Jewel Changi Airport Guide – 5 First-In-Singapore Food Brands & Their Prices

shake shack jewel changi airport

Changi Airport has truly outdone themselves with Jewel, the hippest new mall in town. Located right next to Terminal 1, Jewel Changi Airport marries glamour and greenery – exuding a vibe reminiscent of both Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

But let’s forget the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and 5 stories of lush forest valley trails. These Instagram-worthy features may be the milkshake to lure tourists and influencers to the yard, but what we, average Singaporeans, really care about is the food.

Here are 5 first-in-Singapore restaurants and confectionaries for you to queue up for over the weekend.


5 first-in-Singapore restaurants & confectionaries at Jewel Changi Airport

1. Shake Shack

A lot’s been said about this famous American diner, so I’ll cut straight to it. Shake Shack is a burger joint, serving up the usual suspects like hot dogs, milkshakes, beer and well, burgers, duh.

Here are some of their signature items, as well as how much they cost.

Shake Shack menu item What it is Price
ShackBurger Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, Shack sauce $9.20 (single), $12.70 (double)
Shack-cago dog Hot dog with Rick’s Pick’s Shack relish and vegetables $6.50
Pandan Shake (Singapore exclusive) Vanilla frozen custard with pandan, coconut and gula melaka crumble $7.80
Classic hand-spun shakes Milkshake, comes in 7 flavours $6.90
Concretes Frozen custard blended with mix-ins $7.50 (single), $9.50 (double)

Assuming you get a single burger and soda, you can expect to spend about $15 to $20 per pax. They also sell beer and wine ($9.50 to $13.50 per mug or glass).

shake shack menu jewel changi airport

2. A&W

This is a strange “first-in-Singapore” because A&W was actually one of the first few fast food chains to hit Singapore. My mum told me she used to go on dates with my dad there… That’s how OG it is.

a&w jewel changi airport

Although they sell burgers, hot dogs and floats, it’s much less fancy than Shake Shack. They also have “extra awesome meals” (from $5.90), which are like the extra value meals at McDonald’s.

A&W menu item What it is Price
Burgers (a la carte) Just the burger $3.90 to $6.30
Burgers (combo) Burger with a side of curly fries and a root beer float $7.90 to $10.90
All American Coney (a la carte) Just the hot dog $3.90 to $5.70
All American Coney (combo) Hot dog with a side of curly fries and a root beer float $8.30 to $9.40
Extra awesome meals Burger with root beer float $5.90 to $6.90

If you’re more excited about the sweet stuff, there are also waffles with ice-cream ($7.50) and sundaes ($4.90).


3. Pink Fish

I’m a little disappointed there isn’t more buzz around Pink Fish, a Norwegian fast food chain that serves yummy salmon meals.

Pink Fish menu item What it is Price
Salmon fillet Salmon fillets with your choice of salad or wrap $10.90 to $18.90
Salmon cubes Salmon cubes either cooked and served with soup, or raw with your choice of sauce $10.90 to $18.90
Burgers Salmon burgers $9.90

pink fish jewel changi airport

It’s exciting because the people behind Pink Fish want to open 1,000 restaurants within 10 years, and hope to give fast food giants like KFC and McDonald’s a run for their money.

I’m all for it too – the eco-friendly chain is dedicated to serving fresh, affordable food, using premium Norwegian salmon from sustainable sources.


4. Lavender Bakery

Although this is Lavender’s first store in Singapore, the Malaysian bakery chain is a household name here. As expected, there was a snaking queue of aunties when I visited the Lavender at Jewel.

lavender jewel changi airport Although Lavender is known for being “the cheap-but-atas JB bakery”, don’t expect prices to be too cheap. They’re obviously still way cheaper across the causeway.

