Earn KrisFlyer Miles Fast – 7 Best Krisflyer Miles Card Welcome Promotions in Singapore

krisflyer miles - best credit card promotions for miles

Unless you hemorrhage money every month, earning Krisflyer Miles or Asia Miles with your regular credit card spending is a tedious and long-drawn affair. So what’s the fastest way to earn miles instead?

The answer is to get an air miles card with welcome miles, i.e. a nice fat bunch of miles you get just for signing up, spending a minimum amount, or paying the annual fee. Let’s take a look at the best credit cards for clocking up miles fast.


Best Krisflyer welcome bonus miles promotions in Singapore (2020)

Air miles card Welcome bonus Requirements
Citi PremierMiles Card 40,000 miles New to Citi + spend $9,000 within 3 months + pay annual fee (S$192.60)
DBS Altitude Card 38,000 miles New to DBS + spend $6,000 within 3 months + pay annual fee (S$192.60) 
Amex KrisFlyer Ascend Card 32,000 miles New to Amex + spend $10,000 within 3 months + pay annual fee (S$176.55)
(Applying for 2 Supplementary Cards + refer a friend gets you 42,500 in total)
Standard Chartered X Card  30,000 miles  Pay annual fee ($695.50) 
Amex KrisFlyer Card 18,000 miles New to Amex + spend $5,000 within 3 months
(Applying for 2 Supplementary Cards + refer a friend gets you 26,000 in total)
Amex Rewards Card 13,250 miles Spend $1,500 within 3 months + pay annual fee (S$53.50)
UOB KrisFlyer Card 3,000 miles

Want to know where 40,000 miles can take you? No need to mess with mind-boggling charts — find out quickly and easily with KrisFlyer miles redemption calculator.


Citi PremierMiles — 40,000 miles with $9,000 spent

Citibank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Earn S$1 = 3 miles on local travel spend*
Local Spend
S$1 = Up to 1.2 Miles
All Foreign Currency Spend including Retail and Online
S$1 = 2 Miles
Selected Online Hotel Bookings
S$1 = Up to 10 Miles
MoneySmart Exclusive:

Apply and spend $500 to get the NEW 10.2 inch Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB (worth $499) OR the Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (worth $379) OR $350 Cash via PayNow! T&Cs apply

Valid until 17 Jan 2022

There seems to be a bit of a “miles war” going on here, with Citibank also getting in on the action.

For new to Citi customers, you can get 40,000 miles if you hit the minimum spend of $9,000 in the first 3 months. You also need to pay the annual fee, otherwise you get just 13,500 miles, which is dramatically less.

If you’re an existing Citibank card holder, the promo is significantly less attractive: 10,000 miles if you spend $3,000 within 3 months and pay the annual fee. (There’s no option to waive the annual fee if you want those miles, sadly.)


DBS Altitude Card — 38,000 miles with $6,000 spent

DBS logo
Online Promo
Earn Miles That Never Expire
Local Spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Staycation bookings
S$1 = 10 Miles
Online Promo:
Get up to 38,000 Miles with promo code ALTAF and spend a minimum of S$6,000 to your card in 90 days from card approval date. Valid till 31 January 2022. T&Cs apply.
Valid until 31 Jan 2022

DBS Altitude is one of the most popular beginner air miles as it has an entry-level minimum income requirement and the miles don’t expire.

If you’re one of those rare creatures who’s never owned a DBS / POSB credit card before, you can take advantage of their very generous promotion: A whopping 38,000 miles if you spend $6,000 within 3 months and pay the annual fee. That’s a better deal than some of its other competitors on this list.

  • Sign-up bonus: 10,000 miles (5,000 DBS points)
  • Annual fee bonus: 10,000 miles (5,000 DBS points)
  • Spend requirement: 18,000 miles. Spend $6,000 to the card within the first 90 days from card approval ($1 = 3 miles for online flight and hotel transactions)

If you’re averse to paying the annual fee, you can opt for the regular first year fee waiver, and you get 28,000 miles instead. Take note that $1=3 mile earn rate is for flights and hotels, so you might want to apply for it right before a vacation!

So you decide if you want to pay that $192.60 for those extra miles.


Amex KrisFlyer Ascend — 32,000 miles with $10,000 spent

American Express logo
Convenience & Perks for Frequent Flyers
Local Spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Grab rides
S$1 = 3.2 Miles

Amex KrisFlyer Ascend, the premium version of the entry-level Amex KrisFlyer card, used to have the best welcome miles promotion. It still offers an impressive “up to” 42,500 miles, but there are more actions required than other cards.

