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petrol credit card
3 Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore
This article isn’t about where to pump the cheapest petrol in Singapore. No matter if you go to Esso, Shell, ...
13 January 2019
Best Credit Cards for Entertainment in Singapore
The Best Credit Cards for Entertainment in Singapore 2019
While there are a million ways to entertain yourself for free on the internet – like reading bo liao subreddits, ...
8 January 2019
UOB DBS OCBC Rewards catalogue
UOB Rewards vs DBS Rewards vs OCBC Rewards – Which Catalogue Is Best?
When it comes to picking a rewards credit card, the most important factor is the credit card rewards catalogue. ...
17 December 2018
cashless contactless payments NETS Flashpay Credit Card Samsung Pay Apple Pay
Best Cashback Credit Cards For PayWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Other Cashless Payments
Remember all those coins you used to stash in your piggy bank when you were a kid? Well, they’re pretty ...
13 December 2018
year end bonus 2018
5 Frivolous Things To Blow Your Year End Bonus On (& The Best Credit Cards To Use)
I bet you that when most Singaporeans cheer about Christmas, not all are actually enthusiastic about the ...
4 December 2018
late credit card payments singapore
5 Ways to Deal With Late Payment Fees on Your Credit Card
Credit cards are useful for getting cash back rebates and free air miles for your expenditure. They’re ...
30 November 2018
credit score cbs report
3 Ways You Unknowingly Hurt Your Credit Score on Your CBS Report
Managing your credit score is a huge responsibility. Even if you think that you’re the most conscientious ...
20 November 2018
BOC Sheng Siong Card Review
BOC Sheng Siong Card Review: Up to 12% Cashback at Sheng Siong
We all know cooking at home instead of eating out is the best way to save money and stave off diabetes ...
5 October 2018
5 UOB YOLO Card Benefits and Promotions You Need to Know About in 2018
5 UOB YOLO Card Benefits and Promotions You Need to Know About in 2018
Since it was introduced in 2017, the UOB YOLO Card has become the best credit card in Singapore for weekend ...
The Highest Cashback Rates You Can Get Using Singapore Credit Cards
The Highest Cashback Rates You Can Get Using Singapore Credit Cards
Of all the different types of credit card perks, we have a soft spot for cashback. After all, in a land ...
17 May 2018
standard chartered rewards credit card
The New Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card – A Lifestyle Rewards Card That Can Earn You Up to 10X Rewards Points
This post was written in collaboration with Standard Chartered. While we are financially compensated by ...
10 May 2018
hidden credit card transaction fees
Credit Card Transaction Fees You Probably Don’t Know You’re Paying
When you get a credit card, you’ll also receive a book of terms and conditions. But you will need some ...
26 April 2018
0 interest instalment payment plan
0% Interest Instalment Payment Plans: What Your Bank Isn’t Telling You
That iPhone X you’ve been eyeing could be yours at an easily manageable monthly instalment! Without interest! ...
24 April 2018
how to choose a cashback credit card
What to Look Out For When Choosing a Cashback Credit Card
When you first discover that some credit cards offer you rebates when you spend money, a cashback credit ...
3 April 2018
How to Apply for Credit Cards in Singapore – The Complete Guide
How to Apply for Credit Cards in Singapore – The Complete Guide
You’ve gotten your first month’s salary and now you’re feeling like you have the power to do anything. ...
13 March 2018
best cash rebates for dining and entertainment
The Best Cash Rebates for Dining and Entertainment in Singapore – This Is The Credit Card to Get
What is the Singaporean definition of the good life? Dining at nice restaurants and having fun in the company ...
1 February 2018
uob lady's card shopping singapore
Spend the Holidays with UOB Lady’s Card – 3 Good Reasons Why You Should
It’s been almost 30 years of “the men don’t get it”, and in terms of shopping, wellness, beauty and fitness, ...
credit card charge disputes
Credit Card Charge Disputes – 5 Things Singaporeans Should be Aware of Before Making One
Many people don’t know why it’s better to use a credit card than a debit card, especially because credit ...
6 December 2017
The Best Credit Cards for Weekend Dining
The Best Credit Cards for Weekend Dining
For many of us, after a long week at work chained to our desks, the weekend is the only thing we look forward ...
24 November 2017
5 Big Lifestyle Changes That Are Now Normal For Singaporeans
5 Big Lifestyle Changes That Are Now Normal For Singaporeans
We’ve come a long way since the days when we had to record our favourite TV shows on our cable TV set top ...
16 November 2017
best 3 frequent flyer credit card singapore
The Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore for Frequent Flyers
Ask any Singaporean what their dreams are, and travelling the world is bound to come up at least 80% of ...
23 October 2017
credit card buying alcohol
3 Situations Where You Should Not Use Your Credit Card, No Matter How Many Rewards Points You Can Earn
We here at MoneySmart are big fans of using credit cards to pay for anything and everything. Using cards ...
5 October 2017
unlimited cashback credit card hsbc advance
Is Unlimited Cashback Overrated? Consider This Credit Card Instead
Cashback credit cards are the preferred type of credit card for Singaporeans. This shouldn’t be a surprise ...
13 September 2017
grocery shopping credit card singapore
3 Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore
These days, there are only two ways to get cheap groceries. The first is with an optimized credit card. ...
7 September 2017
UOB One Card Singapore
Why The UOB One Card Is Still Singapore’s Most Generous Rebate Card
In the realm of credit cards that offer cash rebates as an incentive, few cards have stood the test of ...