3 Ways Your Internet Service Provider Can Help You Save Money

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If there’s one thing none of us can survive without in this modern age, it’s not food or water, but the internet. Everything we do — from our work to keeping in touch with friends — relies on the internet these days.

We all need a good internet connection for online document/file sharing, cloud-based apps, conducting Zoom meetings, participating in online collaborative spaces and so on. Then there’s instant messaging, online restaurant bookings, online shopping, trading on our digital broker and more…

Thus, it’s essential not just to have a fast internet connection, but also one that is reliable and secure, such as the connection provided by ViewQwest.

In fact, picking ViewQwest for your internet connection can also help you save money in more ways than one! Read on to find out how:


1. Blazing fast speeds mean you work more efficiently

Time is money, and a Speedy Gonzales internet connection helps you finish your work faster. Whether you’ve got a bunch of files you need to download and send out ASAP or a million tasks to complete at the same time, a blazing fast internet connection makes all the difference.

A good internet connection is also crucial when you have to constantly attend Zoom meetings. When you’re trying to video conference with clients to fix any issues they might have, a poor internet connection can mean that images look distorted when sharing your screen or prevent you from catching 100% of what your clients say.

Avoiding miscommunication stemming from a poor internet connection could save you from making costly mistakes!

What’s more, when your internet is fast, you get more work done faster, receive more potential job opportunities, and maintain better rapport with clients.

We’re not joking when we say ViewQwest is fast. The company was crowned fastest internet service provider by Ookla Speed Test for the fifth year running! You go, ViewQwest!


2. An edge when it comes to snagging deals

Fastest-fingers-first is the rule when it comes to snagging online deals, especially during those double-digit sale days or Black Friday sales (flash deals, anyone?). Being quick can make all the difference!

Whether you’re fighting to be amongst the first 10 people to buy a PS5 at $1, trying to grab that Dyson at 75% off, or vying for a chance to grab vouchers in your shopping app, a laggy internet connection can be fatal!

Yup, fast fingers alone can’t win without the support of a lightning-fast internet connection — just like what ViewQwest is offering.


Is it possible to snag those deals even faster? Yes — get a Mesh plan from ViewQwest. With this, you’ll receive the latest WiFi 6 mesh system on the market, and the mesh router ensures you’ve got robust coverage throughout your entire home (even if your home is really big!).

You can even boost your productivity in the toilet if it’s one of those “no WiFi” blackholes! You can also connect more devices at once, so every member of your family can try to snag deals on their own devices (without causing lag to your internet speed).

All of ViewQwest’s plans are bundled with the best, most reliable routers from award-winning brands like ASUS, Linksys and Netgear, so you know you are getting a robust and reliable mesh bundle for your money.


3. Avoid cyber threats

Singapore might have a low crime rate compared to other countries, but more and more people are falling prey to cyber criminals. From phishing sites to ransomware, your home and family accounts are not as safe as you think.

Lately, spyware and other malicious sites and software threats have been growing like crazy. Spyware, which is often covertly installed on your computer by malicious sites or other sources, can lead to your personal info being extracted. Hackers can then use that information to hack into your accounts, steal money from you, use your identity without your knowledge, and more. The horror!

Being attacked by hackers can even require you to replace your entire computer. You’ll also need to warn all your friends and clients, and redo work that has been lost. Sigh! The incident could potentially cost you not just money but also time and reputation.

Security FTW (for the win)!

To avoid such grisly scenarios, it’s important to use an internet service provider that also provides security. ViewQwest’s SecureNet@Home is an advanced cybersecurity service in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks, a leading and trusted global cyber security provider worldwide. For home broadband users like you, this means you’ll get enterprise-grade protection that’ll keep you safe from known and unknown cyber threats such as spyware, scan attacks and malware. Think of it as an anti-virus software that is built into your internet connection.

SecureNet enables you to stay protected from cyber threats without having to download an application like anti-virus software or hook up an additional device to keep you safe from threats on your ViewQwest network*. As long as you are connected to your ViewQwest Home WiFi, you are safe!

*Do install your own antivirus software to be extra-safe as SecureNet only blocks network threats in the home. Outside the home, users are still at risk.

ViewQwest believes that it is essential to protect customers, in the simplest way possible — especially kids and the elderly who are most vulnerable to cyber threats. ViewQwest does this by embedding network security service, SecureNet, in its home broadband to deter known and unknown cyber threats.

When you sign up for a ViewQwest broadband plan, you receive three months of free SecureNet. Yay!


Sign up for a super-fast internet connection with ViewQwest

ViewQwest offers a fast and secure internet connection that lets you do more online, while protecting you from cyber threats like phishing and hacking.

Choose from two speedy plans:

  • No Router Plan — Fuss-free plan that doesn’t require you to purchase a router, perfect if you already have one that is not “locked” to any telco. Great if you’re price conscious and just need a fast network.
  • Mesh Router Plans — All Mesh plans feature the latest WiFi 6 mesh systems on the market. This enables you to enjoy up to 3x faster speeds and support 4x more devices on WiFi 6 versus a WiFi 5 router connection.

Thanks to ViewQwest’s October sale, you can sign up for a 1GBPS Home Broadband plan for a low starting price of just $28.99 per month. You also enjoy a waiver of the NetLink Trust (NLT) fee of $56.71.

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Hop on the bandwagon of superfast internet speeds with ViewQwest today.