Open Taste, Culina, Huber’s and more — 11 places for wagyu beef and other premium meats

Open Taste, Culina, Huber's, Swiss Butchery and other gourmet butchers for wagyu beef, steaks and more

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking one’s teeth into a juicy steak, unless you’re vegan of course, which in that case, we’ve got alternatives for you too.  

After being stuck at home for so long during the circuit breaker and Phase 1, many of us must have honed our masterchef skills. There’s also no real need to rush out to steak restaurants and contribute to the crowd to satisfy our meat cravings. 

So we’ve compiled a list of gourmet butchers that offer delivery services. If you’re planning a carnivorous feast, these quality butchers will provide you with a plethora of premium meats — including grass-fed and free-range options — to delight the palates of your household. 

We’ve compared the popular ribeye cut and delivery fees of each store below.  

Gourmet butchers in Singapore for premium meats 

Butcher Product  Price per 100g Delivery fee
Open Taste Australian grass-fed beef ribeye $4.49

$17.99 (400g) 

$4.95, free for orders above $49
Huber’s Butchery Australian grass-fed angus ribeye $9.60  Free with minimum order of $100
Culina Beef ribeye  $8.77 (U.P. $9.75) $15, free for orders above $250 (after Club 21 member discount applied)
Swiss Butchery  Australian ribeye  $6.60 

$13.20 (200g)

$10, free for orders above $100
The Butcher  Grass-fed beef ribeye steak  $7.80

$15.60 (200g)

$15, free for orders above $100
Ryan’s Grocery Organic Hereford beef ribeye steak $8.90 

$22.25 (250g)

$10 with minimum order of $100, free for orders above $150
Sasha’s Fine Foods  Organic Aberdeen Angus Beef ribeye  $11.50 

$26.50 (230g)

$10, free for orders above $100 
Mmmm! Australian grass-fed ribeye  $6

$15 (250g) 

$20, free for orders above $100 
Oh Deli  Grass-fed ribeye  $6.39 $10, free for orders above $100
The Meat Club  Australian grass-fed ribeye  $8.28

$16.60 (250g)

$15, free for orders above $100 
The Fishwives Austraian grass-fed wagyu ribeye $9

$13.50 (150g)

$12, free for orders above $180

Open Taste

If you’re particular about the origins of your food, you’d probably already know about Open Taste, an ingenious online marketplace for fresh products, including farm-fresh meat. It’s essentially an online global farmer’s market that connects consumers with local farmers worldwide, from more than 200 farms and manufacturers.

Because of this, products are sold at wholesale prices. They’ve got a selection of organic grass-fed beef, including wagyu and black Angus varieties, available in different cuts such as ribeye, striploin and diced beef. You can also purchase in bulk to get more bang for your buck. Plus if you’re a premium member, you get free delivery on bulk orders. Otherwise, bulk orders are $4.95 for orders above $75, $6.95 below $75


Huber’s Butchery

22 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249679

Touted as one of Singapore’s quality sausage and meat suppliers, Huber’s Butchery provides consumers with a wide variety of premium meats from global sources. 

Wow yourself with the sheer assortment of meats and cold cuts ranging from kurobuta ham slices to Australian Angus beef. Fans of European game meat such as rabbit and quail will not be disappointed either. 

There’s also a selection of marinated meats and cured products — think jamon serrano, pancetta and prosciutto — for quicker prep. Moreover, you’d be pleased to know that around 90% of the meat products at Huber’s Butchery are growth hormone free. 

They do delivery only for orders of at least $100. At the point of purchase, you have to pay a $75 deposit. The balance amount will be charged to buyers’ credit cards on the day of home delivery.



15 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249675

Located just a stone’s throw from Huber’s Butchery, Culina’s Dempsey outlet houses a diverse selection of fresh meats and food products from countries like the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Culina boasts an ample selection of grain-fed, organic and grass-fed meat varieties that would delight your palate. It also offers additional services like helping customers prepare an oven-ready rolled roast and marination. 

Their products are also available in Fairprice Finest outlets. Otherwise, call their concierge service for delivery, which will be charged at $15 for orders below $250. 


Swiss Butchery 

30 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289230

One of the pioneers of gourmet butchers here, Swiss Butchery has partnered with Taste Singapore to offer a delectable array of quality aged beef, marinades and gourmet sausages from many regions, including Australia, the US and Singapore. 

