HDB BTO Launch Feb 2019
HDB BTO Launch Feb 2019 – Kallang/Whampoa, Jurong West & Sengkang BTO Review
The first HDB BTO launch of the year falls in February, making it prime fodder for Chinese New Year small ...
13 February 2019
choose property agent singapore
5 Ways to Find Out How Good Your Property Agent Is
Did you know that there are around 30,000 registered property agents in Singapore? With so many to choose ...
lease buyback scheme 2018
Lease Buyback Scheme – Is This HDB Scheme Really A Lifesaver for Elderly Singaporeans?
HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme has been growing in popularity in the past few years, thanks to the government ...
16 January 2019
renovation budgeting tips singapore
Singaporeans Share 6 Top Renovation Budgeting Tips
This post was written in collaboration with Qanvast. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
Punggol singapore
Considering Moving To Ulu Punggol? Here’s Our Punggol Survival Guide
It’s true – Punggol is hardly anyone’s dream estate. But while it’s no Tampines or Bishan, it sure is getting ...
26 November 2018
HDB BTO Launch Nov 2018
HDB BTO Launch Nov 2018 – Review of Upcoming BTO Launches (Including Tengah BTO)
If you missed the previous HDB BTO launch in May (couldn’t make up your mind between Punggol and Yishun, ...
14 November 2018
property agents singapore
Property Agents in Singapore – What Can They Do for You?
It’s getting easier to figure out how to buy, sell, or rent property in Singapore as there’s plenty of ...
5 November 2018
home improvement programme toilet upgrading
Home Improvement Programme (HIP) HDB Scheme Singapore – Costs & What You Can Expect
The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) HDB scheme is a heavily subsidised government programme designed to ...
19 October 2018
hdb silver housing bonus downsizing in singapore right-sizing
HDB Silver Housing Bonus — A Guide to Downsizing Your Home in Singapore
When your children were younger, you bought a bigger home to contain all their bric-a-brac. Now, as they ...
9 October 2018
hdb renovation key collection
HDB Renovation & Key Collection Guide: 10 Things To Bring When Visiting Your New Flat
You got married, had a baby, died and rose from the dead, and now, your new BTO/ HDB flat is finally ready. ...
26 September 2018
interior design company singapore 2018
Choosing an Interior Design Company in Singapore – 6 Things to Look Out For
With so many reviews and forums to sieve through, deciding on a interior design company in Singapore can ...
11 September 2018
proximity housing grant
Proximity Housing Grant – Is This The Game Changer For Resale Flats in Singapore?
Like every other Singaporean, I love a good kaobei session, and Budget 2018 GST hike announcements sure ...
10 September 2018
upgrading home singapore 2018
Upgrading from Your First HDB – How To Do It & What are the Options?
If you’re like most Singaporeans, your first home would probably be an HDB flat… but it may not be your ...
7 September 2018
hdb bto launch
HDB BTO Launch Aug 2018 – Should You BTO in Ulu Punggol or Siao Lang Yishun?
BTO shopping? You’re in luck. The Aug 2018 HDB BTO launch is here and they’re in 2 of Singapore’s favourite ...
30 August 2018
property cooling measures 2018
Property Cooling Measures 2018 – 10 Most Important Things You Should Know
New property cooling measures were recently announced, and boy, did it send Singaporeans into a frenzy ...
10 July 2018
hdb e services
HDB E-Services Guide – How to Follow Up on Your BTO Application
If you’re in the midst of applying for a BTO or waiting for your BTO to be completed, you probably wish ...
9 July 2018
URA caveats lodged - how to check property transactions
URA Caveat – What It Is & How to Use It to Research Property Transactions
The very flat, apartment or house you’re living in right now has a caveat lodged on it. In fact, if it ...
28 June 2018
hdb plan for retirement silver housing bonus lease buyback scheme
Here’s What Older Folks in Singapore Should Know About Their Homes as They Plan for Retirement
Retirement should not be something you think about only when you reach your golden years. Other than your ...
20 June 2018
Here’s How Singaporeans Can Better Plan Their Finances When It Comes to Their Homes
Here’s How Singaporeans Can Better Plan Their Finances When It Comes to Their Homes
Owning a home that you can call your own is certainly exciting, but it is also one of the biggest purchases ...
11 June 2018
buying a flat hdb bto resale flat singapore
Planning Ahead When Buying a Flat – A Guide to Saving Yourself From a Massive Headache
For many Singaporeans, buying a home is a huge milestone. Some may even joke that it has replaced engagement ...
5 June 2018
buying a property in singapore location
3 Tips for Buying a Home in a Good Location
Location is everything when it comes to buying property. You wouldn’t want to live in Lim Chu Kang, or ...
10 May 2018
Pets in HDB flats: Can You Keep Dogs, Cats and Other Pets in Your HDB Flat?
Pets in HDB flats: Can You Keep Dogs, Cats and Other Pets in Your HDB Flat?
HDB flats are designed for family living. Well they must be, since it’s so much harder to buy one when ...
10 May 2018
property agent licence
Should You Get a Property Agent Licence if You Only Plan to Become a Part-time Agent?
Singaporeans are pretty risk-averse when it comes to quitting their safe jobs and striking it out on their ...
25 April 2018
fixed deposit linked home loans singapore en bloc
How to Spot En Bloc Potential in Singapore in 2018
So you’ve bought your dream home. It’s located in a nice area that doesn’t require you to spend hours on ...
24 April 2018
When You Can Legally Start Making Money Out of Your HDB Flat and How
When You Can Legally Start Making Money Out of Your HDB Flat and How
For many homebuyers in Singapore, purchasing an HDB flat isn’t just about owning a dream home. It’s also ...
9 April 2018