Travel Around the Region Frequently? Here’s How You Can Easily Get Data Roaming and Travel Insurance Coverage at the Same Time

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There are many reasons to love travelling in Southeast Asia—gorgeous white sand beaches, beautiful temples and delicious street food, just to mention a few.

As most of Southeast Asia’s best destinations are about two hours’ flight from Singapore, going on a weekend getaway to Bangkok, Hanoi or Siem Reap is just a matter of tossing a few changes of clothes into your bag.

But before you leave, there are two things you need to consider—internet connectivity and travel insurance.

You’ll need mobile data if you’re going to navigate using Google Maps, book a Grab car or check for restaurant reviews. Internet reliability can be a problem in certain countries in Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar and Laos, or anywhere outside of big cities.

And of course, it goes without saying that you should protect yourself with travel insurance each time you leave Singapore.

Now, thanks to Singtel’s ReadyRoam and DirectAsia’s travel insurance tie-up, you can do both at an unbeatable price.


Stay connected at all times with Singtel’s ReadyRoam

Hate having to scramble to find a local SIM card each time you land at an overseas airport, or fear the shocking experience of being charged exorbitant data roaming fees? What about getting a WIFI dongle, which seemed like a great idea until you remember the hassle of lugging it around?

Thanks to ReadyRoam, you’ll never have to face these situations again.

ReadyRoam offers affordable multi-destination data roaming starting from only $12/GB. You can pick up to 56 destinations at one flat price with 30 days of validity.

There is no need to switch SIM cards or change your number. You can continue using your Singapore mobile number overseas, so you don’t have to worry about missing urgent calls from loved ones or not being able to access SMS verification codes when you make credit card purchases.

The ReadyRoam Network Lock also offers peace of mind by preventing unintended pay-per-use data charges, so you won’t ever get a bill shock.


Now, protect yourself with travel insurance when you get ReadyRoam

Kill two birds with one stone by taking advantage of DirectAsia’s new travel insurance plan that you can only get exclusively with every multi-destination ReadyRoam subscription.

This tie-in enables you to purchase travel insurance very affordably at the same time you get a multi-destination ReadyRoam plan.

Unlike many single-trip travel insurance policies, the DirectAsia plan doesn’t cover baggage delay or travel delay. But with short-haul flights within Southeast Asia, is there really a need to be covered for these delays?

Coverage for baggage or travel delay usually kicks in after a period of delay. For example, some plans only pay you a certain amount for every 6 consecutive hours of delay.

If you’re travelling around the region, baggage and flight delays are unlikely to be longer than 6 hours due to the proximity of the countries.

This makes the DirectAsia plan a cost-effective option for short-haul flights within Southeast Asia as you don’t pay for the travel insurance features you don’t need.

Getting your travel insurance plan with ReadyRoam also means you don’t have to spend extra time buying single trip travel insurance each time you go on a short weekend getaway.

Here’s what the policy covers:

Coverage Sum Insured (S$)
Medical expenses (overseas) $150,000
Loss of personal possessions $3,000
Travel cancellation $5,000
Accidental Death / Total Permanent Disability $100,000
Emergency evacuation and repatriation $1,500,000


How much does it cost?

Getting the Singtel’s ReadyRoam and DirectAsia’s travel insurance tie-up is so affordable that it costs less to purchase 30 days’ worth of mobile data and travel insurance than to buy just one week’s travel insurance from some insurers!

ReadyRoam Plans Roaming Subscription Travel Insurance 30 days coverage Total Cost
9 destinations $12/GB $12 $24
18 destinations $20/GB $20 $40
56 destinations $35/GB $35 $70


How to get ReadyRoam and travel insurance for your next trip

To book your travel insurance, simply purchase your multi-destination ReadyRoam plan up to 30 days before your trip via the My Singtel app.

After confirming your ReadyRoam purchase, you will have the option to add insurance from DirectAsia.

readyroam directasia

Click “Add” and you will be redirected to DirectAsia’s microsite, where you can purchase your travel insurance policy of up to 30 days.

Ready to embark on your next weekend getaway? Click to find out more about Singtel’s ReadyRoam and travel insurance tie-up.