Sausage lovers can look forward to a variety of around 80 sausage types, such as bratwurst and chorizo. If you don’t want to do too much prep, go for the marinated meats or skewers for a quicker cook. 


The Butcher

44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-50, Singapore 278116 / 81 Clemenceau Ave, UE Square #01-13, Singapore 239917

This butchery offers customers a premium selection of US and Aussie grass-fed and grain-fed beef, pork from Canada and Japan, free range Aussie pork, lamb, poultry, seafood and a deli section. Choose from a variety of cuts such as fillet mignon, kebabs, beef stroganoff and even lamb noisette. 

They’ve also got ready-to-cook meats, marinated BBQ meats and skewer packs for those who fancy having a grill party at home.


Ryan’s Grocery

29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831 / Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-144/145, Singapore 237994

Ryan’s Grocery claims to be Singapore’s most comprehensive organic meat provider with a full-service in-house and onsite butchery. Their speciality lies in catering to customers with dietary needs (gluten and allergen free) and they source organic ingredients from free range farms. Those who are especially conscious about their environmental footprint can even get a carbon neutral beef box.

Apart from meat, they’ve got a delicatessen filled with salami, air dried meat, cheese, dips, in addition to seafood, produce, dairy and regular supermarket items. Get your order in before 11am for next day delivery at $30.


Sasha’s Fine Foods

6 Chin Bee Ave, #10-05, Singapore 619930

Sasha’s Fine Foods is one of Singapore’s leading online grocery stores and is well-loved by loyal customers who are particular about where their food comes from. From free-roaming farms to tables, Sasha’s ensures that every stage of the food supply chain is transparent and traceable. They support small farms and source their meats from Australia, New Zealand as well as Wales, ensuring that products are hormone and antibiotic free. 

There’s a great selection of meat and fish from overseas and local producers, as well as dairy, produce and bakery products. 



5 Changi Business Park Central 1, B1-23, Singapore 486038

Selling gourmet products since 2006, Mmmm! has won customers with their hearty meat offerings. The beef selection contains Australian and Japanese Wagyu, Angus beef and USDA Prime available in different cuts. 

Besides beef, there’s a wide assortment of other meats such as Iberico pork, lamb and even spices and marinades to up your seasoning game. Hotpot lovers can choose from a variety of sliced shabu shabu and yakiniku meats (Iberico pork collar, Australian wagyu ribeye).


Oh Deli

421 East Coast Rd, Singapore 429008

Oh Deli is an all-in-one butchery, deli cafe and winery that aims to provide consumers with the finest selection of fresh (not frozen) Australian gourmet meat products air-flown straight from food producers and farmers down under. The founders hope to encourage the eating of clean and healthy meats among Singapore consumers while diversifying their culinary experiences. 

From fresh meats, gourmet sausages and cold cuts to fish, dairy, Aussie produce and pantry staples, they’ve got all you need for your culinary experience. 


The Meat Club

Fans of fresh Australian meat produce will be spoilt for choice as The Meat Club is another premium online butcher that offers top quality meat and proteins straight from Aussie suppliers to consumers in Singapore. 

Meat products are free from gluten, hormones and antibiotics. This butchery hopes to make grocery shopping a hassle-free experience for Singapore consumers and thus flies pre-packed Australian lamb and beef products in packaged portions.

Just as their name suggests, they’re a club, and you can register for the Auto-Pilot scheme which makes you eligible for Club Prices on products and placed on a subscription basis for either two or four weeks. 


The Fishwives

501 Bukit Timah Road #01-05B Cluny Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 259760

Don’t be misled by the name, as The Fishwives offers quality meats, fish, dairy, bread and even wine, from Australia and New Zealand. It prides itself on sourcing clean, sustainable products free from hormones, antibiotics and additives. 

Their butchery section has a veritable selection of premium grass-fed Australian wagyu, chilled and frozen beef, lamb, poultry, sausages and burger patties. Go for their Cape Grim beef, which comes from the north-western end of Tasmania, and is said to have the cleanest air in the world. 

While you’re shopping there, you’d want to fill your cart with some New Zealand King salmon or Yarra Valley caviar too.