Lavender bakery item Price
Assorted bread and buns $1+ to $3+
Honey egg roll $1.90 per slice, $9 per roll
Cake lapis $2 per slice, $20 per box (sliced), $28 for half the cake & $50 for the whole cake
Hanjuku cheese cake $$2.50 per piece, $10 per box of 4, $15 per box of 6
Matcha / chocolate sand (sponge cake sandwich) $2.80 per piece, $14 per box of 5
Japanese chocolate cake $6.30
Banana cake $6.90
Marble butter cake $9.80
Chocolate roll $10
Chocolate ganache $15 per box
Homemade fruit cake $18
Sable cookies $26.90 per box
Whole cakes $38

lavender jewel changi airport


5. Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

I don’t even know how to pronounce the store name, but that’s not important because I was busy feasting on rich, creamy Swiss chocolate (there’s a sample counter!). Hailing from the land of delicious chocolate, the Läderach chocolates are handmade in Switzerland and airflown to Singapore.

These chocolates are very atas, costing as much as (or possibly even more than) similar chocolatiers like Royce and Godiva.

laderach chocolatier suisse singapore jewel changi airport

If you mix and match pieces from the assorted chocolate bars (FrishSchoggi), it’s $19.90 for 100g. Prices range from $52.50 for a 250g gift pack to a whopping $216 for a 1kg crate.

They also have boxes of their designer chocolate, but they’re mostly over $30. If you want something more affordable, there’s the ChocoBijoux Bowl Box ($18.50 for 70g) and Praline Box Suissness ($17.50 for a box of 4).

laderach chocolatier suisse singapore jewel changi airport


What about Burger & Lobster? (updated Aug 2019)

U.K. chain Burger & Lobster was the most obvious restaurant missing from this list because they were not yet open during the official Jewel Changi Airport launch. However, they’re ready for business now!


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Here’s the Burger & Lobster Singapore menu:

Burger & Lobster Singapore menu  Price 
Grilled king prawns  $12 (2pc), $18 (4pc) 
Artichoke alla giuda  $9 (1pc), $15 (2pc) 
Original Lobster  $65 (1.5lb)
Sambal Glazed lobster (Jewel exclusive)  $65 (1.5lb) 
Giant Lobster Seasonal, ask for price 
The Mayfair burger $25
The Hot One burger $25 
The Impossible burger  $20
Original lobster roll $40 
Original Combo (2 burgers, 1 lobster, chips, salad and dessert) $110 
Sides  $8 to $10 
Cakes and dessert  $12 to $16 
Cocktails  $14
Mocktails  $8 to $9 

It’s pretty expensive, but we are talking about seafood — especially lobster — so I’m not surprised. The full lobsters are $65 for 1.5lbs, while the roll is $40 — ouch!

If you’re going to pay, you might as well try the Singapore-exclusive sambal glazed lobster, because you won’t be able to get it elsewhere.

The cheapest items are the burgers ($2o to $25).


Getting to Jewel Changi Airport

If you’re taking public transport, you can choose either the MRT or bus.

The Changi Airport MRT station is connected to Terminals 2 and 3 only, so from there, you’ll need to crossover via the link bridges on the second floor. There are 7 buses you can take (24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858), and you should alight at the Terminal 1 basement bus bay. Go up to the first floor and walk to Jewel.

If you’re driving, please see below for the parking rates.


Parking fees at Jewel Changi Airport

Parking at Changi Airport is known to be expensive, but if you’re driving there, you don’t have much choice. There are no nearby car parks or free parking spots. As Jewel is integrated into Terminal 1, they share a car park. The rates are generally the same for all Terminals and their respective car parks (except the outdoor South Car Park near Terminal 2 that’s $0.005 cheaper / min).

Motor vehicles (cars, vans, etc)

B3 to B5 (general parking) — $0.04 per min

B2M & B2 (short-term parking) — $0.04 per min for the first 90 minutes; $5 per 30 min for subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof

Motorcycles & scooters

$1.30 per day (7am to 6.59am the next day)


Which store are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!