5 Deliciously Affordable Iftar Buffets You Should Definitely Check Out

5 Deliciously Affordable Iftar Buffets You Should Definitely Check Out

Fasting takes plenty of willpower and discipline. You’re proving it now by reading this article about delicious buffets while you’re fasting!

Actually, it took quite a bit of willpower to write this without being driven mad with hunger over thoughts of zesty couscous salad or mouthwatering chicken shawarma (yes, the author is fasting as well).

Take heart, you’re probably just a few more hours from being able to break your fast at one of these places – just make sure you book first!

Now, for the part of the article you’ve all been waiting for – I bring you 5 deliciously affordable Iftar buffets you should definitely check out:


#1 Café Le Caire

Photo: groupon.sg, facebook.com
Photo: groupon.sg, facebook.com

If you’re not familiar with it Café Le Caire, it’s one of Arab Street’s most popular eateries. It’s especially known for its affordably priced Arab/Turkish cuisine and its flavored shisha. However, it’s infamous for its very slow service.

So a word of advice, go to the service staff – don’t wait for them to come to you.

Despite that, it’s still one of my favorite dining spots for the delicious hummus bil laham, tabbouleh, meshawi, shish tawouke, and many other dishes that are driving my hunger meter into the red.

However, this Ramadan, Café Le Caire is stepping things up with a daily buffet that features slow roasted lamb (mandhi kharouf) and baked lamb shank with basmati rice (khouzi). Don’t worry – there are plenty more starters and main courses available every day.

You can check out the daily menu here.

Location: 39 Arab Street, #01-01

Contact: 6292-0979

Hours: Sunday-Thursday (10am-330am) Friday-Saturday (10am-530am)

Damage$$$: Monday-Thursday ($35+ per person) Friday-Sunday ($40+ per person)

Special Promotion: None


#2 1 Market by Chef Wan

Photo: Terence Yew
Photo: Terence Yew

Now here’s a place that’s always difficult to get into because it’s packed daily – 1 Market. Then again, that’s probably expected considering 1 Market is run by one of Malaysia’s most famous celebrity chefs, Chef Wan (aka Redzuawan Ismail).

1 Market serves primarily Asian cuisine from around the region including Malay, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese dishes. It also has an extensive selection of chilled and grilled seafood (you definitely must try the grilled sotong!), as well as a Japanese section that’ll satisfy your sushi craving.

So if you’re in the mood to break your fast with Asian cuisine or seafood, you’re definitely going to have a great time at 1 Market.

Currently, 1 Market is running a 4-for-3 promotion, so make sure you bring along a few friends and family to take advantage of that!

Location: 68 Orchard Road,#04-45/46/47/48/49 Plaza Singapura

Contact: 6341-9159

Hours: Monday-Sunday (1130am-230pm)/ (6pm-8pm)

Damage$$$: $40+ per person

Special Promotion: From 28 June to 27 July, 1 Market has a 4-for-3 promotion where one person eats free for every 3 paying adults.


#3 The Landmark International Buffet

Photo: groupon.sg
Photo: groupon.sg

Anyone going to Arab Street will recognize the 3-star Village Hotel (I mean, it’s kind of hard to miss the huge “Village” logo). But what a lot of people don’t recognize is the fact that Village Hotel Bugis also has a pretty decent international buffet.

The Landmark International Buffet offers a variety of Asian and Western dishes, but the strong point of the buffet is definitely the Indian fare, which is quite authentic.

A word of caution though – don’t expect to get blown away with a huge variety of dishes. It is after all a 3-star hotel and not the Royal Scotts on Plaza. So don’t come here expecting the buffet to be like Carousel.

If you’re looking to break your fast with some delicious Indian dishes such as chicken tandoori or mutton biryani but you want a little chicken shawarma or pizza on the side – then you should check out The Landmark International Buffet.

Currently, the buffet offers a 50% discount on the Iftar buffet through Groupon, making it one of the most affordable on this list.

Location: 390 Victoria St, Level 5, Village Hotel Bugis

Contact: 6299-7786

Hours: Monday-Thursday (630am-11pm) Friday-Saturday (630am-1am) Sunday (630am-11pm)

Damage$$$: $56 per person (regular) $28 per person (Iftar promotion)

Special Promotion: From 28 June to 31 July, you can get a 50% discount on the Iftar buffet through Groupon.


#4 Buffet City International Buffet Restaurant

Photo: buffetcity.com.sg

Buffet City is another deliciously affordable international buffet that most people don’t know about, even though it’s only an 8-minute walk away from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

If you haven’t been to Buffet City, you’re really missing out on one of the best value-for-money international buffets out there (it’s the most affordable buffet on this list). The buffet also features a variety of fresh seafood, local favorites, Thai, Asian fusion, and Western dishes.

Buffet City is a great place to break your fast if you’re in the mood to dine on a wide variety of Asian and seafood dishes. Dishes that are particularly worth trying are the Thai style chicken, black pepper crab, and the satay.

Currently, Buffet City is running a 10% discount promotion if you book online. It’s not great, but it’ll cover the GST at least.

Location: 10 Cantonment Road, #01-04 Tanjong Pagar Community Centre

Contact: 6410-9084

Hours: Monday-Sunday (11am-230pm)/ (530pm-9pm)

Damage$$$: $17.80+ for children (age 4-12) and $26.80+ for adults

Special Promotion: Buffet city currently has two promotions. First, if you’re a senior citizen age 60 and above, you can dine for $19.90+ until 31 July 2014, second, if you pay online you’ll get a 10% discount (which will cover the GST charge).


#5 Straits Kitchen

Photo: thesimplestaphrodisiac.blogspot.sg
Photo: thesimplestaphrodisiac.blogspot.sg

Some of you might be thinking “Why aren’t you putting Carousel on this list?” Believe me – I love Carousel just as much as the next person, but its current Iftar promotion is a “Mediterranean Medley” dinner that costs $78+.

Honestly, if you love the high-quality buffet dining you get with Carousel, you’ll love Straits Kitchen too.

I know, on a list that includes deliciously affordable buffets, I put one that costs $68+ per person (which is still $10 cheaper than Carousel at the moment I might add). But value isn’t just about dollars and cents – it’s also about getting a great dining experience that’s worth the price.

On that note, if you’re looking to spend a bit more on an Iftar buffet this Ramadan, you won’t be disappointed with Straits Kitchen – because this year’s Iftar special is very Middle Eastern focused.

There will be plenty of mezze dishes to choose from (hummus, falafel, etc.) in addition to a shawarma station to accompany its existing selection of grilled meats and seafood.

Currently, Straits Kitchen only offers a promotion for Club at the Hyatt members. So if you know someone who’s a member, you can get hooked up with a discount of up to 50% off the bill!

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel

Contact: 6738-1234

Hours: Monday-Sunday (630am-12am)

Damage$$$: $38 for children (age 7-12) and $68 for adults

Special Promotion: None, unless you’re a Club at the Hyatt member, in which case you’ll get up to 50% off your bill.


Final Note: Don’t forget that when it comes to dining out, many restaurants across Singapore will offer promotional discounts based on the credit card(s) you use.

Want to know which credit cards offer the best dining and entertainment benefits? Check out MoneySmart’s credit card comparison page today!


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