Best 5G Tourist SIM Card in Singapore: 5 Reasons Why We Like the Singtel Tourist SIM

best tourist SIM Singapore - Singtel tourist SIM

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Nowadays, any conversation between friends in Singapore results in a discussion about holiday plans. And no wonder, because borders have opened up after more than two years of Covid-19 restrictions!

Finally we head to Changi Airport for something other than eating and shopping at Jewel, tourists are starting to come back to Singapore, and well, doesn’t it just feel good to take a plane again???

One thing we need other than our passport and the local currency (and our vaccination certs) is having mobile data — this lets us stay in touch with people back home, search for info on the go, use online maps and manage our bookings.

This is the same for tourists who visit Singapore. For them, picking up a tourist SIM card right after arriving is essential, and chances are, you might have been asked by an overseas friend or a tourist where to get a tourist SIM in Singapore and which to choose.


What is a tourist SIM?

A tourist SIM is a prepaid SIM card that gives you a certain amount of data, as well text messages and talk time.

Tourist SIM cards do not come with a contract and are often valid only for a specific amount of time. They are thus suitable for those who are visiting, rather than living permanently, in a particular country.


Which SIM card is best in Singapore (in our opinion)?

One of the popular tourist SIM cards in Singapore comes from Singtel.

The Singtel tourist SIM card offers lightning-fast speeds on a 5G network. It is also super easy to get hold of — you can pick one up at Singapore Changi Airport or 7-Eleven stores islandwide…

But those aren’t the Singtel tourist SIM’s only advantages. Here are 5 other reasons why we like it.


1. How do I get this tourist SIM card? You can even buy it before you arrive in Singapore!

Yes, really! You can buy your Singtel tourist SIM online before you reach Singapore at the following websites or apps and pick them up at the airport or any Singtel Shop.

Next step, pay for your preferred Singtel tourist SIM online and then collect it at the following places:

  • Travelex at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Changi Travel Services at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Singtel Shops islandwide

Alternatively, you can also buy the Singtel Tourist SIM from any of these outlets in Singapore:

  • Singapore Changi Airport:
    • Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange
    • Changi Recommends
    • Cheers store
  • Out and about in Singapore:
    • 7-Eleven store
    • Cheers store
    • Singtel Shop
    • Authorised retailers at Harbourfront / Tanah Merah
    • Other authorised retailers

Do note that the 5G S$30/S$50 Tourist SIM cards are only available at Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange, Changi Recommends, Singtel Shops and Singtel Exclusive Retailers.


How much is the Singtel Tourist SIM?

Screenshot via Singtel

Here’s a nifty table that summarises all the Singtel tourist SIMs available, with data allowances of up to 120GB of 5G data, and how much they cost.

Singtel offers a wide suite of Tourist SIM cards, to meet all your travelling needs.

If you are a long-stay visitor, we will recommend their 5G S$50 or S$30 Tourist SIM with up to 120GB of 5G data to turbocharge your stay in Singapore, with unlimited local calls and SMSes, 90 minutes of international calls and up to 10GB of data roaming to popular destinations.

If you are a short-stay visitor, you may opt for Singtel’s 2-in-1 SIM Card which is a prepaid SIM as well as a stored value travel card that can be used on public transport services in Singapore. Priced at S$15, the SIM is packed with 100GB of 4G data and S$3 EZ-Link credit for rides on Singapore’s public trains and buses and can be topped-up subsequently.

What happens if I extend my stay in Singapore?

Can’t bear to leave Singapore? Simply download the hi!App to extend validity for the 5G S$50 and S$30 Tourist SIMs


2. Enjoy one of the most powerful 5G networks in Singapore

If you really want fast, powerful internet, the answer is to connect to a 5G network. 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G/LTE because it uses higher-frequency radio bands. That means better, faster service and download speeds, even in crowded areas (which we know how Singapore can get, especially at key events such as the Singapore F1 Night Race), and the ability to connect more devices.

5G will pave the way for new technologies that we could previously only dream about, and is going to be the key to the development of virtual reality.

Here are some of the benefits you get from using Singtel’s 5G network:

  • 10X Faster speeds – Download movies, games and content in seconds.
  • 2X Latency – Experience 2x faster response time between devices, with less loading and waiting.
  • Better bandwidth – Connect more devices without reduction in speed and quality.
  • Consistent coverage​ – Get a reliable connection anywhere for high-quality streaming and more.
  • Security – Better protection when you shop or transact online with your phone.


Singtel was the first telco in the world to achieve nationwide coverage

Singtel was the first telco in the world to achieve a standalone 5G network, and Singtel’s 5G network has since surpassed 95% nationwide coverage, more than 3 years ahead of schedule.

Nationwide coverage is a big deal as it means you can enjoy superfast 5G coverage anywhere in Singapore, including when you connect to public WiFi networks.

Singtel’s 5G network is now available at more than 1,300 outdoor locations and over 400 in-building spots, as well as underground, including on the North-East Line MRT.


4. Plenty of data for all your needs

Singtel’s tourist SIM gives you an abundance of data, with up to 120GB of 5G access.

That’s a LOT of data, which is ideal for tourists who might need to get some work done online, want to watch movies and videos, or simply need to do lots of research about their trip.

Or if you wanna livestream about your trip here, 120GB is plenty as well, and being on 5G means a smooth video feed!


5. Plenty of freebies, too!

Singtel tourist SIMs not only give you mobile data, but also include unlimited free local calls and SMSes and 90 international calling minutes.

Tourists can even take the SIM cards home with them and continue to enjoy free data roaming.

Being able to make calls, whether in Singapore or overseas, is important for tourists who might want to phone home, make work-related calls or make calls in Singapore regarding their accommodation and other matters.

best tourist SIM Singapore - Singtel tourist SIM
Image via Singtel

And for the F1 fans who are coming to Singapore to see the races, Singtel is offering free limited edition collectibles, including an exclusive racing car thumbdrive with every 5G S$50/S$30 SIM, as well as an exclusive racing car passport cover with every S$15/S$12 SIM.

A trip to Singapore is always better with mobile data at your fingertips. Singtel’s tourist SIM cards enable visitors to enjoy abundant data on a super fast 5G connection.

Purchase a Singtel Tourist SIM online and collect it upon arrival or get them at Singapore Changi Airport! Enjoy your stay in Singapore!