Price Guide To 11 Best Steaks In Singapore For Every Budget

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When you think “fine dining”, most people imagine sipping on red wine, savouring a medium-rare steak. That could be true – many of the best steaks in Singapore cost upwards of $100. But if you know where to look, you can actually score a decent steak with as little as $30 per pax. From ‘budget” chains like iSTEAKS to super atas steakhouses like Bedrock Bar & Grill, here’s a price guide to the 10 best steak restaurants in Singapore.


Price guide to the best steaks in Singapore

Steakhouse Most value-for-money steak Signature steak dish
Stirling Steaks Flat iron steak 150g ($9.90) Wagyu sirloin ms4/5 220g ($59.90)
iSTEAKS Diner NZ Striploin 200g ($18) AU Wagyu Ribeye ms4/5 200g ($46)
Meat n’ Chill New York striploin 250g ($19)   Angus ribeye with truffle shavings 250g ($36)
The Masses USDA prime striploin ($29.90)  USDA prime striploin ($29.90) 
The Chop House AU grass-fed sirloin ($31) USDA prime grain-fed ribeye ($39)
Les Bouchons Grilled Black Angus ribeye steak with “Vigneron” butter &
grilled Angus sirloin steak with herbs ($39.80 each)
“Super Entrecote” US Black Angus ($52)
The Market Grill Sabchoky wagyu mbs 6+ rump cap 200g ($45)   Sabchoku Wagyu mbs 6+ tri tip 300g ($65)
Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse AU wagyu mb6 tenderloin 200g ($65)   Fiorentina BMS 6 Wagyu F1 T-bone 1.1 kg ($188)
Wooloomooloo Steakhouse AU grass-fed filet mignon 240g ($68) Irish dry aged sirloin 360g ($80) 
Bedrock Bar & Grill AU grass-fed striploin 300g ($79) Ribeye cap steak 300g ($128)
CUT by Wolfgang Puck USDA prime corn-fed filet mignon 170g ($80) American Wagyu New York sirloin 230g ($160)
Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore Prime petit fillet mignon ($80) USDA prime, dry aged ribeye steak ($128)

Disclaimer: I am by no means a food connoisseur. This list of steakhouses was curated based on online reviews and recommendations by various local food bloggers and community members (like Burpplers!). If you are unhappy with your meal, go after them. I see price first, taste second.


Affordable steaks under $30

I know, $30 is pretty expensive for a main course. But for steaks, it’s a reasonable budget if you want a decent cut.


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Stirling Steaks – cheapest steak in Singapore

Stirling Steaks is hands down the cheapest steakhouse we’ve found. I used to think iSTEAKS was the cheapest, but even their more affordable cuts cost double of Stirling Steak’s.

The flat iron steak is their value cut ($9.90), and you can add $1.50 / $1.90 for fries / soft drinks respectively. If you want something fancier, they actually sell premium ms4-5 wagyu sirloin steaks at $59.90 for 220g.

The standard steaks (everything aside from the flat iron steak) all come with your choice of either truffle fries or mashed potatoes.

iSTEAKS Diner – great selection & value for money

iSTEAKS is slightly more expensive than Stirling Steaks, but they have quite the selection of cuts for you to choose from. For under $30, the best one you can get is the Australian ribeye 250g ($28), which is not half bad.

If you want to get even more bang for your buck, you can order a sharing steak (1kg to 1.5kg, $78 to $108).

Meat n’ Chill – flame-grilled steak from $19

Many food bloggers rave about Meat n’ Chill‘s red neck soo-veed ribeye steak, but the diner has since stopped serving that. Now, they only have the flame-grilled steaks ($19 to $36).

All the steaks are 250g, and the cheapest cut is the New York striploin at $19. If you want to go all out, you’ll have to pay slightly over our budget: The Angus ribeye is $36, but at least it comes with free truffle shavings.

The Masses – USDA prime striploin at $29.90

The Masses was founded by one of the ex-owners of the popular casual French restaurant chain, Saveur. In the same vein, The Masses serves French-fusion cuisine.

Beef steak is not a very French thing, which explains why the menu only has 1 steak dish. The one, however, is quite worth checking out: It’s only $29.90 for 200g of prime grain-fed striploin that comes served with baby tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes roasted with beef fat — yum.

Considering “prime” is the highest of the USDA steak gradings, getting it under $30 is quite a good deal.


Premium steaks under $60

Now, if you want to go to a “proper” steakhouse, you’ll need to up the budget. Say you have a date to impress.

$60 per pax is plenty to get you a good slab of meat. You can even get Japanese wagyu beef if you know where to go.


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The Chop House – sirloin steak at $31

The Chop House is part of the Wooloomooloo Group, but it’s much more affordable than the Wooloomooloo Steakhouse at Stamford Road (see below). They’re not a specialty steakhouse, and offer other mains like baby back ribs ($48), burgers ($24 to $31) and etc.

