Shopee Promo Codes & Credit Card Discounts in Singapore (2019)

shopee promo code singapore

Be it Shopee or anywhere else, as long as it’s an online shopping platform, you had better first Google for promo codes. If you can’t find any, then boycott the fella – they don’t deserve your business! Competition is stiff in the e-commerce arena, so you’ll probably be able to find the same item elsewhere, but with a discount code to use.

I’ll be honest, I had only ever used Shopee once… and it was in 2015 when they first launched with a welcome promo code I couldn’t ignore. The brand has since gone regional – they’re all over Southeast Asia and in Taiwan – and although they don’t seem as aggressive as sites like Zalora and Lazada, they’ve got some pretty solid tie-ups with the banks.

So not only are Shopee’s listed prices lower (than the offline stores) to begin with, you can also further stretch your dollar by using the right Shopee credit card promo. BAM! That’s a wombo combo right there.

Let’s get right to it then.


Shopee credit card promo codes for new users — up to $10 off

In general, there are two tiers of discounts — one for new users, and one for existing shoppers — and the Shopee discounts are pretty much standard across the banks.

Bank Discount  Promo code Validity
UOB $10 off min spend $30  UOBNEW10 31 Dec 2019
CIMB $7 off min spend $15  CIMBNEW7 31 Dec 2019
Citibank $7 off min spend $15 CITINEW7 31 Dec 2019
DBS/POSB $7 off min spend $15 DBSNEW15 31 Dec 2019
HSBC $7 off min spend $15 HSBC7NEW 31 Dec 2019
Maybank $7 off min spend $15 MBNEW7 31 Dec 2019
OCBC $7 off min spend $15 OCBC7NEW 31 Dec 2019

Those new to the Shopee platform can score the biggest discount of $10 with UOB cards. Although it’s technically the most dollars off, a relatively high minimum spend of $30 applies. That works out to about 33% off if you spend $30 on the dot.

For the rest of the banks, it’s $7 off a minimum spend of $15. That may sound less attractive, but if you swee swee spend $15, then that’s actually almost 50% off, which is a much better. Each promo code is valid for one-time use only.

If you’re eligible to, you should definitely use this promo code first. Aside from UOB, the discount is the same across the most popular banks in Singapore (CIMB, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, and OCBC).

If you’re a seasoned online-shopper, you might try to game the system by trying different emails and credit cards, but sorry — for Shopee, your account is tied to your mobile number.

So even if you have cards from all 7 banks, you can only be a “new user” once. So pick wisely, and choose your best online shopping credit card.


Shopee credit card promo codes for existing users – up to 10% off (capped at $4)

Bank Discount Promo code Validity
UOB 10% off (capped at $4) UOBTEN4 31 Dec 2019
CIMB 10% off (capped at $4) CIMBEX4 31 Dec 2019
Citibank 10% off (capped at $4) CITITEN4 31 Dec 2019
DBS/POSB 10% off (capped at $4) DBSTEN4 31 Dec 2019
HSBC 10% off (capped at $4) HSBC4OFF 31 Dec 2019
Maybank 10% off (capped at $4) MBTEN4 31 Dec 2019
OCBC $3 off min spend $30 OCBC3OFF 31 Dec 2019

After you’ve used the above promo codes, you’re officially in the next tier of “existing users” where you only get a maximum of $4 off $40 spend. However, unlike the new-user codes, these codes can be used multiple times, limited to 1 redemption per month.

All the partnering banks offer 10% off, capped at $4, except OCBC, which offers $3 off $30. If you ask me, I think OCBC’s Shopee promo code is quite lame lah. You should only use it if that’s the only credit card you have.

If your cart is under $30, you have no choice but to pick another promo code. If your cart is over $30, then you’re better off using the other codes too, as 10% of that will be more than $3.

Most of the Shopee promo codes above are valid until year end, so you still have about just over a month to use them.


Bank of the day Shopee credit card promotions – no promo code needed

If you’re a hardcore Shopee fan, and have already used up all the above codes, then you have to take advantage of Shopee’s “Bank of the Day” campaign.

Bank Day of the week Discount Validity
Singtel Dash Monday $5 off min spend $50 (first 300 only) 31 Dec 2019
Standard Chartered Tuesday $6 off min spend $50 (first 400 only) 31 Dec 2019
UOB Wednesday $5 off min spend $50 (first 400 only) 25 Dec 2019
DBS/POSB Thursday $10 off min spend $80 (first 650 only) 10 Jan 2020
Citibank Sunday $10 off min spend $80 (first 200 only) Until 2020

Basically there’s a featured bank for every day of the week except Friday and Saturday.

For these promotions, the minimum spend is at least $50. If that’s right about how much you’re willing to spend, the highest discount you can get is $6 — on Tuesday, using a Standard Chartered credit card. That’s 12% off.

If you’re spending more (above $80), then shop on Sunday and Thursday. Using DBS/POSB or Citibank cards, you can get $10 off min spend $80, which equates to up to 12.5% off, instead of the 10% to 12% on other days.

Previously, the redemptions were limited by quantity. That means the promo codes were only for the first few hundred cardholders.

However, the T&Cs have since been revised. It is better now: currently, all Shopee accounts can make up to 1 redemption per month.


Daily GSS Shopee vouchers – refreshes daily

Shopee also has seasonal discounts from time to time, and you can check them on the Shopee voucher page here.

New promo codes are released at midnight daily, so you can just check the page before you check out – you know, just in case there’s a better flash sale promo code to use.

There are sitewide vouchers which can be used for any merchant on Shopee, as well as merchant-specific vouchers given by different brands. I took a quick look at today’s discounts, and found that most of them are effectively about 5% to 10% off, with either a min spend criteria or a discount cap.

There’s also a special cashback promotion going on, but it’s not really “cash back” per se. You get your “cash” rebates in Shopee coins, for use on your next purchase.


Do you like shopping on Shopee? Tell us in the comments below!


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