Cheap Chalets Singapore (2019) – Downtown East, Changi and SAFRA Chalet Booking from $103 Per Night

cheap chalets in singapore

Hands up those of you with fond memories of June or December holidays spent staying at a chalet in Singapore, whiling away the afternoons cycling at East Coast Park. Later on, in secondary school, classes would rent chalets during the holidays to celebrate the end of the ‘N’ or ‘O’ levels. And who hasn’t been invited to a 21st birthday party at a chalet?

Cheap chalets in Singapore are popular especially among teenagers because for the price equivalent of a night in a downtown hotel, you can potentially get a night in a large bungalow by the seaside.

After dividing the price among a group of 20-30 people, a chalet staycation can be as cheap as $10 per person per night… provided that some don’t mind sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag.

But young punks don’t have the exclusive rights to cheap staycations in bungalow-sized chalets. If you’re itching for a staycation, these chalets are a cost-effective option.


Top 5 cheap chalets in Singapore

Chalets in Singapore Price per night
Price per night
D’Resort @ Downtown East $102.70 $180
CSC @ Changi I $225 $405
NSRCC Chalet $226.84 $487.92
The Chevrons Chalet $220 $280
Aranda Country Club $400 $580
  • Peak: Dec 2019
  • Off-peak: April 2020
  • All prices quoted are for the cheapest available rooms, for the general public (non-members).
  • Prices can fall below the quoted off-peak price if the resort is not able to rent out the rooms close to the date.
  • Prices can rise above normal peak pricing during school holidays and public holidays.


D’Resort @ Downtown East (off-peak prices from $103 per night)

This Pasir Ris chalet is located in the Downtown East Area, which is perfect if your goal is to go cycling at East Coast Park or rub shoulders with some of the local gangs in the area (just kidding, there are kid-friendly activities to do too, such as Wild Wild Wet).

Unlike the East Coast chalets of yore, D’Resort actually looks somewhat modern. However, most of their rooms are more like regular hotel suites than chalets. So, if you book the cheapest room, you won’t be able to accommodate more than two people.

The Rainforest Room starts from $180 per night in December 2019 (peak-period), but can go as low as $102.70 during non-peak seasons.

They have family themed rooms with a queen bed and a bunk bed starting from $280.50 per night in December 2019. Cots are available too, which is perfect for families with young babies. Last we checked, rooms are limited. Call in to check available dates.

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Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close Singapore 519599

Tel: 6582 3322


CSC @ Changi (off-peak prices from $225 per night)

CSC stands for Civil Service Club, but to the majority of Singaporeans who aren’t in the civil service, they’re still good places for cheap chalets, bowling and KTV.

They operate two chalets in Changi, CSC Changi I and CSC Changi II, previously known as Aloha Changi chalet. The cheapest chalets are at Changi I. Changi II operates mainly cottages and seafront chalets which are pricier. The CSC also operates the Aloha Loyang chalet.

Many of these chalets have an actual view of the sea and, while simply furnished, are very spacious, and a decent starting point if you wish to explore the Changi area.

If you are a civil servant, you get discounted rates, woohoo! Check out the price list on the official CSC website.

Do note that the public must book chalets up to 60 days, which means you can’t plan ahead for more than 2 months.


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Address: 2 Netheravon Road Singapore 508503 / 30 Netheravon Road 508522

Tel: 6545 2859


NSRCC Chalet (off-peak prices from $227 per night)

These bungalows can only be booked by current and past NS men who have signed up as members of NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club).

The prices quoted are for members of the public, and while the rates are already quite affordable, NSRCC members get further discounts ($115 off-peak, $278 peak).

NSRCC members also have priority and can book up to 6 months in advance, rather than the usual 5. This means that it may be hard to get a slot during peak period for non-NSRCC members.

But it’s probably more worth it to get it during off-peak period anyway because the price difference is quite huge between off-peak and peak periods, almost double.

Other than NSRCC members, SAFRA members and NS men also get preferential rates, while ordinary Singapore citizens pay less than non-citizens. The prices quoted in the table are for ordinary Singapore citizens.

To be honest, this SAFRA chalet looks pretty sweet. They’re super spacious, equipped with nice, big windows that offer green views that most of us don’t get at home, and the design and décor are pleasant and tasteful. This makes it very tempting to persuade the men in your household to go sign up for an NSRCC membership.

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Address: 10 Changi Coastal Walk Singapore 499739

Tel: 6542 8288


The Chevrons Chalet (off-peak prices from $220 per night)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Unlike all the other chalets on this list, the Chevrons Chalet is indeed located in the west, proving (sort of) that easties aren’t the only one who can claim that their end of the island is best.

The Chevrons is a club for SAF warrant officers and specialists who get special rates (from $120/night, off peak), but members of the public can book their double-storey chalets too.

Each chalet enjoys access to and views of the swimming pool, and is also equipped with a mahjong table, although you have to bring your own tiles.

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Address: 48 Boon Lay Way Singapore 609961

Tel: 6668 8896


Aranda Country Club (off-peak prices from $400 per night)

One of Aranda Country Club’s biggest draws is that they’ve got a Ten Dollar Club KTV lounge on the premises. By renting one of their rooms, you’ll get to stumble to bed right after a drunken Jay Chou warbling session.

And because it’s also a Downtown East chalet, you’ll also get to enjoy the sun, sand and sea in the daytime. The chalet is also located right next to Wild Wild Wet.

You get discounted rates if you are a member of Aranda Country Club or NTUC. The full price list is listed on the Aranda website.

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Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3 Singapore 519497

Tel: 6584 6811


Booking chalets in Singapore

When making a chalet booking in Singapore, check if the chalet has placed listings on sites like or, where you might be able to get discounted rates, especially for last-minute bookings. There are also promo codes and credit card promotions on Agoda you can take advantage of.

Right now, both Aranda Country Club and D’resort have listings on Agoda.

Have you ever stayed at any of the above chalets? Share your experiences in the comments.


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