Craving Mao Shan Wang? Here Are 10 Popular Singapore Durian Stores & Their Prices (June 2019)


The only good thing that’s come out of the recent heat wave is that it’s officially durian season again! Thanks to the rising temperatures (and hence increased supply), the king of fruits are going for less than half their usual prices. For the ever-popular Mao Shan Wang (Musang King), the market rate is now $18 to $20 per kg even at well known sellers like Ah Seng Durian, Combat Durian and The Durian Story .

Mao Shan Wang prices (June 2019)

Durian store in Singapore Mao Shan Wang price
The Durian Story $16 per kg
Hao Chi Durian $16 (Segamat) or $18 (Pahang) per kg
Ah Seng Durian $17 per kg
227 Katong Durian $17 per kg
Bentong Durian $17 (Johor) or $18 (Pahang) per kg
Combat Durian $18 per kg
128 Durian $18 per kg
Durian Kaki $18 (Johor) or $19 (Pahang) per kg
Durian 36 $18 per kg (premium) or $20 per fruit (~1.5kg)
Durian Delivery ( $18 or $20 (old-tree) per kg

We used Mao Shan Wang prices as an indicator because MSW is one of the most popular durian cultivars sold by the kg. Most durian stalls sell other cultivars too, often at much cheaper prices, and sometimes at a fixed price per fruit.

10 Popular durian stores in Singapore

Sure, these “branded” durian stores are not the absolute cheapest in Singapore, but with prices these low, they’re already much more affordable than before.

Plus, hardcore durian foodies will know that there’s nothing more disappointing than encountering dishonest durian sellers, which are a dime a dozen. (I’ll stick to my regular durian haunt, thanks.)

If you’re more the quantity-over-quality kind, then scroll to end for an affordable all-you-can-eat durian buffet.

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The Durian Story

The Durian Story prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian   Price at The Durian Story 
D13 $9 per kg
Golden Phoenix $16 per kg
Premium Mao Shan Wang $16 per kg
Pahang old tree King of King $18 per kg
Butter durian $18 per kg
Signature Black Gold $20 per kg

The Durian Story prides itself for selling quality durians imported from “world-recognised harvesting spots” at competitive prices. Although they may not currently be in season, The Durian Story brings in quite a few cultivars, including the Green Bamboo (also called “Queen of Mao Shan Wang”) and the XO durian.

Address: 151 Serangoon North Ave 2, #01-11, Singapore 550151

Hao Chi Durian

Hao Chi Durian prices (updated 27 May 2019):

Type of durian  Price at Hao Chi Durian 
Gang Hai $9 per kg
D13 $10 per kg
D101 $10 per kg
梦中情人 $11 per kg
Black Pearl $12 per kg
XO $12 per kg
Jin Feng $16 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Segamat) $16 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Pahang) $18 per kg

The OG Hao Chi Durian is located at Clementi, but they’ve since opened a branch at Sembawang Road. Prices are generally quite reasonable, and they have seasonal promotions from time to time.

The most recent promo was $5 for small Mao Shan Wang durians.

Address: 109 Clementi Street 11 #01-02, Singapore 120109 (main) / 439 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758400 (branch)

Ah Seng Durian – crowd favourite!

Ah Seng Durian prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian   Price at Ah Seng Durian 
Gang Hai $9 per kg
D13 $9 per kg
Mao Shan Wang $17 per kg

Ah Seng Durian is undoubtedly the most popular durian store in Singapore. And surprisingly, they’re actually quite affordable too. Mao Shan Wang durian prices are currently fluctuating between $18 and $17 per kg, depending on the day’s supply.

Their durians are super in-demand, so if you want, make sure to go early. The durians arrive at 1.30pm and 6pm daily.

Address: Blk 20 Ghim Moh Market #01-119 to #01-122, Singapore 270020

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227 Katong Durian

227 Katong Durian prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of Durian  Price at 227 Katong Durian 
Kampung durian $8 per kg
D13, D1 & Red Prawn $8 per kg
Hu Lu Wang $10 per kg
Black Pearl $12 per kg
Green Bamboo & XO durian $12 per kg
Golden Phoenix $17 per kg
Mao Shan Wang $17 per kg

227 Katong Durians used to be a makeshift stall, but thanks to their quality durians and regular customers, they have “upgraded” to shophouse at East Coast Road. They get their durians fresh from Muar, Pahang and Johor, and on top of durians, also sell other fresh fruits and juices.

Address: 227 East Coast Road, Singapore 428924

Bentong Durian

Bentong Durian prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian Price at Bemtong Durian 
D13 $9 per kg
D17 $10 per kg
Golden Phoenix $17 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Johor) $17 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Pahang) $18 per kg

Bentong Durian is a super popular durian store at Holland Village. Their durians sell out quite early, so they recommend reserving your fruits at least 1 day in advance.

If you want to walk in, take note of the shipment timings: The Pahang Mao Shan Wang arrives at 5.30pm, while the Johor Mao Shan Wang arrives at 1pm daily. The rest come at 3pm.

