11 Best Places in Singapore To Get Your Meat Fix at 1-for-1

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It’s very noble to refuse to eat meat in support of the environment and disenfranchised animals, but some of us just need a meat fix every now and then, preferably not at McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, a big juicy beef steak will always be more expensive than a few limp pieces of tofu or a salad that contains nothing but leaves.

But thanks to The Entertainer mobile app, which provides 1-for-1 offers on mains at a very long list of restaurants all over Singapore, you get to sink your canines into some very juicy deals. Purchase your subscription on this site and get a discount for a limited time only!


Fat Cow


1 Orchard Boulevard

Phone: 6735 0308

You can’t tell just from the name, but Fat Cow is actually a Japanese-style steakhouse that is decidedly posh. In fact, if you decide to go there dressed in a mouldy old t-shirt you got free from the army, you’ll be too intimidated to walk in when you see the stylish entrance. If you do make it inside, though, you’ll get to sink your teeth into their specialty, the to-die-for wagyu steak. A meal is going to cost at least $100 per person here, but just flashing the Entertainer is likely to shave at least $100 off your bill.

We recommend: The full cut 300g Grade A4 ribeye ohmi wagyu steak costs a whopping $270, but that also means you can save up to $270 if you use the app.


Bedrock Bar and Grill


96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

Phone: 6238 0054

Bedrock Bar and Grill sources their meats and seafood from farms in the US, Australia and Japan, so you won’t have to worry about being served with a China-imported piece of meat that tastes just like the ones you find in NTUC’s bargain bin. With a dignified yet cosy interior and dishes made of quality ingredients, Bedrock isn’t a cheap place to dine at. A single main course can easily set you back $50 to $100 nett.

We recommend: The Bedrock Pepper Steak which is made of sumptuous wagyu beef. At $98 not including GST and service charge, it is not cheap, but with the Entertainer the price is halved.


Meatsmith - MoneySmart

167-169 Telok Ayer Street

Phone: 6221 2262

Just from the name alone, you can tell this is not a place where you would dare order a salad. The restaurant itself screams machismo, as diners devour their steaks and ribs with blood running down their chins… or not.

We recommend: The glorious 250g Mishima wagyu ribeye costs $95. Knock up to 50% off that pricetag with the Entertainer.


Red Eye Smokehouse

Red Eye Smokehouse - MoneySmart

1 Cavan Road

Phone: 6291 0218

Red Eye Smokehouse is an American-style BBQ smokehouse—and yes, that sounds every bit as greasy as it really is. But no, you won’t have to grill your own meats à la Seoul Garden—they’re smoked to perfection in the kitchen before arriving on your plate.

We recommend: Angus beef short ribs are sold at $11/100g. Get one-on-one cuts with the Entertainer.

La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine - MoneySmart

10 Jalan Serene #01-02 Serene Centre

Phone: 6314 3173

Looking for an inexpensive, unpretentious, cosy joint that will leave you with enough change leftover to take an Uber home? Head to La Petite Cuisine at Serene Centre, a tiny restaurant that has been operating for years and is popular with residents in the area. They’ve got a menu featuring French dishes like Alsatian choucroute, duck confit, panfried foie gras and escargots.

We recommend: Their sirloin steak with gratin potato and salad is priced at only $17.50, and with the Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deal will cost you and a friend half the price.

Burger Joint New York

Burger Joint New York - MoneySmart

115 Amoy Street #01-03

Phone: 6221 8648

So, your idea of a meatfest is a juicy burger overflowing with beef, sauce and more? Look no further than Burger Joint New York, which has perfected the art of burger-making and, we assure you, bears no similarity to McDonald’s.

We recommend: Their double cheeseburger costs $26.90. With a subscription to the Entertainer, two of you get to sink your teeth into these beauties for just $13.45.

El Mero Mero

El Mero Mero - MoneySmart

30 Victoria Street #01-20 Chijimes

Phone: 6337 1377

Burritos, enchiladas and mojitos are far from the only things you can order at a Mexican restaurant. El Mero Mero, a stylish Mexican eatery at Chijmes, maintains a tantalising menu which includes Atlantic grilled octopus, roasted suckling pig and ribeye steak that will have you yelling “¡Ay, caramba!”

We recommend: If you’ve got an Entertainer subscription, grab and friend go for the $68 NZ ribeye 300 gram steak, which instantly becomes $34 per person thanks to the 1-on-1 deal.

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Keyaki - MoneySmart

7 Raffles Boulevard Level 4 Pan Pacific Hotel

Phone: 6826 8240

The marvellously atmospheric Keyaki will whisk you away to Japan. You can even opt to dine seated on tatami mats. But let’s talk about the menu. Other than the usual sushi dishes, they also have a variety of beef dishes (think sumptuous slabs of wagyu), teppanyaki meats and seafood, and a generous selection of grilled and meat dishes.

We recommend: The Entertainer gets you 1-for-1 grill, tempura or meat dishes, so go for the grilled gyuniku (grilled beef) with foie gras, which costs $40 but will be $20 thanks to the offer.

Pool Grill

Pool Grill - MoneySmart

320 Orchard Road Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Phone: 6831 4605

Now’s your chance to feel like a king, chewing on a juicy cut of steak as your gaze wanders over the pool at a fancy hotel. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Pool Grill is an award-winning restaurant that offers a generous selection of cuts of 400-day grain-fed Australian wagyu beef, served with roast bone marrow.

We recommend: The 280g wagyu ribeye steak costs $72, but with The Entertainer’s 1-for-1 offer, you and a friend can enjoy it at half price.

Stirling Steaks

Stirling Steaks - MoneySmart

43 East Coast Road

Phone: 9788 2583

Eastsiders in search of an affordable steak often head to Aston’s. Now you don’t have to, thanks to Stirling Steaks. This casual eatery serves up straightforward, classic meat dishes like BB chicken wings, sausage platter, fish and chips and a selection of mouthwatering charcoal grilled steaks.

We recommend: Since you’re here for the meat, dive in and order a 200g wagyu sirloin MBS 4/5 grade steak. It ordinarily costs $59.90, which is why the Entertainer’s 1-on-1 offer will come in handy.


Barossa - MoneySmart

8 Raffles Avenue #01-11

Phone: 6534 5188

Any Singaporean who’s been a student in Australia knows that beef at local supermarkets is way cheaper there than it is here. Now you can sink your teeth into some fresh Aussie beef at Barossa, a restaurant and bar that’s been operating in Singapore for quite some time. Wash down your carnivorous meal with a red wine sourced from Australia’s Barossa Valley.

We recommend: Try the Barossa blue cheese steak, which contains roasted beef slices with blue cheese mayonnaise, arugula and caramalised onions, served with a side of deep-fried onion rings. At $28, this becomes just $14 if you order with a friend using the Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deal.

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