Here’s How a Good Dining Credit Card and a Dining Discount App Can Save You More Money in Singapore

Here’s How a Good Dining Credit Card and a Dining Discount App Can Save You More Money in Singapore

I love my girlfriend, and one of the many reasons I do is because we complement each other on dinner dates. She loves dining out, I love eating. She doesn’t have expensive tastes, I’m more than happy to look the gentleman and pay for the entire bill – especially if comes up to less than $50 altogether.

Darling, I really hope you’re not reading this.


But Peter, why would you be so stingy when it comes to meals?

That’s the thing! I’m not being stingy. It’s not like we only dine at hawker centres or fast food outlets. In fact, I know that with the combination of a good dining credit card and a dining discount app I can get to eat at restaurants for a fraction of the price.


Sounds good! Which dining discount app do you use?

The Entertainer app has many diverse options for 1-for-1 dining, that you’re literally spoiled for choice. However, because of the way it works, it limits the number of times I can enjoy the discount each year. Typically, you can use The Entertainer app up to 3 times per restaurant. What if I really, really liked the place but it was beyond my budget without the 1-for-1?

That’s why I was pleased to discover Eatigo, a website which gives you up to 50% off your dining bill! When you make a reservation with a restaurant through Eatigo, they indicate how much discount you can enjoy. The trick is that the higher discounts occur when you make a reservation at off-peak hours as determined by the restaurant.

For example, say I want to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, in Orchard this weekend. If I make a reservation through Eatigo at 4pm on Saturday, I could enjoy 50% off my bill! So if I were to order two pizzas and one or two sides, for example, I could save up to $30 on a $60 bill.

But even if I can’t make it so early in the afternoon, I will still be able to enjoy 30% off if my reservation was at 5pm, or 25% off if my reservation was at 6pm.

What’s even better, even if I make a reservation during the restaurant’s peak hours, I still get at least 10% off my bill if I book through Eatigo.


Probably too good to be true… what’s the catch with Eatigo?

Well, presumably, since this app has been around for over a year, there may be soon be no such thing as an off-peak hour!

But seriously, the expected terms and conditions apply. For example, with California Pizza Kitchen, the discount may apply to all food items, but not to drinks. It also cannot be combined with any in-house promotions, so don’t be one of those psychopaths who try to bully staff into giving double discounts.

Eatigo allows you to make a reservation at hundreds of restaurants across the island and their website and easy-to-use app also provide cuisine-based and location-based categories for your convenience.


Now imagine how much more you could be saving with the best dining credit cards

We know which is the best dining credit card in Singapore. It’s the American Express Platinum Credit Card, which comes with two complimentary dining cards – the Far Card and the Palate Card – that give you up to 50% discounts at several high-end restaurants. But some of you might be thinking that just because you can get up to 50% off your dining bill doesn’t mean the remainder of the bill is going to be cheap. And you would be right.

In fact, when it comes to maximising your dining discounts with apps like The Entertainer and Eatigo, you probably can’t bank on the kind of discounts that the Far Card and the Palate Card are able to provide you.

In such a situation, getting a credit card that gives you high cashback on dining transactions would be the best. There are three dining credit cards that I would recommend, depending on your spending habits.

The Citibank Cash Back Card gives me up to 8% cash back for all dining transactions, as long as I charge at least $888 a month to the card.

The ANZ Optimum Card gives me up to 5% rebates on my dining spending, assuming I chose Dining and Leisure as my cashback category. There is no maximum rebate cap, but there is a transaction rebate cap of $30.

The OCBC 365 Credit Card gives me 3% rebates on weekday dining and 6% rebates on weekend dining. There is a minimum spending of $600 each month, and a maximum rebate cap of $80.

Of course, the cashback rebate will only be on the amount charged to the card. So say I would normally spend $60 on a meal. Dining apps like The Entertainer and Eatigo would save me up to $30. And if I were to charge that $30 to a dining credit card like the ANZ Optimum Card, I would get another $1.50 in rebates.


Do you know of any other dining apps that can save you money when dining out? Share them with us.