EASE HDB Package for Elderly Residents in Singapore (2019): How Much Does It Cost?

EASE HDB package for elderly

The EASE package is a government initiative that all elderly people living in HDB flats can benefit from. Under the scheme, you can have works done to make your home more elder-friendly at a very affordable price.

The catch is that you have to know about the EASE HDB programme to benefit from it.

So if you have elderly parents, relatives and friends living in HDB flats, definitely give them a heads up!


What is HDB’s EASE programme?

The HDB EASE package, which stands for Enhancement for Active Seniors, is part of HDB’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP), and helps elderly residents to install items in their flat to make it more elder-friendly, while heavily subsidising the cost.

Elderly residents can either wait until their blocks are selected for the HIP upgrading exercise to apply for EASE, or make a direct application if their blocks have not yet been selected for HIP.


What are some of the benefits of the EASE HDB programme?

Using the EASE programme to make modifications to a flat means that the resident does not need to source for workmen, while enjoying works at a subsidised cost.

The possible EASE improvements to an HDB flat include the following:

  • Slip-resistant treatment to existing floor tiles of up to two bathrooms/toilets
  • Grab bars offered in a set of 8 or 10 grab bars for first toilet and within flat (for the first set), and 6 grab bars for second toilet (for the second set).
  • up to 5 ramps within flat and/or at main entrance (single-step, portable or customised ramps)

Another obvious benefit is the subsidies, which we’ll cover below.


Who is eligible for HDB’s EASE programme?

Singapore citizen flat owners can qualify for EASE if a member in the household is:

  • 65 years old and above, or
  • Aged between 60 and 64 years and requires assistance for one or more Activities of Daily Living (including washing/bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility and transferring). Note that you will need a doctor’s endorsement to be submitted with your application.


How much does it cost to improve your home under EASE?

While the full set of improvements costs an estimated $3,840, with the subsidy residents will pay the below amounts only

Full EASE Package with single-step ramps

Flat type 1-/2-/3-room 4-room 5-room Executive
Household pays $125 (5%) $187.50 (7.5%) $250 (10%) $312.50 (12.5%)
Government pays $2,375 (95%) $2,312.50 (92.5%) $2,250 (90%) $2,187.50 (87.5%)

Full EASE Package with portable ramp

Flat type 1-/2-/3-room 4-room 5-room Executive
Household pays $147 (5%) $220.50 (7.5%) $294 (10%) $367.50 (12.5%)
Government pays $2,793 (95%) $2,719.50 (92.5%) $2,464 (90%) $2,572.50 (87.5%)

Full EASE Package with customised ramps

Flat type 1-/2-/3-room 4-room 5-room Executive
Household pays $192 (5%) $288 (7.5%) $384 (10%) $480 (12.5%)
Government pays $3,648 (95%) $3,552 (92.5%) $3,456 (90%) $3,360 (87.5%)

You can also pick and choose which improvements to have installed if you prefer not to go with a full package.

Items 1-/2-/3-room (5%) 4-room (7.5%) 5-room (10%) Executive (12.5%)
Slip-resistant treatment to existing floor tiles of one (and up to 2) bathroom/toilet $11 $16.50 $22 $27.50
Installation of 1st set of grab bars $24 $36 $48 $60
Installation of 2nd set of grab bars $14 $21 $28 $35
Single-step ramp (per ramp) $13 $19.50 $26 $32.50
Portable ramp $35 $52.50 $70 $87.50
Customised ramp $80 $120 $160 $200


How to apply for EASE?

There are two ways to apply. You can either submit your application online via the EASE Application e-service or through the [email protected] app.

Once you’ve sent your application, HDB will contact you within 7 working days and make an appointment for a pre-installation survey, as as well as the actual date of installation. The entire process, from the date of application to the successful installation, should take no more than a month.

Do you have any questions about EASE? Ask away in the comments!