Best Petrol Credit Card for Caltex Petrol Discounts in Singapore 2020 – Which Credit Card is Best?

caltex petrol station discounts

Okay, we’ll be honest, Caltex isn’t exactly the most popular petrol brand in Singapore, as their petrol is on the pricey side. But they make up for it by linking up with some of the best petrol credit cards in Singapore that offer unusually generous discounts.

Here are our top picks for the best Caltex petrol credit cards in the land.

OCBC 365 Card Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World MasterCard phased out Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card
Station discount 5% 5% 5%
Card and Caltex loyalty card discounts 11% 11% 11%
Card rebate (applies after all discounts) 5% (min. spend $800/mth)

+$10 ($300 nett fuel spend/mth)

5% +

3% MANHATTAN cashback (min. spend $3,000)

Total discount 23% 22.6% 21.5%

*For 98-octane petrol.


Best for high petrol consumption – OCBC 365 Credit Card

OCBC logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
High Spend on Dining
Cashback on Everyday Dining
with min. spend of $1,600 per month
Unlock up to $160 Cashback
with min. spend of $800 per month
$80 Cashback per month
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Earn 1,890 SmartPoints or S$200 Cash via PayNow when you apply and spend a min. of S$500 in qualifying spends within 30 days from card approval date. T&Cs apply.
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Valid until 25 Jun 2024

No matter how high a discount a Caltex petrol credit card gives you, it’s useless if you’re pumping so much petrol that you hit the cashback ceiling.

The OCBC 365 is an excellent option for people who consume huge amounts of petrol every month, like Grab/Uber drivers and real estate agents. Their cashback cap is $80 a month, and the card gets up to 23% off your petrol.

Here’s how the card works. You receive a 16% station and loyalty card discount if you’re pumping 98-octane petrol, or 14% if you’re pumping 95-octane or 92-octane petrol. When you pay with your OCBC 365 Credit Card, you’ll receive an extra 5% off at the counter.

At the end of the month, you’ll receive 5% cashback on the amount charged on petrol together with your account statement if you manage to meet the minimum spending requirements for the month.

The minimum spending requirement is $800 a month, but if you’re spending so much on petrol you’re that you need such a high cashback cap, meeting it should not be a problem.

What’s more, you’ll also receive $10 rebate per month if you have spent a minimum of $300 nett at Caltex within a Calendar month. (You don’t need to meet the minimum spending requirement of $800 a month to qualify for this.)

This card’s greatest strength is the fact that it’s not just an excellent Caltex petrol credit card, it’s also a great all-round cashback card. You can also use the card for other stuff, such as dining, groceries, online shopping and telco bills, all of which will get you 3% cashback. Everyday dining gets you 6% cashback.

Savings on petrol depending on your expenditure and petrol consumption:

$400 worth of 98-octane petrol $100 worth of 98-octane petrol $400 worth of 95-octane petrol $100 worth of 95-octane petrol $100 worth of 95-octane petrol
Station/Loyalty card discount 16% 16% 14% 14% 14%
Monthly expenditure Over $800 Over $800 Over $800 Over $800 Under $800
$400 worth of petrol $336 $84 $344 $86 $86
5% of cash rebate on nett petrol spend $16.80 $4.2 $17.20 $4.3
Extra cashback for hitting $300 nett spend on fuel $10 $10
Total savings 22.7% 20.2% 20.8% 18.3% 14%


Best for other benefits – Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World Mastercard Phased out

Overall, the Manhattan Card also gets you a pretty sweet discount at Caltex petrol station.

Other than the 16% (for 98-octane fuel) or 14% (for other fuel types) station/Plus! loyalty card discounts, you also get a 5% rebate on your petrol spending when your statement arrives if you spend at least $600 in a month, as well as another 3% MANHATTAN cashback if you spend at least $3,000 in a month. If you spend under $3,000 but at least $1,000, you get 1% MANHATTAN cashback. Spend less than $1,000 and your MANHATTAN cashback falls to 0.5%. The maximum rebate you can receive is 22.6%.

Cashback tiers for the Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World Mastercard

Monthly expenditure Cashback Cashback cap per quarter
Below $1000 0.50% Capped at $200
$1000 to $2999.99 1% Capped at $200
$3,000 and above 3% Capped at $200

While this card may not look as generous at the Stanchart Visa Infinite Card we reviewed above, the main advantage is that if you meet the minimum spending requirements, you can get MANHATTAN cashback on all your spending. So if you have decided to make this your main card, you can use your petrol spending to help you hit the monthly spending requirements.

Savings on petrol depending on your expenditure and petrol consumption:

$200 worth of 98-octane petrol $200 worth of 98-octane petrol $200 worth of 95-octane petrol $200 worth of 95-octane petrol
Station/Loyalty card discount 16% ($32) 16% ($32)  14% ($28) 14% ($28) 
Total monthly expenditure charged to credit card $3,000+ $1,200 $700 $300
Nett fuel spend $168 $168 $172 $172
Cash rebate 5% ($8.40) 5% ($8.40) 5% ($8.60)
MANHATTAN rebate 3% ($5.04) 1% ($1.68) 0.5% ($0.86) 0.5% ($0.86)
Total savings 22.72% 21.04% 18.73% 14.43%


Best for fuss-free spending — Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card 

The great thing about owning the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is that there is no minimum spend. The mechanics of the card is super simple: 1.5% cashback on all local spend.

This makes it great as a a secondary card. If you already own a great cashback card that gives you 8% to 10% on specific categories like dining and groceries, but that card does not cover petrol specifically, you can apply for SC Unlimited Card as your “petrol” card at Caltex.

You get 16% station and loyalty card discounts and 10.8% off nett fuel spend, rounding up your total fuel discount to 21.5% for 98-octane petrol.

Savings on $200 worth of 98-octane petrol:

Monthly expenditure $168 $500
Station and loyalty card discount 16% 16%
$200 worth of 98-octane petrol $168 $168
Cash rebate (applies after all discounts) 10.8% ($18.14) 10.8%
Maximum petrol savings 21.5% 21.5%

Savings on $200 worth of 95-octane petrol:

Monthly expenditure $168 $500
Station and loyalty card discount 14% 14%
$200 worth of 95-octane petrol $172 $172
Cash rebate (applies after all discounts) 10.8% ($18.58) 10.8% ($18.58)
Maximum petrol savings 23.29% 23.29%

Sign up for the SC Unlimited Credit Card before 29 Feb 2020, you get a sign-up bonus of $120 instant cash via PayNow and $80 cash rebate. If you miss this promotion, check out MoneySmart for the latest one.


Other cards with Caltex discounts

Of course, besides the above mentioned credit cards, there are other cards from the same banks that offer discounts for Caltex petrol too. If you’re curious, you might want to check out other cards from Standard Chartered, HSBC, and OCBC. Especially if you’re planning to take advantage of your expenditure for benefits like dining privileges or travel discounts.

Do you pump petrol at Caltex? Do you have any other tips and tricks we might have missed out? Let us know.


Image credit: Daniel Go via Flickr