Citi Lazada Credit Card Review — Is It Only Good For Lazada Shoppers?

citi lazada card review

From the unexpectedly popular UOB KrisFlyer card to the newly introduced GrabPay credit card, there have been quite a few branded credit cards launched in the market. Here’s one more to add to the list: the Citi Lazada card.

As you can probably guess, this card targets those who shop on Lazada. That’s a lot of people: according to a report by iPrice*, Lazada was the top e-commerce site in Singapore with more than 9.8 million monthly web visits in the fourth quarter of 2019, and continues to dominate in Q1 2020. 

In a nutshell, the Citi Lazada card offers a whopping 10X rewards ($1 = 4 miles) on Lazada purchases, and 5X ($1 = 2 miles) rewards for other key spending categories like dining, travel, entertainment and transport.

Is the Citi Lazada card really a godsend for Laz-addicts, or did they literally “play it up”? Here’s our take on the card.


Citi Lazada credit card overview

First, let’s look at the card benefits like bonus reward points (or air miles):

Spending category  Citi Lazada card benefits 
Lazada (excludes RedMart)  10X rewards 4 mpd
Dining (fast food, restaurants, bars and clubs, caterers) 5X rewards 2 mpd
Entertainment (movie tickets, Netflix, Spotify) 5X rewards 2 mpd
Transport (bus, MRT, taxi, Grab, Gojek) 5X rewards 2 mpd
Travel (flights, hotels, cruises, car rental, travel agencies, tour operators)  5X rewards 2 mpd
Everything else 1X rewards 0.4mpd


Citi Lazada credit card promotions 

Those who sign up for the card get $150 worth of Lazada Vouchers with a minimum spend of $1,200 on the card within three months of the card approval date — valid till 31 Dec 2020. 

Refer a friend to get $50 cash for each successful referrals and a bonus of $400 for every 4 successful referrals.

Citibank logo
Shipping Rebates on Lazada
on Lazada
10X Reward Points
on Dining, Travel, Entertainment & Commute
5X Reward Points
on Lazada
Up to 4 Free Shipping Rebates per Month


Citi Lazada card review — for Lazada shopping


  • Up to 10X rewards / 4 mpd on Lazada shopping
  • Shipping rebate of $1.99 cash back when you spend at least $50 per transaction on Lazada, capped at 4 rebates per month


  • Bonus earn rate excludes RedMart orders (1X rewards / 0.4 mpd) 

If you are planning to make big-ticket Lazada purchases, you could really benefit from the 10X rewards. Say you’re renovating and intend to shop for furniture and electronics online, you can consider this card to shop for what you need via Lazada. 

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Another huge caveat is that this 10X earn rate does not apply to RedMart orders. This is quite disappointing, and I’d imagine it to be a deal breaker for many.

citi lazada card redmart exclusion

In fact, RedMart orders don’t even earn the second tier of 5X rewards. It falls under “everything else” and only earns 1X rewards, which is very low.

Do note, however, that your earnings are capped at 9,000 bonus reward points per month. 

If you’re a new customer to Lazada, you get $8 off your purchase with a minimum spend of $20 on any Citi credit card. Collect the voucher on Lazada. This promo is valid until 31 December 2020.


Citi Lazada card review — for general spending


  • 5X rewards / 2 mpd for public transport expenses incurred via SimplyGo
  • 5X rewards / 2 mpd for travel
  • 5X rewards / 2 mpd for dining includes bars and clubs too
  • Free travel insurance (must charge flight tickets to the card)


  • Mediocre earn rate of 5X rewards / 2 mpd on key spending categories
  • Shared rewards cap of 10,000 points

The Lazada perks may sound impressive, but those don’t mean much unless you shop heavily on that one platform.

For non-Lazada benefits, it’s a mediocre 5X rewards (or 2 mpd) earn rate for dining, travel, entertainment and transport (commute) and 1X rewards (0.4 mpd) for everything else.

If you can accept the earn rate, there are some noteworthy features of the card:

First of all, public transport fares incurred via SimplyGo are eligible for 5X rewards / 4 mpd under the “commute” category (MCC 4111 — local/suburban commuter passenger transportation — railroads, ferries, local water transportation). For other Citibank cards, SimplyGo transactions do not earn any rewards.

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Next, the “dining” spending category actually refers to what some other banks call “wine and dine”. That’s because it includes not just the usual eateries, restaurants and caterers, but drinking places like bars, lounges and night clubs as well.

Lastly, it’s (sort of) not bad for travel bookings as well (5X rewards / 4 mpd). If you charge your flight tickets to your card, you will also receive complimentary (albeit very basic) travel insurance coverage.


Citi Lazada card review — as an air miles card

If you’re a miles chaser, then 12X rewards / 4.8 mpd for Lazada used to be pretty impressive. Sadly, it was for a limited, promotional period only, and the usual 10X rewards (or 4 mpd) is very “meh”.

