How Much Are Singaporeans Spending on Renovating Their Homes?

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Last month, local company Absolook Interior Design received international attention when they released photos of their project inspired by Marvel’s The Avengers movie franchise. The renovation was done for a [email protected] 5-room HDB flat. Though the actual cost was never disclosed, it’s undoubtedly one of the more expensive interiors in a Singapore apartment, especially one in an old estate like Queenstown.

How much should you be shelling out to renovate your HDB flat or condominium unit? Well, according to Qanvast, it apparently depends on several factors, like location and theme. Qanvast is Singapore’s first mobile app that helps homeowners get quotes from over 100 interior designers and project merchants. Check out their infographic below, which has a wealth of information, including the average spending on renovation by district.

how much Singaporeans spend on renovation

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Banks and financial institutions do provide loans that are specifically for renovation purposes. A renovation loan usually has a significantly lower interest rate compared to personal loans, as well as lower income requirements. Remember to compare and get the best interest rates for renovation loans.


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