10 Best Sex Shops in Singapore for Premium Sex Toys Like Tenga & Lelo

10 best sex shops in singapore

If the phrase “sex shop” brings to mind those creepy, darkened dens filled with gross-looking phalluses and leering old men – you know, the kind at Lucky Plaza or Bugis Street – well, it’s time for an update.

These days, there are actually sex shops that are clean, brightly lit, with professional staff.  More importantly, they sell reputable sex toy brands like Tenga and Lelo – not no-brand vibrators made of industrial waste and exploding battery.

Here are 10 sex shops in Singapore, online and offline, that are actually worth patronising. 


10 best sex shops in Singapore for premium sex toys

Sex shop Notable brands Prices
U4Ria / LoveisLove Tenga, Rends, Fifty Shades + many others $$ to $$$
Cherry Affairs Jimmyjane, Tenga, Fleshlight + many others $$ to $$$
Horny.sg Lelo, Fifty Shades, Tenga + many others $ to $$$
Love Love Notes Tenga, Lelo, We-Vibe, Jimmyjane + many others $ to $$$
Alice Maple Lelo, We-Vibe, Fun Factory $$ to $$$
Mimibox (vending machine) Tenga, Lovense, Easytoys $
Pink Lifestyle Boutique Lelo, Fifty Shades (+ lingerie) $$ to $$$
Watsons Vedo, Smile Makers, Tenga $ to $$
Don Don Donki Tenga (including Iroha) $ to $$
Maison Mika Lelo, We-Vibe (+ lingerie, bondage) $$$


U4Ria / LoveisLove

U4Ria is probably the best known of all the legit sex toy shops in Singapore, but be warned: The locations are a touch shady and it’s not the most pleasant shopping experience (a Google review describes their Peninsula Plaza shop as akin to a “chaotic stockroom”).

I highly recommend browsing U4Ria’s online store, called LoveisLove, before visiting. That’s a better way to digest their staggering array of sex toys. They have all the premium brands from Europe such as Lelo and We-Vibe, but what will probably get otakus turned on is the range of Japanese brands like Tenga and Rends.

After shortlisting the items you want, you can either visit the stores if you need to probe (not that way) their resident sex toy experts, or just get the goods discreetly delivered.

U4Ria locations:

  • 111 North Bridge Rd, #02-48 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (main outlet)
  • 220 Orchard Rd, #02-11A Midpoint Orchard, 238852
  • 777 Geylang Road, Singapore 389669


Cherry Affairs

Cherry Affairs is primarily an online sex shop, but they also operate a showroom in Ubi where you can shop in relative privacy. From the pictures, the showroom is a very nicely maintained, uncluttered space where you’re encouraged to look at and feel the sex toys.

The showroom does no justice to Cherry Affairs’ huge range of products though. Like U4Ria, they’re known for a seriously impressive product range, especially for artificial vaginas of the Tenga and Fleshlight variety.

For best results, browse their online store and book a showroom appointment to ask for the specific product(s) you’d like to view. Note that the showroom is only open from Mon to Fri, 2pm to 7pm only.

Cherry Affairs location:

  • 10 Ubi Crescent, UBI Techpark, #06-13, Singapore 408564



You probably don’t want to be caught by your boss or significant other browsing a site titled like this – sounds like some Sammyboy forum spinoff – but in spite of its name, Horny.sg actually stocks a lot of premium sex toy brands.

These include the ever-popular European and Japanese brands like Lelo and Tenga, and they also have a good range of the official Fifty Shades Freed (yes, based on the book/movie) BDSM toys. There’s just a toy of every imaginable type on the site, and they even do classes and workshops.

The store itself looks clean and professional, somewhat like a hair salon selling different kinds of tools and products. The only drawback is that the one store is in a slightly ulu location.

Horny.SG location:

  • 756 Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, #01-21 , Singapore 534626


Love Love Notes

While the previous 3 sex toy shops emporiums cater to both men and women, Love Love Notes is a more female-centric sex shop with a big range of branded, premium toys.

For those concerned about the country of origin of… well, whatever it is they’re putting on/in their bodies, Love Love Notes lists the countries of most of the featured brands on their homepage (“Fun Factory from Germany” or “Je Joue Vibrators from London” for example).

They’ve got the popular premium toy brands such as Lelo, We-Vibe and Jimmyjane, but you can also discover less mainstream brands that are a lot more affordable. For example, Doc Johnson and PicoBong vibrators cost about $50 to $80, much cheaper than the aforementioned big brands would set you back at least $120 to $200.

Unfortunately, there’s no showroom to browse, but at least you don’t have to traipse down to Ubi at lunch hour to collect your item – their office is right in the middle of the CBD.

Love Love Notes location:

  • 133 Cecil Street, #05-01A, Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535


Alice Maple

Even though it’s one of the top-rated sex shops in Singapore on Google, the innocent-sounding Alice Maple doesn’t look or sound anything like one.