Address: 241 Holland Avenue, #01-02 Holland Village, Singapore 278976

Combat Durian Balestier – crowd favourite!

Combat Durian prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian  Price at Combat Durian Balestier 
Red Prawn $10 per kg
Xiao Feng $12 per kg
Tek Ka $15 per kg
Jin Feng $18 per kg
Mao Shan Wang $18 per kg

After Ah Seng Durian, Combat Durian is probably the next best known durian seller in Singapore. Their durians seem a little more expensive – although today’s price is quite competitive at $18/kg for Mao Shan Wang, it was $20/kg yesterday, which was considered slightly steep.

Their fruits also sell out very quickly, but the good thing is that they only do walk-ins. The durians arrive at 3pm and 6pm, so you know what time to camp for the goodies.

Address: 249 Balestier Road, Singapore 329727

128 Durian

128 Durian prices (updated 2 June 2019):

Type of durian   Price at 128 Durian 
Mao Shan Wang $18 per kg
King of Kings $20 per kg

128 Durian‘s per kg prices may not be the lowest, but they often announce flash deals on Facebook.

For today (3 Jun), they’re selling 6kg of Mao Shan Wang for $89, including free islandwide delivery. That’s only $14.80 per kg!

Address: 231 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574362

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Durian Kaki

Durian Kaki prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian  Price at Durian Kaki 
D101, D13 & D17 $10 per kg
Jin Feng $18 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Johor) $18 per kg
Mao Shan Wang (Pahang) $19 per kg

Durian Kaki has 2 outlets, one in Yishun and the other at Simei. They’re pretty big, and even offer durian catering services for in-house parties, as well as private and corporate events.

Most durians arrive at 11am to 2pm daily. For the Pahang Mao Shan Wang, the arrival time is 5pm to 8pm – just right for you to swing by after work.

Address: Junction Nine #01-83, 18 Yishun Ave 9, Singapore 768897 & Eastpoint Mall #01-10/11, 3 Simei St 6, Singapore 528833

Durian 36

Durian 36 prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian  Price at Durian 36 
Mao Shan Wang $20 per fruit (~1.5kg)
Premium Mao Shan Wang $18 per kg

I’ve never eaten at Durian 36, but from their Facebook reviews, it seems like they have quite the passionate following (4/5 stars, 99 reviews). Past customers gush about the fruits being the “best durians (they’ve) ever tasted” and that you can “trust them with checking” the durians.

Their prices seem a little steep – especially the premium Mao Shan Wang – but for the regular one, it’s actually reasonable. They charge by the fruit ($20), and each one is around 1.4kg to 1.6kg. That makes it about $13.30 per kg.

Address: 608, Geylang Road Lorong 36, Singapore 389547

Durian Delivery (

Durian Delivery prices (updated 3 June 2019):

Type of durian Price at Durian Delivery SG
Red Prawn $11 per kg
Mao Shan Wang $18 per kg
Old tree Mao Shan Wang $20 per kg

Unlike the others in this list, Durian Delivery is an online store. Their durians come de-husked and ready to eat, so you don’t have to fiddle with the thorny fruit exterior.

They are sold in 400g and 800g packs, and according to them, 800g of durian flesh (including seeds) comes from about 3.2kg of husked durians.

Delivery is chargeable at the following rates:

  • Same-day: $9.70 per location
  • Next-day: $6.90 per location
  • Express: $12.70 per location

If you hit $80 you get free shipping, but that excludes late-night orders after 10pm.


Bonus: $38 for 90-min durian buffet at Majestic Durian

Sure the prices are much lower than previous seasons, but durian remains a relatively expensive fruit to indulge in. If you want to stuff your face with it, you’d need to be prepared to pay.

… unless there’s such a thing as durian buffets?

Majestic Durian’s per-kg prices are lower than the more popular stores ($16/kg for Mao Shan Wang), but most people who head there are there for the $38 all-you-can-eat buffet.

$38 buys you 90 minutes to eat all the Mao Shan Wang, D13 and D101 durians you want. Children under age 12 and elderly over age 55 can whack for free (one for each paying adult).

Address: Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-29, Singapore 460084

More tips for buying durians in Singapore

After checking the prices of over 30 durian stores in Singapore, I realised that almost every store has a Facebook apology about how they’re too busy (rolling in cash) to answer queries and that their durians are sold out. Which is why I’ve decided that I now aspire to be a durian business towkay neo.

That aside, the best way to get your hands on the thorny fruit is to order in advance. You must call, WhatsApp or Facebook message them to reserve your durians, otherwise you’re probably going to be disappointed when you show up at the store.

Next, dishonest sellers don’t only exist on Carousell – durian sellers can be bad too. They may try to pass other durian species off as Mao Shan Wang, or they may give you unripe or rotten fruit. I cannot advise you on that, but the above-mentioned sellers all have quite the reputation in Singapore, so that counts for something I guess.

If you’re worried about getting scammed, I suggest you read online reviews, or ask for the entire fruit to be opened at the shop. At least then if it’s unripe or rotten, you will know right away.

Got more tips or better lobang for even cheaper Mao Shan Wang durians? Share them with us in the comments below.