely. You must have eaten it at some point in your life and the reason you like it could simply be because it brings back fond childhood memories. 


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Pizza Hut used to be quite premium but actually it now has very competitive pizza delivery deals with a personal pan pizza starting at $9.80. I won’t go on about their menu and taste since most of us should be familiar with it (love their fluffy and cheese-stuffed crusts), but I would add that they have some value delivery packages for your gatherings and parties like 2 large pizzas with free sides for $34 or 3 large pizzas for $52.

Pizza Hut delivery hotline: 6235 3535


Sarpino’s Pizza delivery in Singapore

Sarpino’s boasts of using authentic ingredients (they use 100% Italian parmesan for their pizzas) and their dough is hand-kneaded daily in the traditional Italian way, which gives a light and fluffy crust. 

Reviews on their food are generally positive with comments about their pizza being “juicy and fresh”. Customers like that their pizzas are very close to authentic Italian pizzas. Apart from their ongoing promotions, they also have different daily offers depending on the day of the week, free sides and discounts.


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One of their best sellers is the Super Value 5 cheese pizza which is packed with 5 kinds of cheese — mozzarella, edam, feta, cheddar and parmesan cheese. 

For the pizza base, they offer two kinds of crust — thin or pan, and allow customisations to add extra meat, extra vegetables and extra cheese. 

Sarpino’s also has a very alluring dessert menu with items like tiramisu, churros, chocolate lava cake and even pandan lava cake! Best way to finish off your pizza meal. 

Sarpino’s Pizza delivery hotline: 6636 3636


Domino’s Pizza delivery in Singapore

Domino’s is the most fun to order from because they have a huge variety of flavours to choose from. 

First, you can choose from 3 types of crusts namely New York Crust, Classic Hand Tossed Crust and Crunchy Thin Crust. Next, you can narrow down your options based on the type of sauce on your pizza. Domino’s have created hyperlocal sauces such as the Cheesy Salted Egg Sauce, Chilli Crab Sauce and the newest is their Sambalicious menu, which uses Sambal Sauce for that extra kick in your pizza. Then, in the final step, you can your topping which includes the vegetarian option. 


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Domino’s is the only pizza delivery in town that guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes or you’ll get a free Regular pizza voucher worth $24.90 to be used on your next visit. They also provide a GPS tracker service that keeps you up to date on the status of your delivery. 

If you’re starving and craving pizzas, Dominos is probably your fastest and safest bet. 

Dominos Pizza delivery hotline: 6222 6333


Pizza de France delivery in Singapore

If you are looking for something different, try Pizza de France. They serve French pizza aka Pissaladière (pronounced pi sa la di el), a classic dish from Provence. Other than the toppings, the crust is what sets it apart. It’s more crunchy than chewy, a bit breadier than your usual pizza crust and crispy on the bottom. 

Pizza de France prizes themselves on their freshly baked pizzas, made by their French trained chef. Their De France Pizza has the authentic ingredients found in a Pissaladière including anchovy, fresh tomato, onion, black olive and herbs of Provence. 


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There are many super value combo sets available and they cater to parties and functions as well. The most popular ones are their classic double treat, 2 regular pizzas for $24, and their classic triple treat, 3 regular pizzas for $33. 

Pizza de France deliver hotline: 6777 8787


Canadian Pizza delivery in Singapore 

Canadian Pizza is another well-known pizza brand, next to Pizza Hut. Do you remember their “2 for 1” jingle? Well, the 2 for 1 deal is still there (and will probably always be). It’s still a good deal for pizzas with generous toppings, except that other pizza deliverers have caught up and it’s not unique to them anymore. 


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Canadian Pizza now offers a healthier choice menu featuring wholemeal pizzas. Other than that, there isn’t really much unique about Canadian Pizza anymore except that it will always be a safe and familiar choice if you don’t know where else to call. 

Canadian Pizza delivery hotline: 6241 0241


Rite Pizza delivery Singapore

Rite Pizza is your go-to for a cheap and fuss-free pizza fix as there are neither delivery nor GST charges. Their 2 regular pizza package is one of the cheapest options on the list at $21.80, flat. 


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Another unique selling point about this pizza delivery is that they offer healthier-choice pizzas by using less oil, low-fat cheese and their use of fresh dough keeps the crust light.

Based on reviews, it is apparently a favourite for halal pizzas. It checks many boxes for being healthy, low price, with free delivery.

Rite Pizza delivery hotline: 6899 3838


1 for 1 pizza delivery in Singapore 

It is common to find pizza delivery deals offering 2 regular pizzas for the price of 1 these days. Check the list and you’ll see they all have similar “2 pizzas for $xx” deals. Maybe they are all trying to compete with Canadian Pizza’s famous “2 for 1 pizza, buy 1 get 1 free always” eternal offer. Well, we get to benefit from this fight for market share. There are now a ton of 1 for 1 pizza deals to choose from. 


24-hour pizza delivery in Singapore 

So far, there isn’t a 24-hour pizza delivery (sorry, there isn’t enough people wanting greasy food at 3am). However, places like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Sarpino’s have late-night delivery up to 11pm. 


Other pizza delivery options

If you think you can only eat fancier pizzas (think wood-fired pizzas) at restaurants, you’re wrong. Some Italian restaurants provide food delivery too. Even if they don’t, food delivery apps like Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Grabfood are ubiquitous these days and you will find a wide selection of pizza deliveries there. A simple search on Foodpanda gave me 10 pizza options, apart from those listed above. 

An alternate and popular pizza delivery is Spizza, which offers authentic Italian wood-fired pizzas using good quality ingredients specially flown in from Italy. They deliver other dishes like salads, antipasti, pasta and oven-baked dishes like lasagne as well. You can even create your own pasta and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

With such quality, of course prices are higher. The price of a regular 12-inch pizza starts from $21. Sorry, there’s no 1 for 1 pizza here. They are also take a bit longer in delivery time as compared to the others in the list. 

Other pizza deliveries you can try out are Napolizz Pizza, ALT Pizza, Da Paolo, Pezzo Pizza, Peperoni Pizzeria, Rocky’s Pizza and honestly, the list goes on. There are just so many places delivering pizzas. You will have to try them out and decide which one works best for your one-person pyjamas party or your upcoming classmates reunion.