Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore

best alcohol delivery service singapore

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After a long, tiring day at work, if you don’t have a spouse or a dog, the next best thing to be greeted by is a bottle of ice cold beer. But let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their first few hours of post-work freedom poking around Shop ‘n’ Save searching for a cheap six pack. Here are some of the best alcohol delivery options in Singapore.

1. Mabukmonkey.com

Mabuk Monkey are the go-to guys if you want to kick back on your couch after work with a couple of beers. They deliver within an hour and have not only a good selection of cheap beers like Tiger at some of the cheapest single-can and bottle prices we could find but also craft beers from Brewerkz, St Bernardus and BrewDog, all of which they deliver in an hour. Pretty much everything you could ask for in an online alcohol delivery service.

Sample prices:

  • $2.90 for a 323 ml can of Carlsberg
  • $3.00 for a 323 ml can of Tiger
  • $3.90 for a 330 ml bottle of Hoegaarden
  • $8.40 for a 640ml Brewerkz Pilsner

Delivery: Delivers in 1 hour. Free delivery for orders over $50, or else a delivery charge of $10 will apply. Takes orders from 6pm to midnight every day except Monday.

Good for: All-round winner, and deserves bonus points for the craft beer.

2. Alcoholdelivery.com.sg

Because of their good SEO, Alcohol Delivery comes out on top of Google every time. The selection is a bit different from Mabuk Monkey’s but some overlapping items are a little bit more expensive (Tiger beer costs 15 cents more), although to be fair some are cheaper (Erdinger Weissbeer is 5 cents cheaper). Alcohol Delivery also delivers hard liquor like whiskey, vodka, tequila et al. Their strength lies in the fact that they take orders 24/7, so you can get your fix at 7am on a Monday morning if that’s how you roll.

Sample prices:

  • $3.15 for a 323 ml can of Tiger Beer
  • $5.15 for a 330ml bottle of Kronenbourg Blanc
  • $81 for a 700ml Johnny Walker Black Label

Delivery: Delivers in 1 hour. Free delivery for orders over $50, or else a delivery charge of $10 will apply. Delivers from 6pm to 2am daily.

Good for: Competitive prices, wide selection and 24/7 availability.

3. Acoustichighlife.com

Acoustic High Life undercuts the competition by just a little bit, but I can’t say I’m complaining. Instead of delivering in 1 hour, they promise to be at your doorstep in 50 minutes. They’ve got the lowest per-can or per-bottle prices we managed to find, but the catch is you’ve got to order in batches of 24 cans or bottles. Most of the big brands of beer and hard liquor are represented. Because the beer is sold in bulk, you’ll probably have to wait till your friends come over to help out.

Sample prices:

  • $60 for 24 323 ml cans of Tiger beer
  • $80 for 24 330 ml bottles of Hoegaarden
  • $70 for 700ml Johnny Walker Black Label

Delivery: Free delivery for orders above $100, otherwise a charge of $8 will apply. Orders placed between 9am and 6pm will be delivered within 2-3 hours, while orders placed between 6pm and 12am will be delivered the next morning.

Good for: Those looking for the cheapest prices and who don’t mind buying in bulk

4. 6 Drunk Men

So you think Heineken is too low class and Tiger is for uncles and ah bengs? 6 Drunk Men carries a solid selection of Australian, New Zealand and other specialty beers at reasonable prices. Bottles are sold in bulk, usually in crates of 24, at truly unbeatable prices that on a per-can or per-bottle basis are just a few cents costlier than run-of-the-mill Tiger or Heineken. The main downsides are that you have to spend a minimum of $300 to qualify for free delivery, and it isn’t immediate, taking place within 2 business days from your order. Still, if you have the time to place an advance order and have a couple of friends to split with, this wins our prize for best value for money.

Sample prices:

  • $65 for 24 330ml cans of Red Rock Lager
  • $88 for 24 330 ml bottles of Miller Genuine Draft
  • $102 for 24 330ml bottles of Pisler Urquell or Peroni Nastro Azzuro

Delivery: Delivers within 2 working days. Delivery from 2-8pm, Mon to Fri. Free delivery on orders above $300, otherwise a charge of $25 will apply.

Good for: Quality beers at a great price if you can get friends to split a shipment with you.

Do you have any other alcohol delivery companies to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jamir Deol

    Overall I would give http://www.valuedeals.sg 2 thumbs up for their costs & the friendly owner.

  • Ang Audrey

    I would like to order from NTUC Supermarket if they can deliver Red wine of 36 to 48 bottles and Mineral water
    to NgeeAnn Teochew Building? Do they sent on Friday or Saturday?