4 Satay Places That Are Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Hunger AND Budget

4 Satay Places That Are Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Hunger AND Budget

Satay is the ultimate get-together food isn’t it? It’s unbelievably simple (c’mon, it’s meat on a stick right?), relatively inexpensive, and goes great with beer. However, not every place can make truly delicious satay that’s worth the price.

Thankfully, Singapore is loaded with terrific (and affordable) satay places that are great for gatherings among friends. I wish I could include them all.

Unfortunately, I had to make a few command decisions when it comes to which satay places to recommend – but don’t worry, I’ve included some great places you should try out if you haven’t already.

Here are 4 mouth-watering satay places that are guaranteed to satisfy both your hunger and your budget:



#1 Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant

Photo: rainfooddiary.blogspot.sg

Unlike other satay restaurant stalls and restaurants that provide numerous skewers containing conservative portions of meat – Cumi Bali boats the biggest sticks of satay you’ll ever see – 8-inches of meaty, satay goodness.

Ok, I think my description sounded a bit wrong – but you get the picture right my dirty-minded friends? Anyway, Cumi Bali’s sate madura (chicken satay) is deliciously juicy and flavorful and filling (seriously, there’s a generous portion of chicken on each skewer).

It’s definitely a treat every satay lover should try at least once!

Location: 66 Tanjong Pagar Road

Contact: 6220-6619

Hours: Monday-Saturday (1130am-3pm/6pm-10pm) Sunday (6pm-10pm)

Damage$$$: $15+


#2 Chomp Chomp Satay

photo: foodspotting.com

Not only does Chomp Chomp Satay probably have the best named restaurant/stall on this list – it’s also widely considered to have the best satay too!

To be honest, I’m a bit inclined to agree – in fact, even the extras like the sauce and rice cakes are fantastic! It’s the only reason I come to Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre.

The meat is perfectly seasoned are very tender, the peanut sauce isn’t too watery, chunky or overly sweet and the rice cakes are unbelievably soft. This is definitely a place you’ll want to visit for the “definitive” satay experience.

Location: 20 Kensington Park Road, #01-34 Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre

Contact: N/A

Hours: Daily (6pm-12am)

Damage$$$: $10+


#3 Satay Power


I discovered this delicious satay joint during a trip with colleagues to check out the Food Republic Beer Garden for some drinks and football viewing.

However, what lured me to this stall was the mouth-watering scent of chicken and mutton being grilled to just metres away. At that moment, I just knew I had to order a few dozen sticks for the co-workers. And we were not disappointed.

The meat was deliciously seasoned and had a smoky, barbecued consistency that still maintained its tenderness. The peanut sauce wasn’t as chunky as I prefer, but it did have a nice balance between sweet and spicy that I enjoy – the rice cakes however were an afterthought…

If you’re around Sentosa Gateway or Vivo City and you’re looking for a tasty and cheap stall for good satay, Satay Power is worth checking out.

Location: Food Republic Beer Garden, St James Power station, 3 Sentosa Gateway

Contact: N/A

Hours: Sunday-Thursday (6pm-3am) Friday-Saturday (6pm-6am)

Damage$$$: $10+


#4  Old Punggol Satay

photo: foodspotting.com

During my “discovery” days in Singapore when I would take the MRT to random stations and spend hours exploring, Old Punggol Satay was one of the culinary gems I “accidentally” discovered. Since then, I’ve visited it on numerous occasions over the last few years.

Old Punggol Satay offers skewers in chicken, mutton, and pork (a rarity when it comes to satay for ah, obvious reasons). While it isn’t the most generous place when it comes to the amount of meat per skewer, the value and deliciousness of the satay more than make up for it!

I’m a big fan of the chicken satay, which well-marinated, tender and juicy with hints of that smoky flavour that I enjoy in barbecued meat. The peanut sauce of the other hand is just as amazing, as it contains the sweetness of pineapple that adds a pleasant sweetness to the every bite.

This is definitely a place where you can get some of the best satay in Singapore without emptying your wallet.

Location: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-52 Alexandra Village Food Centre

Contact: N/A

Hours:  Daily (12pm-1030pm)

Damage: $10+


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