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SPC Petrol Discounts in Singapore – Which Credit Card is Best?

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One of the most commonly known cards for SPC discounts in Singapore was the POSB Everyday Card. However, since their discounts are slated to expire on 30th June this year and SPC’s launch of new partnerships with UOB and Amex, everyone’s been going for the newer cards. Take a look at our list and you’ll know why:

AMEX Platinum Credit Card UOB One Card POSB Everyday Card
SPC&U Card Discount 10% 10% 10%
Card Discount 5% 5%


5% (every $51 nett spend)

Card Rebate

(applies after all discounts)

7.1% 5% 6%
Total Discount 21% 24% 20.1%

Best for total savings

UOB One Card

UOB One Card

UOB One Card

Card Benefits

    • At SPC Stations, up to 24% savings on fuel purchases
    • At Shell Stations, up to 20.8% savings on fuel purchases

    There is a lot of hoops to jump through for this one. Basically, this is how that additional 5% cash rebate is counted in:

    You charge a minimum of $2,000 consistently each month to the UOB One card using 3 or more purchases. Then, UOB will give you a cash rebate of $300 at the end of a quarter. $300 is 5% of the total of the $6,000 spent at the end of 3 months (a quarter). Otherwise, even if you only spent $500 or $1,000 per month, you’ll get a 3.33% of your total quarter spend with the same conditions. Which is still quite substantial lah.

    You’ll also have to swee swee pump your petrol till it’s $60 (before any discount deduction) to enjoy the $3 off. Or at least separate your tank pumping to 2 transactions. Eg: Your petrol costs $130.90, split them into $60 and $70.90 transactions.

    But hey, doesn’t change the fact that they do top all the other cards on our list with a high total savings of 24%. You want something, then you make it work you know? $500 a month is not a lot if you consider what you spend on in a month lah.


    Best for no frills discounts

    American Express Platinum Card(s)

    American Express Platinum Credit Card

    American Express Platinum Credit Card

    Card Benefits

      • Get 5X Membership points at Platinum EXTRA Partner like Lee Hwa Jewellery, TungLok Signatures and Watches of Switzerland
      • Eligible for use with Apple Pay
      • 90-days return guarantee, return almost any purchase made in Singapore for a refund up to S$800 per item
      • Redeem vouchers with points at various shops including Dorothy Perkins, TOPSHOP, Ben Sherman, Robinsons, Isetan, OG, Courts and many more

      You might be wondering why there isn’t much mention of petrol benefits in the description there. That’s ‘cause it’s only available for the first 15,000 registered applicants. But the SPC discounts offered by the AMEX Platinum Credit Card is so good, it made our list anyway.

      Currently, Amex Platinum credit card holders get to enjoy a instant discount of 7.1% after the deduction of the usual 15% instant discounts you usually get at the counter. That’s a total of over 21% of total savings- the second highest on our list of SPC cards. And there’s no need for any spending tiers.


      POSB Everyday Card

      POSB Everyday Card

      POSB Everyday Card

      Card Benefits

        • Up to 20.1% savings on petrol at SPC
        • 5% discount from any DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card (except DBS Esso MasterCard) + 10% SPC&U Card discount + 6% POSB Everyday Card cash rebate*
        • *6% cash rebate applies on the final charge amount, after any applicable discounts. 6% cash rebate promotion valid till 31 Mar 2018

        The POSB Everyday card comes in third on our list for total savings at 20.1%. Like the American Express Platinum card(s), there’s no minimum spending or any caps required for the 6% rebate. The only difference is that these discounts are slated to end 30th June 2017. However, a quick call-in to POSB’s hotline got me a cute customer service office who told me that the bank may extend their promotion, so be sure to check with POSB first.


        Other Cards with SPC Discounts

        Besides the above mentioned, you may also consider using other UOB credit cards to help you with your SPC petrol discounts, especially if you plan to take advantage of the card’s other benefits like dining privileges or air miles. Alternatively, just apply for another credit card. Most people keep multiple cards for that reason. Find the best credit card in Singapore for your lifestyle choices today.


        Do you pump petrol at SPC? Do you have any other tips and tricks we might have missed out? Let us know.


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