That said, they still have 3 steak options: there’s the Australian grass-fed sirloin ($31), Australian grass-fed tenderloin ($37) and USDA prime grain-fed ribeye ($39).

If you don’t necessarily need a steak, you can try the wagyu beef cheek ($32) or steak sandwich ($26) instead.

Les Bouchons – $52 for their best steak & free-flow French fries

Les Bouchons is a French restaurant that’s earned a name for serving one of the best steaks in Singapore. There are two outlets (Ann Siang, Robertson Quay) and their menus differ slightly.

The steaks are their specialty though, so it’s available at both outlets at the same price ($39.80). You can choose from either the fancy grilled black Angus ribeye steak with “vigneron” butter, or the simpler grilled Angus sirloin steak with herbs.

The most expensive steak is the “Super Entrecote” US black Angus ($52). It’s pricey, but it comes with a salad and free-flow of the restaurant’s signature homemade French fries.

The Market Grill – wagyu ribeye cap at $49

The Market Grill is on the expensive side, but if you order the right things, you can still keep it within budget.

There are three types of beef to choose from: Sabchoku wagyu (350 days grain-fed, mbs 6+), David Blackmore wagyu (600 days grass-fed, mbs 9+) and 5 stars USDA prime beef. (In case you’re suaku like me, let’s give some meaning to those numbers: The mbs is the marbling score, 1 being the leanest and 9 being the fattiest.)

The cheapest steak is the Sabchoku wagyu rump cap ($45 for 200g), but if you top up a bit more, you can get the David Blackmore wagyu rib cap ($49 for 200g) under $60.


Gourmet steaks over $60

This category is for the crazy rich Asians who are prepared to splurge and can somehow justify spending over $100 per pax on a meal. I’ve personally never dined at any of these restaurants, but people write some mind-blowing reviews about these steaks.


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Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse – the best Florentine steak in Singapore ($188)

The cheapest individual cut at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse (or Bistecca for short) is the Australian wagyu mb6 tenderloin, which is $65 for 200g. That should be fancy enough for most, but it would be a waste to visit this restaurant without ordering the signature steak.

They boast about serving the best Florentine steak in Singapore – and the online reviews seem to agree. The Bistecca Alla Fiorentina (1.1kg Australian wagyu T-bone) is $188, but it’s 1.1kg and could probably feed up to 2 pax (or 3 small eaters).

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse – individual steak cuts up to 420g ($92 to $117)

Although more expensive than Bistecca (Wooloomooloo’s cheapest steak is $68), if you go by price and weight, it may actually offer more bang for your buck.

$68 will get you a 240g cut of Australian filet mignon, as compared to 200g of a fancier wagyu cut at Bistecca. Still, it depends on your steak preference.

Other than the filet mignon, other cuts are at least 360g and cost from $69 to $80. If you have a hearty appetite, you can even go for the 420g steaks ($92 to $117).

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse has a lunch special that’s extra value-for-money. You can get an Australian grain-fed ribeye steak (~220g) for just $36. Add $5 for an appetiser.

Bedrock Bar & Grill – $128 for a wagyu ribeye cap steak, but 1-for-1 on The Entertainer

Pick a random person off the streets and ask them which restaurant serves the best steak in Singapore, and chances are, they will say Bedrock Bar & Grill.

The cheapest cut is the Australian grass-fed striploin ($79 for 300g), but I suppose if you’re here, you’re prepared to ball. The most expensive cut is the ribeye cap steak ($128 for 300g), which is perfect for those who love fatty meat and that buttery mouthfeel.

And while all these prices may seem out of reach for average Joes like you and me, the best part about Bedrock is that they’re on The Entertainer. If you have a subscription, the main courses are 1-for-1, which is extra worth it.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck – 1-Michelin star awarded in 2016

Cut by Wolfgang Puck is one of those fancy restaurants at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) that no Singaporean ever goes to. It may be worth a visit though – the steakhouse was awarded a one Michelin star rating in 2016.

The cheapest cut here is the USDA prime corn-fed filet mignon ($80 for 170g), but if you dine before 7pm, you can order the Early Cut set meal. It’s $88 for a three-course meal, and you can order the USDA prime New York sirloin steak (170g) as the main course.

The rest of their cuts are mostly above $100. The American wagyu is one of their most popular meats, and it’s $160 for a New York sirloin of that (230g).

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – USDA prime beef, dry aged in-house and from $80

For the record, Wolfgang Puck is not affiliated with Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Wolfgang is just a very popular chef-restaurateur name. (shrugs)

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse uses USDA prime beef, dry aged in-house. The menu doesn’t state the weight of their meat, but the absolute cheapest individual cut is the petit filet mignon ($80).

I suspect it’s not quite “main course material”. The cheapest standard-sized steak costs significantly more, the prime filet mignon is $118.

If you have a big group, you can consider sharing a porterhouse steak ($198 for 2 pax, $288 for 3 pax & $370 for 4 pax).


What do you think of these steakhouses? Tell us which you think serves the best steak in Singapore!