Best Cashback Credit Cards For PayWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Other Cashless Payments

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Remember all those coins you used to stash in your piggy bank when you were a kid? Well, they’re pretty a chore to use now that the government’s trying to turn this place into a cashless society. And there are a lot of methods you can make cashless payments in Singapore.

While technically any type of credit or debit card payment counts as cashless, today we’re going to focus on a few types of cashless payments that literally let you tap and pay:

  • Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass
  • Contactless smartphone payments with Apple Pay Samsung Pay and Google Pay
  • NETS FlashPay top-ups

Saving 10 seconds using contactless payments is nice, but not if it means sacrificing those sweet sweet cash rebates.

So here are the best cashback credit cards for when you’re using cashless payments.

Credit card Cashback for cashless payments Cashback cap Min. spend
BOC Family Card 5% for NETS FlashPay Auto Top Up (first 4 top-ups) $40 for supermarkets, hospital bills, NETS FlashPay Auto Top-up and telco bills $700
DBS Live Fresh Card 5% on Visa PayWave purchases (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay) $60
$20 on Visa PayWave
UOB Delight 3% rebate on contactless transactions via Visa PayWave, UOB mobile payment services like UOB Mighty Pay and UOB Apple Pay and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-ups $50 $400
UOB One Up to 3.33% for spending min. $500

Up to 3.33% for spending min. $1,000

Up to 5% for spending min. $2,000 (quarterly flat payout)


$300 (quarterly)


$2,000 x 3 mths (quarter)
HSBC Advance 3.5% if spending more than $2,000 a month

2.5% without min. Spend

$125 Min. spend $2,000 to get 3.5%
Stanchart Spree Credit Card 2% $60
Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature 1.6%
Amex True Cashback Card 1.5%

3% for first 6 months up to $5,000

Stanchart Unlimited Cashback Card 1.5%

3% on all foreign currency spend for the first 3 months

OCBC Frank 3% on first two $50 NETS FlashPay auto top-up $60 $400 (excludes online purchases, entertainment and NETS FlashPay auto top-ups)


Most generous cashback credit card for contactless payment by smartphone: DBS Live Fresh Card

Using Samsung Pay or Google Pay? You might not be able to take advantage of Apple Pay, but you can get a just-as-good 5% rebate from the DBS Live Fresh Card, which rewards all Visa PayWave transactions made on Apple, Google or Samsung Pay. Or you can just use the card.

Do note the minimum spending requirement of $600. The DBS Live Fresh Card also offers 5% cashback on online shopping and Grab rides though, so if you shop a lot on the internet, are booking air tickets anytime soon or are always Grabbing your way around town, you shouldn’t have any trouble meeting the minimum spending requirements.

And while a maximum cashback cap of $60 is pretty generous, there will soon be restrictions implemented. From 1 June 2018, the maximum cashback cap you earn with the DBS Live Fresh Card is $20 per month for Visa PayWave transactions, $20 per month for online shopping and Grab rides, and $20 for all other spending.

DBS logo
Online Promo
Online & Visa Contactless Spend
Cash Back on Online Spend & Visa Contactless
Up to 5%
Min. Spend
Cash Back Cap
Up to S$75
Online Promo:
Welcome Gift: Get S$150 Cashback when you apply with promo code 150CASH and make the min. spend of S$800 within 60 days of card approval. T&Cs apply.
Valid until 30 Jun 2023


Most generous cashback credit card for NETS FlashPay auto top-up: BOC Family Card

The generous 5% casback the BOC Family Card offers is applicable only to the first four top-ups in a month. As anyone who actually uses NETS FlashPays should know, that’s already plenty.

The $700 minimum monthly spending requirement is quite hefty, but as the card offers a whopping 10% cashback on dining and cinemas, and 5% on supermarkets, online purchases and telco bolls, amongst others, that’s a strong argument to switch to the BOC Family Card for most of your everyday purchases.


Best all-round card for a wide variety of contactless payments: UOB Delight

The UOB Delight is the best card on the market if you’re going to make contactless payments a way of life and use a variety of them.

Their 3% rebate extends to UOB Mighty Pay, Apple Pay, Visa PayWave, NETS FlashPay Auto Top-ups for MRT/LRT, public bus, Comfort & CitiCab and SMRT taxis, ERP and CEPAS-compliant car park charges.

The minimum spending requirement of $400 isn’t terribly high, and the card also offers 8% rebate at Cold Storage, Market Place Jasons, Giant and Guardian, as well as fuel savings at Shell and SPC.


Best cashback credit card for high spenders: UOB One Card

The UOB One’s claims of offering up to 5% cashback on everything you spend on is a lofty one—until you realise how complicated their minimum spending requirements are.

If you can consistently spend over $2,000 a month without having to give it too much thought, this card will give you a very decent cashback on everything, contactless payments included. If the rules are too complicated for you, it’s probably not worth the effort, because if you screw up for just one month, you lose your cashback for the entire quarter.

UOB logo
Online Promo
Rebate on Shopee, Dairy Farm Group, Grab, SP and more
Up to 10%
Rebate Cap per quarter
Min. Spend per month
Online Promo:
Get up to 15% Cashback and S$350 worth of Grab Vouchers when you successfully apply for an eligible UOB Credit Card and spend a min. of S$1,000 for 2 consecutive months from card approval date. T&Cs apply!
Valid until 31 Mar 2023


Best cashback credit card for contactless payments with no minimum spending requirement: Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card

This card gets you a decent 2% cashback on contactless and mobile payments, with no minimum spending requirement.

The cashback rate may not be as attractive as some of the others on the list, but hey, at least you won’t be left staring at your credit card statement in dismay after realising you missed the minimum spending requirements by $0.50.

What is your favourite credit card for cashless payments? Share your recommendations in the comments!