8 Affordable Places to Hit Up for Authentic Italian Pizza

italian pizza singapore

Forget Pizza Hut. If it’s authentic Italian pizza you’re looking for, and not the kind that arrives at midnight in the hands of a delivery guy on a moped, you’ll usually have to fork out quite a bit, at least in Singapore. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best value restaurants serving good authentic pizza with the input of some very helpful Italians based in Singapore.


1. Spizza


Casual enough to turn up at in flip flops but not short on quality, Spizza is one of the more popular gourmet pizza chains in Singapore.

Price: Medium pizzas are priced from $18.50 to $21, while large pizzas go for $22 to $25. There’s also a lunchtime deal at the Club Street, Balmoral Plaza, East Coast and Jalan Kayu branches on weekdays that gets you a pizza for $12. With the Entertainer mobile app, you can also get 2-for-1 pizzas at their Club Street, Bukit Timah, Jalan Kayu and East Coast branches, making each pizza a very affordable $9.25 to $10.50.


2. Da Paolo Pizza Bar


This restaurant’s very romantic location at Chip Bee Gardens is rivalled only by its pizza. Each 12 inch pizza is pretty generous and can be shared if you can’t finish one on your own (although you’re supposed to).

Price: Pizzas are generally in the $20 to $27 range. Get a subscription to the Entertainer app and you’ll get 2-for-1 mains, which means you can get a good gourmet pizza for under $13.50.


3. Casa Verde


This place is incredibly versatile. Not only is its flagship outlet located in the thick of the Botanic Gardens rather than in a shopping mall or shophouse, it also transitions from being a casual cafe in the day serving pizza alongside local favourites like mee siam to a full-fledged Italian restaurant with all the works once night falls. And it’s pretty good too, if we do say so ourselves.

Price: Pizzas are in the mid $20s range. The Gardens by the Bay outlet is less expensive, with pizzas costing $17 to $18, and also offers a one-for-one promo all day long on weekdays except public holidays, bringing the cost of a pizza down to an unbeatable $8.50 to $9.


4. Pasta Fresca


One of Singapore’s oldest and most established Italian restaurants, Pasta Fresca is relatively inexpensive and reliable in terms of quality. Most of the outlets get quite crowded during mealtimes, a testament to the popularity of the brand.

Price: About $20 for mains. With the Entertainer mobile app, you get 2-for-1 mains, which reduces the price of each pizza to around $10.


5. Peperoni Pizzeria


While actual Italians haven’t said much about Peperoni’s as yet, there’s no denying that it’s one of Singaporeans’ favourite pizzerias of the moment.

Price: A reasonable $19 to $24 depending on what size you order. They also have XXL-sized family pizzas for $50 that can feed the entire village.


6. La Forketta

This is one of the restaurants that many Italians in Singapore recommend. It’s been around for yonks (actually since 1993). I first became aware of its existence in 1999 when many of us were still in school uniforms and some of you weren’t even born yet. All ingredients are imported from Italy and the quality is fantastic but comes at a price.

Price: While this place is not cheap, it’s still significantly less pricey than most upper-mid range Italian restaurants. Expect to pay about $30+ for a pizza.


7. Bella Pizza


Bella Pizza is another favourite of many Italians in Singapore, but hasn’t achieved the overwhelming popularity of some of the other pizzerias on this list, which suits us just fine.

Price: Prices are generally in the $22 to $26 range. There’s also a very attractive weekday set lunch for $20 which includes a pizza together with a starter, dessert and coffee or tea.


8. Al Forno


Another restaurant that’s got some Italians raving about its authenticity is Al Forno. They pride themselves on making every single thing from scratch, so don’t be afraid that you’ll be served up something that was sitting in a freezer 20 minutes ago.

Price: Pizzas cost from $22 to $30.

Which are your favourite pizzerias in Singapore? Let us know in the comments!

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