Geylang Serai Bazaar 2019 – 5 Hipster F&Bs That Didn’t Increase Prices

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan

There’s a lot to be excited about for the Geylang Serai bazaar 2019. Last year, the “Ramadan” bazaar got lots of flak for the notoriously high rental fees, and for being more hipster than halal. Taking this feedback into consideration, the organisers set a $14,000 rental cap this year, and made sure all the F&B stores are Muslim-friendly*.

Yaaaas – now no need to put Ramadan in quote marks anymore! (cheers)

That said, you can still expect to see the throngs of millennials chiong-ing like crazed aunties for Instagram-able sliders and drinks because 30% of the stores will still sell contemporary novelty foods.

But since rental fees are lower, at least prices should also be lower hor? I was skeptical at first – because vendors rarely pass down savings to their consumers – but it seems that many repeat vendors either maintained or lowered their prices!


Geylang Serai Bazaar 2019: 5 Hipster F&Bs that didn’t increase their prices

Store What they sell Verdict
Alley Milk teas ($3.50 to $6.30) & boba pancake dessert ($9.90) Generally cheaper. Plus more beverage choices & a new boba dessert.
Katoshka   Iced teas ($3.50), fries ($5.90 to $6.90), XL chicken ($6.90) & combo sets ($9 to $15) Same price as last year, but with new XL chicken on the menu.
Loco Loco Churros ($5), drinks ($4) & takoyaki ($5 to $7) Churros are the same price. The rest are new savoury items, within the same price range as last year.
Rainbow Works Colourful novelty drinks ($6 to $9.90) & egglet dessert Completely new menu with fewer choices, but prices significantly cheaper.
WORD. Fresh coconut drinks ($5), bucket drinks ($8), chilli beef fries ($6) & novelty burgers and wraps ($8 to $10) Prices similar to last year. Aside from the popular Bucket Gangster drink and chilli beef fries, the menu is new.  

Although repeat vendors, many of these stores switched up their menus, keeping only the crowd favourites. But even for the new items, the prices were kept comparable to last year’s Geylang Serai Bazaar 2018.


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Alley – brown sugar drinks from $3.50

Alley menu item Price
Brown sugar black / green tea $3.50 (M), $4.50 (L)
Brown sugar fresh milk $3.90 (M), $4.90 (L)
Brown sugar milk tea $3.90 (M), $4.90 (L)
Brown sugar cocoa latte $4.50 (M), $5.50 (L)
Brown sugar creme brulee $5.30 (M), $6.30 (L)
Boba pancake stack $9.90

Last year, Alley mainly sold Thai milk teas ($4) and ribbon fries ($6). This year, they’ve moved their focus to brown sugar drinks… a sly move, considering a famous Taiwanese bubble tea chain of a similar name (The Alley) just opened in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore (Apr 2019).

Price-wise, it seems slightly cheaper because you can get a fancy drink for just $3.50 now (compared to $4 last year). There’s also a lot more to choose from – all brown sugar-based, of course.

They’ve also done away with the ribbon fries, replacing it with a boba pancake stack dessert ($9.90). It comes with 3 pancakes and a generous serving of tapioca pearls – yum!

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan alley


Katoshka – russet fries from $5.90 & XL fried chicken at $6.90

Katoshka menu item Price
Classic iced limau $3.50
Assum Boi special $3.50
Classic russet fries   $5.90
Premium russet fries $6.90
XL Chicken $6.90
Combo sets $9 to $15

Katoshka has a very posh-looking facade, so I actually expected their prices to be higher. It’s surprisingly affordable, with their iced teas going for a reasonable $3.50 (same as last year).

They’ve kept the russet fries (at the same price too), but added in the trendy Taiwanese XL fried chicken ($6.90). Perhaps they were inspired by the recent Shilin Night Market event last month. (shrugs)

They also have combo sets. The chicken platter ($12) is for chicken and fries, while the chicken deluxe ($15) is for chicken, fries and a drink.

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan katoshka


Loco Loco – $5 churros & takoyaki

Loco Loco menu item Price
Drinks $4 (or 3 for $10), toppings +$0.50
Churros $5
Original & wasabi takoyaki $5
Cheese takoyaki $6
Mentaiko takoyaki $7

Churros are my all-time favourite, so I made sure to keep an eye out for Loco Loco. At first glance, the churros seem cheaper (it used to be $5.50 to $6 per cup, but 2 for $10). However, it’s actually the same price – except this year you don’t need to buy 2 cups to get it at $5.

They also kept all flavours at the same price (instead of having $6 premium flavours), which is nice.

Also, instead of fish & chips and fries, their 2019 savoury menu features takoyaki balls ($5 to $7).

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan loco loco


Rainbow Works – gummy bear drinks from $6

Rainbow Works menu item Price
Bubblegummie bottled drinks $6
Egglet dessert $7.90
Assorted novelty milkshakes $9.90

I wasn’t too impressed with Rainbow Works and their gimmicky drinks last year – they were pretty expensive at $8.90 to $9.90 a cup. Their edible balloon drink ($8.90) was one of the most Instagram-ed items of the 2018 Ramadan Bazaar.

This year, they’ve changed their menu significantly. They now have colourful drinks with gummy bear toppings (Bubblegummie $6) that come in super cute bear-shaped bottles which you can keep. That’s $2 cheaper than their cheapest drink last year (glitter bottled drinks $8).

They still have a few novelty milkshakes at $9.90, but at least now you have a cheaper option to consider. They also have a new black chocolate egglet dessert at $7.90.

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan rainbow works


WORD. – giant bucket drinks at $8 & novelty rainbow burger at $10

Word. menu item Price
Mexican Cajun corn $3
Tropical coconut drink $5
Chilli beef fries $6
Bucket Gangster drinks $8
Ayam Belado burger with fries $8
Beef garlic wrap with chips $8
Popcorn chicken with fries $8
Satay burger with fries $8
Seafood garlic (Nasi Espanyol) $8
Spicy chicken wrap with chips $8
Abang Hensem burger with fries $10

I chuckle every time I visit this store – their tongue-in-cheek names are hilarious! I kind of wanted to try to grossly rainbow-coloured “Abang Hensem burger” but I no balls to order…

They brought back their signature Bucket Gangster drinks ($8) and chilli beef fries ($6) at the same price, but upgraded their main course menu. They now have wraps and burgers with a traditional Malay cuisine twist, featuring sauces and flavours like belado and satay – shiok! Same as last year, all mains are $8, except the Abang Hensem burger that’s $10.

They took away the lamb and beef rib slabs this year, perhaps because it was too expensive for pasar malam food ($40 for a full slab!).

geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan word


Which Geylang Serai Bazaar 2019 store are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below! 



Geylang Serai Bazaar: Most stalls to sell traditional Malay goods, food required to meet halal criteria