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In my previous life, I was a property lawyer who spent most of my time struggling to get out of bed or stuck in peak hour traffic. These days, as a freelance commercial writer, I work in bed, on the beach, in parks and at cafes, all while being really frugal. I like helping other people save money so they can stop living lives they don't like.

cost of living
Cost of Living in Singapore (2021) — Is Your Salary Really Enough?
Singapore is always appearing at the top of those cost-of-living surveys. But how expensive is it really to live here? If you’re a young working adult or potential expat thinking of accepting that job...
25 March 2021
singapore green plan 2030
Singapore Green Plan 2030: 7 Money-Saving Initiatives to Adopt Today
Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 is a “national sustainability movement” which aims to turn us into a more eco-friendly country over the next decade. It includes things like the planting of...
23 March 2021
Taobao Singapore – The Complete Shopping & Shipping Guide
When your teachers told you Chinese was the language of the future, they were right. Except that instead of reading the four great classical novels, we are mainly using the...
23 March 2021
motorcycle singapore
Motorcycle Singapore Guide – Getting Your License & Buying A Motorbike in Singapore
Sick of squeezing onto the MRT every morning, but not about to commit financial suicide by taking out a car loan? Well, riding a motorcycle solves both of those problems.
21 March 2021
mdrt million dollar round table
MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table): What Does It Mean If Your Financial Advisor Has Achieved MDRT?
Insurance agents often throw around the term “Million Dollar Round table”, or MDRT, especially in recruitment drives designed to make their jobs look attractive to potential new agents. But what...
19 March 2021
road tax renewal singapore
LTA Road Tax Renewal Guide 2021: How to Check & Pay Road Tax
There’s a bit of a learning curve for first-time vehicle owners, and I’m not just talking about learning how to avoid crazy drivers on the road. You also have to...
12 March 2021
cancel credit card
Credit Cards
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cancel Your Credit Card (& Why)
The world of credit card benefits is so fickle. What was once your beloved go-to card for any type of spending can become a useless piece of plastic overnight. All...
11 March 2021
Green Bonds in Singapore: 4 Things the Average Singaporean Should Know
Green Bonds in Singapore: 4 Things the Average Singaporean Should Know
One of the more novel aspects of Budget 2021 was the announcement of green bonds, an eco-friendly type of financial instrument. The green bonds aim not only to help the...
10 March 2021
insurance riders
Health Insurance
Insurance Riders in Singapore: Which Ones Do You Actually Need?
Just when you think you’ve compared insurance products thoroughly and found the absolute best one for your needs, you scroll down and realise that there are these things called “riders”...
9 March 2021
cdc voucher singapore
CDC Vouchers Singapore — Who’s Eligible & Where To Use Them in 2021
Budget 2021 was more about sticks than carrots, but one of the few things to look forward to is the $100 CDC vouchers (Community Development Council vouchers), to be distributed...
4 March 2021
singapore gst hike
Budget 2021: GST Hikes & Extensions Singaporeans Should Prepare For
Last year’s Budget was all about supporting Singaporeans through the challenges of the pandemic, the recession and an economy that was already tepid before the virus outbreak. But all that...
2 March 2021
income tax filing 2021
Income Tax Filing 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving Tax Season
Despite paying income tax year after year, I draw a blank every time I receive IRAS’s annual reminder to file my taxes. This is followed by a minor panic attack...
2 March 2021
female finance investment blog
International Women’s Day: 10 Female Finance & Investment Blogs to Follow
These days, Singaporean women are just as likely to be seen making stacks of cash or investing in assets, as they are raising kids or cooking for the family. That said,...
1 March 2021
china taiping life insurance
Life Insurance
China Taiping Life Insurance — MoneySmart Review 2021
Now, I’ll be honest — I’m not expecting many of you to be scrambling to buy insurance from China Taiping, as they’re one of the lesser-known insurers in Singapore. But...
24 February 2021
manulife life insurance
Life Insurance
Manulife Life Insurance Singapore — MoneySmart Review 2021
So, you’ve decided that your family can’t afford to lose you right now, and the best way to protect them is to buy life insurance so that they can get...
23 February 2021
tokio marine life insurance
Life Insurance
Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore — MoneySmart Review 2021
When it comes to buying life insurance, Tokio Marine isn’t the most obvious choice. For one thing, I’ve never ever been accosted on the streets by an insurance agent from...
23 February 2021
aviva life insurance
Life Insurance
Aviva Life Insurance Singapore — MoneySmart Review 2021
Shopping around for life insurance policies can be quite tedious because there are so many insurance companies out there, each offering a seemingly confusing selection of plans. This series is...
22 February 2021
Fitness and Step Trackers Singapore
Fitness & Beauty
7 Best Fitness Trackers in Singapore Under $300: Fitbit, Apple Watch & More
Instead of stepping onto the weighing machine with trepidation every few weeks, it’s so much easier to track your fitness progress with a fitness or step tracker strapped to your...
22 February 2021
aia life insurance
Life Insurance
AIA Life Insurance Singapore — MoneySmart Review 2021
With so many insurers out there selling a seemingly enormous mix of products, choosing the best life insurance policy for your needs can feel like being a kid in a...
19 February 2021
HDB Community Care Apartments
HDB Community Care Apartments — Are They Really Such a Good Deal?
There’s a new type of HDB flat in town. The new kid on the on the block is called the Community Care Apartment, and the first batch was launched in...
18 February 2021
axa life insurance review
Life Insurance
AXA Life Insurance Singapore — MoneySmart Review 2021
So many insurance products, so little time. If you’re trying to pick a life insurance policy but have no idea which insurer you should buy from, our series of life...
10 February 2021
ntuc income life insurance review
Life Insurance
NTUC Income Life Insurance — MoneySmart Review 2021
Buying life insurance can be pretty overwhelming. Even if you manage to narrow things down to one insurer — the tried-and-true NTUC Income, for example — you still have to...
10 February 2021
covid-19 vaccine vifap singapore
Covid-19 Vaccine & VIFAP in Singapore: Everything you Need to Know
That moment we’ve all been waiting almost a year for has arrived: COVID-19 vaccines have been invented, approved and are finally available to the general public. It’s anyone’s guess whether...
8 February 2021
Singlife Account vs Etiqa Gigantiq vs Dash EasyEarn
Singlife Account vs Singtel Dash PET: Which Insurance Savings Plan is Best?
It’s no secret that savings account and fixed deposit interest rates in Singapore are dismal. So, it’s no surprise that non-bank “accounts” from insurers like Singlife and Etiqa are becoming more...
8 February 2021
HDB BTO Launch Feb 2021 Review
HDB BTO Launch Feb 2021 Review: Bidadari, Boon Keng, Tengah & Bukit Batok
After a crazy 2020, 2021’s first HDB BTO launch is a sign that the world goes on turning no matter what disasters strike. To give you something to discuss over...
5 February 2021