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best credit cards students singapore
3 Best Credit Cards for Students In Singapore
In my day, students had allowances of $8. And those were the rich kids. Our mobile phones was two soup ...
20 January 2015
credit cards singapore
Do You Have the Right Credit Card, or Some Piece of Plastic Junk?
When I got my first credit card, I was pretty pleased with myself. I had picked the best of the best, I ...
14 January 2015
american express credit cards singapore
American Express Credit Cards in Singapore – MoneySmart’s Recommended Top 3 Cards
American Express may be one of the world’s oldest card companies, but they’ve only just recently started ...
13 January 2015
exclusive credit cards singapore
The Top 5 Credit Cards in Singapore You’ll Never Own
I know what it’s like to have people fall at my feet, make way for me wherever I go and scream whenever ...
2 January 2015
anz credit cards singapore
ANZ Credit Cards in Singapore – MoneySmart’s Recommended Top 3 Cards
ANZ is relative newcomer when it comes to the area of credit cards, but they’ve certainly not come in just ...
18 December 2014
Singapore Credit Card Interest Rates Going Up
Singapore Credit Card Interest Rates Going Up – Do You Know How Much You’re Getting Charged?
Last time, policemen wore shorts. Forget that, now we’ll be saying, “Last time, credit card interest rate ...
15 December 2014
year end holiday credit card travel
Year-End Holidays: Read This Before Booking Anything
It’s the end of the year and you’re ready to get away for a much needed holiday with your family. You add ...
8 December 2014
what happens if you can't pay your credit card bill
What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill in Full?
Credit cards are great – right up until the time you receive your credit card statement(s) in the mail ...
31 October 2014
5 Reasons Your Credit Card Application Got Rejected
5 Reasons Your Credit Card Application Got Rejected
Like those other obsolete symbols of wealth the Vertu phone and the Prada nylon backpacks ah lians used ...
21 October 2014
credit card myths singapore
4 Myths About Credit Cards That Are Hurting You Financially
Sure, credit card debt might have driven more than a couple of people over the edge, but that doesn’t mean ...
16 October 2014
How to prevent credit card fraud
Credit Card Fraud – The Do’s and Don’ts That Will Ensure Your Money Is Safe
Credit cards are a big reason why Singaporeans have so much purchasing power. After all, most credit card ...
4 September 2014
best travel points credit card singapore
Here’s What You Absolutely MUST Look for if You Want a Great Travel Credit Card
In Singapore, we NEED to travel every few months (or weeks) just to keep our sanity in today’s high-stress ...
20 August 2014
credit card charges singapore
Getting Charged for That Unsolicited Credit Card You Never Activated
Have you ever received an unsolicited credit card before? If you have, did you activate it or did you simply ...
22 July 2014