Bali Lovers, This New Addition to The Entertainer Will Have You Wanderlusting All Over Again

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Some places are worth visiting over and over again. Every Singaporean has a holiday destination they just keep going back to whenever they have a free weekend. Popular candidates include Bangkok, Hong Kong… and, of course, Bali.

Whether you know Bali better than your own residential estate or are a first-timer, you’ll be happy to hear this news:


The Entertainer will make your next trip to Bali cheaper

Our favourite 1-on-1 dining app, The Entertainer, has just launched their latest Bali product.

Subscription costs only 25 SGD, and the app can save many times that amount on a single trip to Bali. It just doesn’t make sense not to get a subscription.

You’ll get access to 1-for-1 meal offers and discounts at more than 580 outlets across Bali, including restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions and fashion retailers. But better yet, they’re offering a 10% discount if you apply via MoneySmart. Use the code ‘MONEYSMART2019’ when you checkout on the Entertainer page.

Here’s a preview of what the Entertainer Bali app can get you on your next trip to Bali:


Enjoy 1-on-1 mains at a nice restaurant

Bali’s become quite the culinary hotspot, with a huge number of stylish restaurants and cafes having sprung up in the past few years.

The Entertainer lets you eat well on a budget by getting you 1-for-1 mains at a generous range of restaurants, cafes and bars.

One such establishment is One Eyed Jack, a stylish izakaya and sake bar with a menu created by the former chef of Nobu, probably the Western world’s most famous Japanese restaurant.


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Enjoy fushion izakaya dishes like chicken tsukune sliders and Kagoshima wagyu tataki safe in the knowledge that your mains are 1-for-1.


Party at a beach club on a budget

Many of Bali’s most famous beach clubs double up as restaurants, and you’re going to want to order something to munch on as you sip your cocktail.

Thanks to The Entertainer, you can hang out at stylish Cocoon Beach Club in Seminyak and enjoy 1-for-1 on your mains at the same time.

This restaurant-bar-beach club serves up local dishes like mie goreng and beef rendang, as well as European fare like chicken parmigiana and duck risotto.


Have brunch at a hipster cafe for cheap

Bali’s been hit by the artisanal coffee craze, so you’ll find many establishments worthy of a long, heavy Sunday brunch session.

Check out Kilo Kitchen in Seminyak, where you can enjoy mains like raw Wasabi Tuna Tatare, or a Red Snapper Crudo in a calm ambience.


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The food is great, too, and you an expect a mixture of farm-to-table dishes, small plates of seafood and some fusion dishes. And best of all, you get 1-for-1 mains with The Entertainer.


Take surf lessons at half price

Ever gazed at those bronzed, dreadlocked Balinese surfers and wished you could be like them?

Surf lessons are one of Bali’s top activities for visitors, because unlike Sentosa, this island’s got waves you can actually ride.

Bali Local Surf School in Canggu is one of Bali’s more reputable schools, and has the advantage of being located in Canggu, which is less crowded than touristy Kuta.

Grab a friend and enjoy 1-for-1 surf lessons. A one-session surf course costs 600,000 IDR (60 SGD), a 3-session course is 1,700,000 IDR (169 SGD) and a five-session course is 2,700,000 IDR (268 SGD). Entertainer subscribers get to divide that price by two!


Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment at a discount

There are so many luxurious spas in Bali you can’t not be tempted to book yourself an appointment.

With The Entertainer, you and a friend can enjoy 1-on-1 spa treatments at some very luxurious establishments.

At Chavana Spa, enjoy a 1 hour 20 minute traditional Balinese massage, which usually costs 560,000 IDR (53 SGD), at half price thanks to The Entertainer’s 1-on-1 offer.

It’s really simple to enjoy savings with the Entertainer 2019 bundle. Get it through MoneySmart for a special price of 10% off!

Where are your favourite places in Bali? Share your recommendations in the comments!