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valentine's day credit card promotions 2018
The Best Valentine’s Day Credit Card Promotions in Singapore 2018
This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the day before Chinese New Year reunion dinner. While that might put ...
14 February 2018
best cash rebates for dining and entertainment
The Best Cash Rebates for Dining and Entertainment in Singapore – This Is The Credit Card to Get
What is the Singaporean definition of the good life? Dining at nice restaurants and having fun in the company ...
1 February 2018
uob lady's card shopping singapore
Spend the Holidays with UOB Lady’s Card – 3 Good Reasons Why You Should
It’s been almost 30 years of “the men don’t get it”, and in terms of shopping, wellness, beauty and fitness, ...
credit card charge disputes
Credit Card Charge Disputes – 5 Things Singaporeans Should be Aware of Before Making One
Many people don’t know why it’s better to use a credit card than a debit card, especially because credit ...
6 December 2017
The Best Credit Cards for Weekend Dining
The Best Credit Cards for Weekend Dining
For many of us, after a long week at work chained to our desks, the weekend is the only thing we look forward ...
24 November 2017
5 Big Lifestyle Changes That Are Now Normal For Singaporeans
5 Big Lifestyle Changes That Are Now Normal For Singaporeans
We’ve come a long way since the days when we had to record our favourite TV shows on our cable TV set top ...
16 November 2017
best 3 frequent flyer credit card singapore
The Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore for Frequent Flyers
Ask any Singaporean what their dreams are, and travelling the world is bound to come up at least 80% of ...
23 October 2017
credit card buying alcohol
3 Situations Where You Should Not Use Your Credit Card, No Matter How Many Rewards Points You Can Earn
We here at MoneySmart are big fans of using credit cards to pay for anything and everything. Using cards ...
5 October 2017
6 Amazing High End Restaurants in Singapore You Can Now Afford Because of These Discounts
6 Amazing High End Restaurants in Singapore You Can Now Afford Because of These Discounts
The dining scene in Singapore is certainly growing at a very healthy rate, if credit card spend is anything ...
21 September 2017
unlimited cashback credit card hsbc advance
Is Unlimited Cashback Overrated? Consider This Credit Card Instead
Cashback credit cards are the preferred type of credit card for Singaporeans. This shouldn’t be a surprise ...
13 September 2017
grocery shopping credit card singapore
3 Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore
These days, there are only two ways to get cheap groceries. The first is with an optimized credit card. ...
7 September 2017
UOB One Card Singapore
Why The UOB One Card Is Still Singapore’s Most Generous Rebate Card
In the realm of credit cards that offer cash rebates as an incentive, few cards have stood the test of ...
cashback credit cards card singapore
The 6 Most Popular Cashback Credit Cards of 2017 in Singapore
Of all the different types of credit cards, I have to admit I have a soft spot for cashback credit cards. ...
5 September 2017
cashback credit cards singapore
Here‘s All the Fine Print of Cashback Credit Cards that Singaporeans Don’t Know About
During 2015’s General Elections, some people may have assumed that all the opposition parties were pretty ...
29 August 2017
unlimited cashback credit cards singapore
The 3 Kinds of Singaporeans That Should Get a Credit Card with Unlimited Cashback
Many of us are taught that peer pressure’s not a good thing – since we were kids, we’ve been told by our ...
25 August 2017
krisflyer miles married
Here’s How You Can Earn More KrisFlyer Miles Just By Being Married
Getting married isn’t just about romance, flowers and a rockstar wedding. For most Singaporeans, it’s a ...
21 August 2017
krisflyer miles starting pay
KrisFlyer Miles – The 3 Best Ways to Collect Miles on Your Starting Pay
Anyone who says Singaporeans live to eat isn’t telling the full story. We live to eat—and travel, which ...
17 August 2017
credit card win
4 Ways to Use Credit Cards to Win at Life
There’s nothing quite like getting your credit card statement and realising you got $50 free thanks to ...
14 August 2017
cashback credit cards singapore
5 Tips To Maximize Your Cashback Card Benefits
So you’ve heard cashback cards offer the best savings, and you want to switch. Or maybe you already have ...
11 August 2017
American Express Osaka
Want to Fly Business Class to Osaka or New York? This Promotion Could Help You Do Just That
Singaporeans reportedly work the longest hours in the world. But we also travel so often that Bangkok is ...
10 August 2017
credit card debit card
Is It Better to Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card?
Most Singaporeans’ first experience with online shopping happens with the help of a debit card. This has ...
10 August 2017
air miles credit card
Spending $12,000 Over the Next Few Months? Here’s 4 Air Miles Credit Cards You Should Consider
Here in Singapore, one of the world’s most expensive cities, we’re used to paying a premium for lots of ...
12 July 2017
best credit cards dining card singapore
3 Best Credit Cards for Dining in Singapore
In the land of shopping centres and cinemas, nothing satisfies a bored Singaporean better than good food ...
11 July 2017
What Should ANZ Cardholders Know with DBS’s Latest Credit Cards Announcement
What Should ANZ Cardholders Know with DBS’s Latest Credit Cards Announcement
All good things must come to an end. It’s a sad fact of reality that I acknowledge the second I wake up ...
20 June 2017
air miles credit card sign up promotion
The Top 3 Air Miles Credit Card Sign Up Promotions Right Now
With travel season just round the corner, banks are starting to aggressively step up their drive to get ...
7 June 2017