en bloc sale singapore
5 Signs That Your Desired En Bloc Sale Might Not Be Happening
Ah, the en bloc sale. Everyone wants a slice of this profit cake. We’ve come to associate an en bloc sale ...
4 July 2019
renting in singapore
Guide to Renting in Singapore: Rental Procedure, Types of Properties, Costs
In most parts of the world, renting is easy. You put down some money, sign a form, and take the key. But ...
3 July 2019
millennials who rent
Would You Pay $1,000~ Per Month To Rent A Place Before Marriage? Illustrator Shares How She Did It
Many Singaporeans think that renting a house is throwing away money. Young, unmarried Singaporeans tend ...
3 July 2019
rent or sell property
Should You Buy or Rent Your Next Home in Singapore?
Are you thinking whether to buy or rent a home? Well, there is a reason the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans ...
2 July 2019
Step By Step Guide Buying EC
Step-by-Step Guide to Buying an Executive Condo (EC) Unit in Singapore
If you want to live in a swanky apartment with a swimming pool but aren’t willing to pay ridiculous private ...
26 June 2019
mortgage servicing ratio singapore
MSR Singapore: What is Mortgage Servicing Ratio? Know This Before Buying a HDB or EC
Buying property in Singapore is not easy, as there’s a high chance of getting a heart attack after seeing ...
24 June 2019
buying resale private property singapore
Step-By-Step Guide: Buying a Resale Private Property in Singapore
Planning to buy a resale private property? Then congratulations, you’ve made it in life, at least according ...
11 June 2019
hdb flat lightning
You Might Get into Trouble For Doing These 7 Illegal Things in Your HDB Flat
80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, and many of us grew up playing with the stray cats in the void deck ...
10 June 2019
singapore hdb flats
Singaporeans Buying Old, Trendy Hipster Flats, Are You Screwing Yourself?
Time can be a funny thing. Even here in Singapore, despite being a very young nation, time does gets to ...
24 May 2019
HDB BTO Launch May 2019
HDB BTO Launch May 2019 – Kallang/Whampoa, Woodlands & Tengah BTO Review
What with all the Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones memes floating around, you might have missed the ...
23 May 2019
$1M HDB Resale Flat Transactions
$1M HDB Resale Transactions – Can Your HDB Flat Fetch $1 Million Too?
We’re not even halfway into 2019, and there have already been at least 3 super-high-profile HDB resale ...
22 May 2019
expensive luxury properties in singapore
5 of the Most Expensive Luxury Properties in Singapore You’ll Need at Least $50 Million to Buy
Already balking at the price of some million-dollar HDB resale flats? Well, wait till you check out these ...
16 May 2019
hdb housing resale
My Resale Flat Journey: A Change of Scenery After More Than 20 Years
This post was written in collaboration with HDB. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
overseas properties for the price of a bto flat
5 Overseas Properties You Could Get For The Price of a HDB BTO flat
Singaporeans often complain about the high price of properties, but are homes here really as expensive ...
14 May 2019
hdb rental flat
HDB Rental Flat Guide – All You Need to Know About Renting a Flat from HDB
Most Singaporeans would rather own a home than rent. But for those who cannot afford to buy a home of their ...
10 May 2019
mcst condo singapore
How Do You Spot a Good MCST That Will Take Care of Your Condo?
Not all condo management teams are equal. If you want to live in a condominium that stays well-maintained ...
9 May 2019
hdb housing resale downsizing
My Resale Flat Journey: From West to East
This post was written in collaboration with HDB. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
landed property in singapore terrace house
Can Average Singaporeans Actually Afford To Buy Landed Houses?
The other day, one of our colleagues randomly lamented about how it’s as good as impossible for Singaporeans ...
25 April 2019
URA masterplan singapore - how to use for property investment
URA Master Plan – How to Understand & Use It for Property Investment
Before buying a new home, some people’s idea of property research simply consists of trawling through their ...
2 April 2019
private vs public housing
5 Key Differences Between Buying Private Properties and Public Housing (HDBs) in Singapore
Welcome to one of the world’s most expensive housing markets. If you’re ready to buy your own house in ...
8 March 2019
property valuation singapore
Property Valuations in Singapore – How Much is Your Property Worth?
Have you ever wondered who decides how much a property cost? Why can’t we buy a property, spruce it up ...
6 March 2019
freehold condominiums
Freehold Condominiums in Singapore – Why Freehold is Not as Great as it Seems
Singaporeans get traditional when it comes to property. We want the land we pay for, and 99 years won’t ...
1 March 2019
En Bloc Singapore Guide – All You Need to Know About En Bloc Sales in 2019
En Bloc Singapore Guide – All You Need to Know About En Bloc Sales in 2019
Many Singaporean property owners think of en bloc sales as 4D or Toto, but with better odds. But the reality ...
25 February 2019
buying property overseas singaporeans
Buying Property Overseas? Property Laws For Foreigners in Countries Like Malaysia, Australia & Thailand
There are certain limits to investing in property in Singapore. Even in a lacklustre property market, private ...
15 February 2019
EASE HDB package for elderly
EASE HDB Package for Elderly Residents in Singapore (2019): How Much Does It Cost?
The EASE package is a government initiative that all elderly people living in HDB flats can benefit from. ...
13 February 2019