Want to Save Money Cooking at Home but Think It’s a Chore? Bosch’s Latest Series 6 Oven is Here to Help

Want to Save Money Cooking at Home but Think It’s a Chore? Bosch’s Latest Series 6 Oven is Here to Help

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One of the few things that Singaporeans will not fail to remind you when you speak to them is how busy they are. Many would marvel at how new technologies have made their lives more efficient, especially with food delivery services that have experienced huge growth over the past few years.

But we get it – most people might not have the energy to prepare meals after a long day at work. And even for those people who have discovered how therapeutic cooking at home can be, there’s still the not-so-small matter of cleaning up.

So let’s be real. Cooking can help you save a really significant amount of money as compared to eating out, and it is certainly a healthier option because you can control what you cook. But at the same time, just the sheer thought of the preparation and cleaning up can be a huge turn off. These are some of the problems that Bosch’s new Series 6 Oven aims to solve.

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The right features to make your cooking as easy as possible

How often have you seen gadgets in electronic stores that come with a ton of features that look great, but even a rocket scientist would have trouble figuring out? Well, the innovations that have been put into the Series 6 Oven are all engineered with the purpose of making cooking a breeze.

The level-independent Clip Rails allow you to position your trays at any level you need. Cooking multiple dishes at a time now becomes a breeze, which really helps to reduce the preparation time. The last thing that anyone really wants is to spend double or triple the time cooking compared to the time they spend eating, right?

But that’s really just the start.

With 3D HotAir, heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the oven by means of optimized air outlets, making it possible to cook on up to three levels simultaneously, which really speeds up the preparation process.

And my personal favourite is the AutoPilot 30 function, which allows you to cook each dish to perfection – thanks to 30 pre-set automatic programmes. Being slightly OCD when it comes to cooking, I love that this is one less thing I have to stress out about after a long day at work.


Fuss-free cleaning – the real music to everyone’s ears

Getting a kitchen appliance might ultimately save you some money. However, the real effort comes in utilising the machine, and cleaning is a huge part of this equation. We could talk about how easy it is to cook with the appliance all day, but if it takes another hour to clean, we can imagine that usage will diminish pretty fast.

The Bosch oven ensures that you don’t have to sweat over keeping your appliance clean, with its Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning technology.  Pyro-what? The technology heats the oven up to a temperature that burns off hard-to-remove grease and food residue. All you need to do to clean up is to wipe away the ash remnants with a damp cloth and you are done.


A long term investment that will help you with more than just saving money

While cooking at home definitely has its monetary benefits, this isn’t just meant to save you money from eating out, but also help you reap the benefits of eating healthily.

Nielsen’s recent Out-of-Home Dining survey revealed that 1 in 4 people eat out daily. That is a really significant number, and an even more significant amount of money being spent daily.

The efficiency that the Bosch Series 6 Oven gives you not only reduces cooking time but also ensures you make space in your life for all the important things, from living a healthier lifestyle to simply making more time for family dinners. And better yet, the ease of cleaning the oven is just as amazing, but this is definitely something you need to see for yourself.

The Bosch Series 6 Oven is now available nationwide at the Bosch Experience Centre and major electronic stores, at a recommended retail price of S$2,499.