Best Burgers Singapore Price Guide (2019) – 9 Trending Restaurants To Check Out

best burger singapore

I don’t know how I missed the memo, but with the opening of Shake Shack and Burger & Lobster in Singapore, burgers are officially trending.

Gone are the days when hamburgers were despised as “junk food”. Now, they’re being served at gourmet restaurants, and a meal can set you back as much as $30+ after taxes.

Craving a BLT? Here are 9 restaurants to check out for the best burgers in Singapore. Psst… There’s one for every budget!


Best burgers in Singapore (2019) – Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, Fatburger & More

Burger joint Price range Signature burger
Burger & Lobster TBC B&L Burger £20 (~S$35.60)
Fatburger Singapore $ Single Original Fatburger $7.90, $11.90 for a meal
VeganBurg $ Smoky BBQ burger meal $10.90, add $3.90 for a meal.
Shake Shack $$ ShackBurger $9.20 (single), $12.70 (double) 
Omakase Burger $$ Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger $19.90, $22.90 for a meal
Wolf Burger $$ Wolf Burger $9.90, add $3 for a meal
Three Buns Singapore at Potato Head Folk $$$ Baby Huey burger $17, add $3 for fries
Black Tap $$$ The Texan Burger $25
Overeasy $$$ “To-Die-For” burger $24


Burger & Lobster – coming soon!

When it finally opens this year, Jewel Changi Airport will be the place to be for burgers. Two famous international chains will be there – Shake Shack from New York and Burger & Lobster from London.

Shake Shack opened along with Jewel’s official launch in April, while Burger & Lobster is slated to open in early 2019.

That’s right about now, so uhm, we’re ready guys …


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For Burger & Lobster, the must-try dish is their B&L burger, which is a crazy 50z Nebraskan beef patty, topped with lobster meat, brie and truffle and tarragon mayo.

Prices have not been released, but at the original outlets overseas, the B&L Burger is £20 (~S$35.60).


Fatburger Singapore

It would seem we have something of an obsession with American burger imports… because Fatburger also hails from the U.S., specifically Los Angeles.

Fatburger opened in Singapore in Sep 2018, and currently have 2 outlets in Singapore –  one at KINEX (previously known as OneKM), and one at Velocity in Novena.


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Fatburger is one of the more affordable of the “branded” burgers. You can get their Single Original Fatburger at just $7.90 ($11.90 if you want the meal), which is comparable to McDonald’s.

The burgers are generally $7.50 to $15.90 when ordered a la carte, and $11.90 to $19.90 when you make them a “fat” meal. If it’s cheat day, go all out and grab an ice-cream shake too ($6.50).



Next up in the under-$15 category is the VeganBurg. Although it has an outlet in San Francisco, VeganBurg is actually founded by a Singaporean in Oct 2010.

As its name suggests, this one is for the vegetarians and vegans who miss biting into BLTs. The burgers have lots of veggies (think lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh greens), as well as plant-based patties and gourmet sauces.


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For an almost-meat experience, try the Smoky BBQ Burger ($10.90 a la carte, or $14.80 for a meal). They also have mushroom, satay and beetroot burgers which range from $8.90 to $10.90.

To make it a meal with fries and a drink, add $3.90.


Shake Shack

Shake Shack is serving all their signature favourites, including the ShackBurger (from $9.20), which features 100% grilled Angus beef with cheddar cheese, veggies and their house sauce. That’s slightly more than the ShackBurger is the U.S., where it’s US$5.70 (~S$7.70).


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Yet surprisingly, the ShackBurger is one of the cheaper burgers on the Singapore menu. The hamburger is $7.50, but everything else is above $10.

There’s the SmokeShack – a cheeseburger with smoked bacon – that’s $10.90 (single) / $14.40 (double), the ‘Shroom Burger – a mushroom burger with cheese – that’s $10.80, and a Shack Stack, which is both ($14.30).

For the full menu and more, check out our article on the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport.


Omakase Burger

Opening its first outlet at The Grandstand in 2012, Omakase Burger is one of the first “atas” burgers to hit Singapore. With a Japanese name and “American burger” tagline, you might be surprised to find that it’s actually a homegrown brand.


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As it turns out, the brand makes American-style “smashed burgers”, but with Japanese buns.

The bestseller is the Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger, which goes for $19.90 (or $22.90 for a meal). That’s one of the more expensive burgers though, the rest range from $16.90 to $20.50.

If you’re on a budget, get the Basic Set ($18.90) which comes with the simple Omakase Cheeseburger, fries and a soft drink.


Wolf Burgers

Wolf Burgers is founded by the couple behind roast meat grill, Carvers & Co. Another one of the early players in the local burger scene, Wolf Burgers first opened in 2016 at Pasarbella, Suntec City.

Now, Wolf Burgers has 2 more outlets – one at Changi City Point, and one at Marina One.


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If it’s your first time, you must try the signature Wolf Burger ($9.90). For the real burger afficiendos, treat your palate to the fancy Wolf Wagyu ($14.90).

There are 2 tiers of burgers: The Basics ($6.90 to $14.90) and the Signatures ($9.90 to $14.90). These prices exclude sides and drinks, which cost $3 to add on.


Three Buns Singapore by Potato Head

Three Buns is a burger joint under the popular Potato Head group from Bali. There are two outlets in Singapore – one at Potato Head Keong Saik, and one at Quayside Isle.


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With Three Buns, we’re really moving into gourmet territory – at least price-wise. Burgers cost $15 to $25, and that excludes fries (+$3) and drinks ($12 to $21).

Not sure what to spend on your money on? You can’t go wrong with the popular Baby Huey ($17), which has a 150g Black Angus beef patty, ketchup, cheese, pickles, spiced mayo in a toasted demi brioche bun.


Black Tap Singapore

Yet another brand from NYC, Black Tap Singapore at Marina Bay Sands is the brand’s first Asian outpost. Inspired by the quintessential American diner experience, you can expect neon lights and retro music to accompany you as you feast on juicy beef burgers and towering milkshakes.


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The most popular burger is probably The Texan, which costs $25. But the Black Tap is famous not just for their gourmet burgers ($21 to $26), but their CrazyShakes ($19 to $22) too. These monster milkshakes cost as much as a main course, but judging by the overflowing toppings and whipped cream, it’s probably because they’re equally filling.

If milkshakes are too “gelat” for you, wash your hearty meal down with some craft beer instead ($16).



OverEasy is an American-diner concept under the Lo & Behold Group,  which is also behind other big names like The White Rabbit and Tanjong Beach Club. There are two branches, both of which are downtown (Liat Towers and Fullerton).


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The OverEasy ambience is pretty chill, making it more of a burger-and-bar kind of place. As expected, the prices are really steep, making it one of the most “atas” burgers in Singapore.

Main courses are $20 to $28, but there are only 3 burgers on the menu: the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger ($24), Truffle Burger ($28) and “To-Die-For” Burger ($24).

Based on reviews, the last one is the most popular burger. It features a wagyu chuck blend patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and the brand’s special burger sauce. It comes with fries too (at that price, it better!).


Would you spend over $30 on a gourmet burger meal, or would you just head to the nearest Mac’s drive-through? Tell us in the comments below!