car rental jb
Car Rental in JB – 5 Best Rental Companies Near City Square Johor Bahru
With the upcoming Hari Raya festivities and school holidays coming up, you might already be planning a ...
31 May 2019
citibank global wallet travel overseas
Travel Frequently? Here Are 3 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Overseas Purchases With Citibank Global Wallet
This post was written in collaboration with Citibank. While we are financially compensated by them, we ...
30 April 2019
Guide To iShopChangi – Duty-Free Online Shopping in Singapore
For people like me who make effort to head to Changi Airport hours before my flight just to go duty-free ...
25 April 2019
train from singapore to kl and beyond
Train from Singapore to KL & Beyond – 11 Places in Malaysia to Explore by Rail
Even though there are tons of buses, coaches and direct flights from Singapore to pretty much anywhere ...
24 April 2019
pokemon center singapore jewel changi airport
Pokemon Center Singapore Price Guide — Nope, Not Everything Is Cheaper In Japan!
Anyone who knows me can vouch for my obsession with Pokemon – I’ve played every “colour” on every console, ...
15 April 2019
the entertainer singapore 2018
Bali Lovers, This New Addition to The Entertainer Will Have You Wanderlusting All Over Again
Some places are worth visiting over and over again. Every Singaporean has a holiday destination they just ...
5 April 2019
singtel readyroam mobile data travel
The 3 Types of People Who Should Consider A Data Roaming Plan For Your Travels
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
krabi cheap holiday destination
5 Cheap Holiday Destinations from Singapore ($520 to $720 All In!)
Most Singaporeans go on a holiday once a year, even if that means Johor Bahru, Bangkok or Batam. There’s ...
25 March 2019
seoul holiday 7d6n
How to Go on a 7D6N Holiday to Seoul, South Korea for $1,200 (All Expenses Included!)
Thanks to BTS and all those latest idol K-dramas, Korea is probably the hottest holiday destination amongst ...
22 March 2019
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5 Suitcases of Every Price Tag in Singapore: Branded & Cheap Luggages
Seeing as how so many Singaporeans are very frequent travellers, it pays to get a high-quality suitcase ...
8 March 2019
malacca 3d2n getaway
How to Go on a 3D2N Malacca Getaway For Under $150
Whenever I suddenly crave chicken rice, I dream of chicken rice balls in Malacca. Sorry Singapore, this ...
6 March 2019
singtel travel the world data roaming travel insurance
Travel Around the Region Frequently? Here’s How You Can Easily Get Data Roaming and Travel Insurance Coverage at the Same Time
This article is sponsored by Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive ...
do babies and children fly free
Flying with a Baby – Do Babies Fly For Free? Plus 10 Tips For A Stress-Free Flight
Many young parents like me don’t want to slow down on exploring the world even after having a baby. They ...
27 February 2019
trending travel destinations 10 emerging destinations
10 Trending Travel Destinations to Visit in 2019: Cost of Airfares & Hotels
Going on holiday to London, Tokyo or Paris isn’t enough these days. Singaporeans are so well-travelled ...
19 February 2019
cherry blossom sakura
Cherry Blossom Forecast (2019) – Sakura Bloom Dates, Last-Minute Flight Prices & More
Everyone loves Japan – and even more so during cherry blossom season. From soonest to latest, here is the ...
13 February 2019
GOMO travel sim card
GOMO – Sizeable Travel Data At The Click of a Button
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
airport lounge credit card singapore 2018
7 Best Credit Cards in Singapore for Airport Lounge Access (2020)
Imagine this: you’re about to take a 17 hour flight across the world, and you’re too cheap to splurge on ...
30 January 2019
asia miles guide 2018
Asia Miles Guide – How to Earn, Maximise and Redeem Asia Miles
The default frequent flyer programme for 99% of Singaporean travellers is Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer. ...
29 January 2019
Unconventional Southeast Asian
5 Inexpensive & Unconventional Southeast Asian Destinations to Visit in 2019
Now that 2019 has really and truly begun, it’s time to think of all the places you’ll travel to this year. ...
23 January 2019
currency converter apps
7 Free Currency Converter Apps in Singapore (2019)
Most times, Singaporeans have the amazing ability to convert a wide range of foreign currencies to SGD ...
21 January 2019
cheap hotels in singapore
15 4-Star Hotels in Singapore for Cheap Staycations Under $150/night (2019)
Everyone loves vacations, but the reality is that not everyone can afford to travel every few months. Even ...
16 January 2019
japan airbnb departure sayonara tax
Japan Airbnb & Sayonara Departure Tax 2019 – New Rules Singaporean Travellers Need to Know
Whether you’re shopping in Tokyo, temple hopping in Kyoto or skiing in Hokkaido, you’re sure to hear the ...
2 January 2019
working holidays singaporeans
Working Holidays & Other Ways Singaporeans Can Live and Work Abroad Without Going Broke
Take a walk around Raffles Place during lunchtime, and you’ll see grim looks on the faces of harried office ...
11 December 2018
sabbatical work travel earn money
Taking Sabbatical Leave From Work? Here’s How to Earn Money as You Travel
If you find yourself sinking getting crushed by a paralysing depression each time you return to Singapore ...
10 December 2018
singtel autoreadyroam data roaming
Travel Frequently? Singtel’s New AutoReadyRoam Ensures You Never Have to Worry About Pay Per Use Charges When You Travel Overseas
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...