There are many other cards that offer the same 10X on broader spending categories (like online shopping in general), making it much easier to chock up points/miles.

Another note: like all Citibank cards, the rewards earned from the Citi Lazada card must be redeemed on their own, and cannot be pooled together with other cards.

citi lazada points pooling

For those accumulating miles from multiple Citibank cards, this could mean paying more conversion fees.

Here’s an example: If you have points under both your Citi Rewards card and your Citi Lazada card accounts, you can’t pool them together and convert them to miles at one shot.

You’ll have to do the conversion and pay twice. Also, you must earn at least 25,000 on each card because that’s the minimum block conversion.

Although separating the redemptions is not unheard of, quite a few other banks like DBS and UOB actually do point pooling.

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Citi Lazada credit card for Deliveroo orders 

New customers to Deliveroo can enjoy $4 off their first 3 Deliveroo orders if they spend at least $25 on ANY Citi credit card using the promo code: CITINEW. This promo is valid till 31 December 2020. 

Don’t worry, existing Deliveroo customers get discounts too when you charge your order to ANY Citi credit card and use these promo codes. 

$6 off your order, minimum spend of $30 with the codes: 

  • CITI6JUL (for orders until 31 July 2020)
  • CITI6AUG (for orders from 1 to 31 August 2020) 

$12 off your order, minimum spend of $50 with the codes: 

  • CITI12JUL (for orders until 31 July 2020)
  • CITI12AUG (for orders from 1 to 31 August 2020) 


Citi Lazada credit card for Grain orders

If you order from the popular healthy meal delivery service, Grain, you can use your Citi Lazada card (or any Citi card) to get a discount too. 

Get $5 off when you spend at least $15 on Grain orders using the promo code ‘5OFFCITI’. Or get $10 off when you spend at least $30 using the promo code 10OFFCITI. These are only valid for your first five orders until 31 August 2020.

If you’re interested, go ahead and apply for the Citi Lazada card through MoneySmart.


Conclusion — who should use the Citi Lazada credit card?

In my opinion, the Citi Lazada card is quite average. It’s not terrible, but for most of the key spending categories, there are better cards out there.

Alternatives to the Citi Lazada credit card

Citi Rewards card

The most common comparison is with the Citi Rewards card, which offers 10X rewards / 4 mpd on all online spend (excluding travel). This means you can use it for not just Lazada, but RedMart and every other e-commerce site there is too. The rewards cap is the same, at 10,000 points per month.

Apply for the Citi Rewards Card here:

Citibank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Earn Points for Online Spending
Online Spend, including Food Delivery and Groceries
S$1= 10X Points
Grab and Gojek
S$1= 10X Points
All Other Spend
S$1 = 1 Point
MoneySmart Exclusive:

Apply and spend $200 to get: $300 Cash OR Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 128GB Smartphone (worth $428).
Apply and spend $500 to get: $350 Cash OR Apple TV HD 32GB + LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector (Bundle worth $658).

Valid until 15 Aug 2021

DBS Woman’s World card

The DBS Woman’s World card is another alternative to consider. This one offers 10X rewards for online purchases too, but in blocks of $5 spent only. If you travel often, the DBS Woman’s World card also gives you 3X rewards on overseas purchases.

The only thing is that the minimum income requirement for this card is $80,000 (instead of the entry-level $30,000).

Apply for the DBS Woman’s World Card here:

DBS logo
Online Promo
Online Spend
S$5 = 10 Points
Base Earn Rate
S$5= 1 Point
Min. Spend
Online Promo:
Get S$200 Cashback when you apply online for a DBS/POSB Credit Card with the promo code “200CASH”. Valid till 30 Sep 2021.

Valid until 30 Sep 2021

HSBC Revolution card

The HSBC Revolution card has similar earn rate of 5X rewards on dining, online and entertainment, but its key appeal lies in that there’s no rewards cap. If you intend to make really big-ticket online purchases — like order a $7,000 TV or something — then this one is better.

Apply for the HSBC Revolution Card here:

HSBC logo
Online Promo
Earn Points for Everyday Spending
S$1= 10 Points
S$1= 4 Miles
Min. Spend
Online Promo:
Get up to $200 cashback for new HSBC cardmembers. Existing HSBC cardmembers receive $60 cashback. Valid till 31 August 2021. T&Cs apply.

Receive a S$10 cash rebate when you spend a min. of $250 at Shell. Valid till 31st of July 2021. T&Cs Apply.
Valid until 31 Aug 2021


What do you think of the new Citi Lazada credit card? Tell us in the comments below. 



* iPrice map of e-commerce in Singapore 

Forum screenshots taken from Hardware Zone.