The Lucky Plaza store is quite large and airy, with an atas vibe – more “Bang & Olufsen showroom” than “XXX SHOP”. The merchandise is nicely curated and you won’t find tacky-looking artificial genitalia in your face here.

Run by a Singaporean husband-and-wife team, Alice Maple is aimed squarely at the well-heeled crowd – especially women and couples. They really know their stuff and sell only top brands, and only “body-safe materials such as silicone, with no strange chemicals”.

Better still, the sex toys sold here – which tend to be from expensive brands like Lelo and We-Vibe – come with warranties, and they are known for extremely good after-sales service.

The best thing is that it’s open on weekends too, and for the extremely shy, it’s also possible to arrange private visits.

Alice Maple location:

  • 304 Orchard Road, #01-101 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863


Mimibox (vending machine)

On the other end of the budget spectrum is Mimibox, the new 24-hour sex toy vending machine store in Geylang. Despite the seedy location, the shop itself is pleasantly innocent-looking, almost like a UFO Catcher shop. This Google review describes it perfectly:

“Neat, tidy and super bright, dun feel like the usual adult shops where everything is dim dim like you doing something wrong.”

The selection is necessarily limited, but they focus on affordable regional brands like Tenga (of course) and Lovense (couple toys from Hong Kong). Several reviewers have mentioned affordability as well – you can find many options under $50 here, which is a steal by sex toy standards.

You can browse the selection of toys at your leisure. It’s completely unmanned and 24 hours, so no pressure at all. Payment is done by cash, so there’s complete anonymity.

Mimibox location:

  • 340 Geylang Rd, #01-18 Le Regal, Singapore 389365


Pink Lifestyle Boutique

A lot of sex toy shoppers are women these days, so it’s no surprise that shops like Pink Lifestyle Boutique exist. It’s a lingerie and sex toy shop that is solely dedicated to making women feel comfortable. It definitely doesn’t look like a seedy sex shop. From the outside, it looks like a Japanese lingerie store, and the inside has a Sasa-ish vibe.

Though mainly specialising in lingerie, there’s also a selection of upmarket sex toys (Lelo, Fifty Shades Freed), personal lubricants, and accessories.

Pink Lifestyle Boutique location:

  • 8 Liang Seah Street, Liang Seah Court, 01-02, 189029



Whoa, I had no idea that you could stock up on sex toys together with wet wipes and body lotion (not suggesting they should be used in conjunction) at Watsons now.

And no, I’m not talking about the Foreo range of massagers – those are for washing your face. Watsons actually carries Tenga/Iroha products, as well as brands like Vedo, OhhhBunny and Smile Makers.

While the latter brands are kind of unknown, they’re all pretty well-designed – mostly discreet enough to pass off as generic electronic gadgets. Prices are really low too. The Lelo-like Vedo range, for example, is competitively priced from $40 to $60 for most toys, while the Smile Makers range of vibrators costs $64.95 a pop.

You’re probably not going to find a whole bunch of these on the shelves right next to the eye drops, but you can order online and opt for delivery / click & collect (free with a minimum spend).


Don Don Donki

The Japanese discount store Don Don Donki famously caused an uproar when it first opened and started selling Tenga sex toys along with Doraemon stuffed toys and chicken karaage.

After getting all that flak from citizens concerned about preserving the moral fibre of impressionable Singaporean shoppers, Donki was supposed to have pulled the offending items from their shelves, but I saw them recently at the 100AM outlet, so there’s hope yet.

Don’t get too excited though – it’s no M’s (the famous 7-storey sex shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) – just a small, unmarked aisle of totally innocuous-looking “eggs”.

I also saw a few Iroha products when I was there – that’s Tenga’s sister line of design-forward, ultra-discreet vibrators – but definitely not the full range. You’ll have to go to one of the major online sex shops for that. Still, if you’re looking for a quick fix late at night…

Don Don Donki locations:

  • 100 Tras St, Level 2 & 3 100AM Singapore 079027

Also has outlets at Orchard Central, City Square and Square 2, but I’m not sure if they carry sex toys.


Maison Mika

Though it lacks a physical store, I wanted to include Maison Mika because it has a unique, Agent Provocateur-ish vibe. They have a line of sexy lingerie called La Vie Nue, and the sex toy selection here is decidedly upmarket – there’s even a section called “Vibrators for Connoisseurs”.

You don’t get anything close to a full range here, but if you’re looking for curation, this is it. In addition to sex toys that look like something out of a design magazine, they also stock light bondage gear and accessories.

Currently Maison Mika is purely online, which is not great if you want to see and feel the products. They do have a return policy but it’s only for new in box items (naturally).

Have we missed out your favourite place to buy affordable toys? Tell us in the comments!