Charging $10,000 in the first 3 months nets you 32,000 miles. 5,000 (first charge) + 15,000 (spend $10,000) + 12,000 ($1 = 1.2 miles).

You get an additional 1,500 KrisFlyer miles each for the first 2 approved supplementary cards and 7,500 miles when you successfully refer a friend, so effectively, you can earn up to 42,500 miles in total.

Getting supplementary cards when you don’t need them and having to sell the card to your friend aren’t really that fun. Plus, the Amex KrisFlyer Ascend has got the highest spending requirement of them all ($10,000 leh, no joke) and you have to pay the hefty annual fee of $337.05. The annual fee for a supplementary card is $80.25. 

Take note that the minimum income requirement is $50,000 a year.

If you apply through MoneySmart, you get the welcome offer of one complimentary night’s stay at Village Hotel Sentosa worth up to $360++. The condition is that you have to spend a minimum of $1,000 on eligible expenses within the first month.


Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X Card — 30,000 miles upon annual fee payment

Standard Chartered logo
Frequent Travellers
on Local Spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
on Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Welcome Gift
30,000 Miles

The Standard Chartered X Card would have topped this list with its insane first launch promo of 60,000 miles for a minimum spend of $6,000 plus annual fee.

But this number has since dropped to 30,000 miles. Considering the annual fee of $695.50 including GST, though, this welcome bonus is quite disappointing.

It also has a minimum income requirement of $80,000 a year, which means it’s only for affluent individuals.

But, if you do have the ability to apply for it, you can get an additional 100,000 air miles when you sign up for Stan Chart priority banking and drop a minimum of $300,000 in fresh funds into your savings account. That’s some serious dough!


Amex KrisFlyer Card — 18,000 miles with $5,000 spent

American Express logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Convenience & Perks for Frequent Flyers
Local Spend
S$1 = 1.1 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Grab rides
S$1 = 3.1 Miles
MoneySmart Exclusive:

Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (worth $228) or $180 cash via PayNow when you apply and spend on your card!

Valid until 31 Jan 2022

The entry-level sister card of the Amex KrisFlyer Ascend Card is also offering a very generous welcome promotion (also an exclusive via MoneySmart) of 23,000 miles with $5,000 spent in the first 6 months. So you might want to sign up for this if you’re anticipating some major expenses.

By spending $5,000 within the first 3 months, you get 18,000 miles. 5,000 miles for the first charge to the card, a bonus 7,500 miles for hitting minimum spend and 5,500 miles based on $1 = 1.1 miles.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can get up to 26,000 miles by applying for 2 supplementary cards (1,500 miles each) and referring a friend (5,000 miles).

While the requirements to earn bonus miles have become more restricted, you still get a good deal with AMEX KrisFlyer because the annual fee is automatically waived for the first year. This means you’re getting those miles for “free”.

But note that, just like the Amex KrisFlyer Ascend, this card only lets you accrue KrisFlyer Miles – you don’t have the choice to swap them for anything else. Then again, you save on conversion fees and lead time.


Amex Rewards Card — 13,250 miles with $1,500 spent

Those who are serious about playing the miles game know that, often, rewards cards are a much faster way to earn miles.

Amex’s little rewards credit card hardly gets any love, which is why I’m particularly gleeful about sharing this deal – you only need to spend $1,500 in 3 months to get bonus miles. Pretty attainable, right?

Hit the minimum spend and Amex will give you 24,000 Membership Rewards Points, which you can convert to 13,250 miles on one of Amex’s many frequent flyer programmes, including KrisFlyer.

Note you need to pay the annual fee of $53.50 though, unless you can wheedle a fee waiver out of Amex.


UOB KrisFlyer Credit Card — 3,000 welcome miles on first transaction

UOB logo
High Miles Earn Rate
Local Spend
S$1 = 1.4 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2.4 Miles
Selected Online Hotel and Flight bookings
S$1 = 6 Miles

UOB has stopped offering generous welcome miles promotions with its 2 miles cards — the UOB PRVI Miles Card and new UOB KrisFlyer Credit Card. Instead, the bank is dangling a $100 cashback promotion for new signups.

If you want welcome miles, the UOB KrisFlyer Credit Card gets you 3,000 welcome miles on your first transaction of at least $5. But that’s about it.

Have you ever gotten bonus miles from your credit card? Share your experiences with us in the comments!