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In my previous life, I was a property lawyer who spent most of my time struggling to get out of bed or stuck in peak hour traffic. These days, as a freelance commercial writer, I work in bed, on the beach, in parks and at cafes, all while being really frugal. I like helping other people save money so they can stop living lives they don't like.

Step by Step Guide Buying a BTO
Buying an HDB BTO Flat in 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide
Buying an HDB BTO flat is practically a rite of passage for Singaporeans, a sign that you’re finally ready to start adulting for real. Here’s a step-by-step guide to your very first...
4 February 2021
short selling gamestop
What the Heck is Short Selling? Here’s What We Learnt from GameStop
Love it or hate it, the great GameStop kerfuffle of 2021 has done an important public service: It’s brought the investing technique known as short selling into the mainstream, and beautifully illustrates...
3 February 2021
medisave account singapore
Your MediSave Account in Singapore — How to Make the Most of It
Every month, a chunk of your salary gets deposited into your CPF MediSave Account, an account earmarked just for healthcare costs. If you’re self-employed, you can’t escape this either as...
2 February 2021
Beginner’s Guide to Major Insurance Companies in Singapore
Car Insurance
A Beginner’s Guide to Major Insurance Companies in Singapore
Can’t tell AIA from AXA? When it comes to buying insurance, the brand of your policy might not matter, but it’s definitely helpful to know about the main insurance companies...
29 January 2021
CPF Matched Retirement Savings Scheme: Another Way to Top Up Your Parents’ CPF
CPF Matched Retirement Savings Scheme: Who Is Eligible & How It Works
Topping up your parents’ CPF Retirement Account has long been a way to offer financial support to family members. Now, you might be able to get money from the government...
28 January 2021
7 Best Bike Shops in Singapore for Affordable Foldable Bicycles
7 Best Bike Shops in Singapore for Affordable Foldable Bicycles
Life is simpler and easier when you can hop on a bicycle and go anywhere (almost) you want. You get to reduce your carbon footprint and shed some extra weight too. ...
27 January 2021
comparefirst insurance singapore
Life Insurance
What is the CompareFIRST Insurance Platform & How Does It Work?
Life insurance is one of the most intimidating types of insurance out there, and the fact that there are so many different types complicates things further. To help confused consumers,...
25 January 2021
Best Robo Advisors in Singapore — How to Choose the Right One?
Everyone and their mom has been telling you that you REALLY ought to start investing this year. But you’re not the most financially-savvy person, nor are you not rolling in...
25 January 2021
medishield life premium coverage 2021
Health Insurance
3 Things to Know About MediShield Life Premiums & Coverage Changes in 2021
A lot has changed in the past year, but the upcoming changes to the government’s health insurance scheme, MediShield Life, might have gotten lost in the noise. While the system...
21 January 2021
google pay
Credit Cards
10 Best E-Wallets & Mobile Payment Apps 2021: PayLah, GrabPay, Google Pay & More
It’s 2021, and cash is officially passé. With so many mobile payment options, it seems like all you have to do after a restaurant meal is to flash your phone in...
20 January 2021
whole life insurance singapore
Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance Pros & Cons: Is It Ever A Good Idea?
Or maybe you’ve heard about this whole vs term life insurance debate, and thought to yourself, same same but different. After all, they’re both life insurance — how different can they...
18 January 2021
How to Buy Stocks in Singapore Masthead
How to Buy Stocks in Singapore: Start Investing in 5 Easy Steps
So your new year’s resolution is to finally start investing! Don’t worry, that’s a much more achievable goal than last year’s resolution of losing 10kg. You’ll hear of any number...
15 January 2021
Concerts in Singapore 2021: 10 Live & Virtual Events to Catch
Concerts in Singapore 2021: 10 Live & Virtual Events to Catch
As the pandemic rages on, live entertainment is in peril. Live streams were booming in the early months of the pandemic but not many were as successful as those helmed...
13 January 2021
cpf retirement sum
CPF Retirement Sum – How Does It Work and How Much Do You Need?
Already counting down the days to retirement… when you’re only 25 years old? Late nights at the office and crazy bosses can do that to you. Every month, you see...
13 January 2021
Mortgage Insurance in Singapore 2018 – How To Compare And Decide Which Is Best For You
Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage Insurance in Singapore: How To Compare & Decide Which Is Best For You
Your home is probably the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought. And you might be spending a sizeable chunk of your life repaying your home loan. A lot can happen...
12 January 2021
CPF Contributions in Singapore, the Guide to Interest Rates, Minimum Sums and all the calculators you need
The Ultimate CPF Guide 2021: Contributions, Interest Rates, Minimum Sums & Calculators
Can you really say that you know where your money goes every month? If you don’t understand what’s happening to that precious chunk of your salary that goes into your...
11 January 2021
7 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives in Singapore: Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods & More
5 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives in Singapore: Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods & More
The days when vegetarians were relegated to that one mock meat stall at every hawker centre are over.  Plant-based meats are making the rounds in Singapore, with vegetarian food products...
22 December 2020
best term life insurance policies
Life Insurance
7 Best Term Insurance Policies in Singapore for Affordable Protection
Not impressed by life insurance policies which charge astronomical premiums? Then you might want to consider its much simpler, straightforward and cost-effective sibling: term life insurance. Both types of insurance are...
22 December 2020
climate friendly household vouchers
Climate Friendly Household Vouchers: How to Redeem & What to Buy With Them
The government wants you to be more eco-friendly. Luckily, instead of decreeing that you’re stuck taking public transport forever in order to reduce carbon emissions, they’re giving out free money!...
21 December 2020
direct purchase insurance
Life Insurance
Direct Purchase Insurance: What Should You Know Before Buying Insurance Directly?
Buying life insurance no longer has to involve meeting up with an insurance agent at Starbucks. Direct purchase insurance (DPI) is a type of life insurance that you can buy...
21 December 2020
10 Best Memberships for Kids & Annual Family Passes in Singapore
10 Best Memberships for Kids & Annual Family Passes in Singapore
Keeping the kids busy without resorting to the iPad or TV doesn’t have to be hard. Nowadays, there are lots of memberships that offer your child access to fun and...
18 December 2020
credit card staycation deals singapore
The Best Hotel Staycation Deals in Singapore for Every Credit Card
Now that overseas holidays are out of the question, going on a staycation has been touted as the next best way to get some much-needed R&R. But people conveniently forget...
18 December 2020
online scams singapore
7 Common Scams in Singapore: How to Avoid & How to Report Scams
Singaporeans have a reputation of being hardworking, a stickler for the rules and… thanks to how safe the country is, a bit naive. And given how numerous scams in Singapore...
17 December 2020
CPF MediShield Life in Singapore
CPF MediShield Life in Singapore – Everything You Need to Understand & Use It
When you fall sick, what’s the first thing you do? Complain about how expensive healthcare is in Singapore? Well, after doing that, the next thing you should do is to...
16 December 2020
mental health insurance singapore
Health Insurance
Does Mental Health Insurance Exist? 5 Plans That Cover Mental Health
The madness of COVID-19 has left all of us a little worse for wear, and sometimes no amount of meditating with an app can help. In the past, the only...
14 December 2020