3 Best Credit Cards for Students In Singapore

best credit cards students singapore

In my day, students had allowances of $8. And those were the rich kids. Our mobile phones was two soup cans connected by string. When we broke bones, we set them with super glue because the doctor was too expensive. And schoolbags were made of buffaloes, which we wrestled to death with our bare hands. Apparently, kids today are lot less independent, and need credit cards to buy things. Well, because I have mercy, I’ll make a concession. Here are the best cards for Singapore students:


E-Vibes Card

Maybank eVibes Card

The qualification for an E-Vibes card is as follows: Can you write your name? Yes? Well done, you’re qualified. This card was made for students; there’s no income requirement. It’s also one of the best entertainment cards in Singapore, because the only thing better than getting smashed is getting smashed on credit. Features include:

  • 1% cashback rebate with no minimum spend
  • Cheap movies at Cathay Cineplexes
  • 10% off food bill with foodpanda.sg
  • No income requirement
  • No annual fee
Say goodbye to the TREATS rewards system. As of 1 January 2015, the eVibes card is now a cashback card that earns you 1% rebates. This means that you can start learning about the wonderful world of what qualifies or doesn’t qualify as a “retail transaction”.


Standard Chartered MANHATTAN $500 Credit Card


Now you too can carry one of the 20th century’s most sought-after credit cards. Or at least a watered-down version of it. The Standard Chartered MANHATTAN $500 Card is clearly aimed at those whose New Year resolutions are to become twice the person they were last year. There’s no income requirement, and it caters to the bottomless appetite of those who students who thrive on fast food.

Advantages include:

  • Enough dining discounts to redefine “morbid obesity”
  • 0.25% cashback rebates.
  • No income requirement
  • Only $30 annual fee, waived for the first year.
 If you’re a poor university student, this is definitely the card to get. You get discounts at The Manhattan FISH MARKET and Pizza Hut, and free McDelivery for orders above $25. Every dollar saved counts when you’re piling on the calories.



Citi Clear Card


As the name implies, the Citi Clear Card is jet black and opaque. Oh, the design’s changed? It’s now colourful and opaque? Great.

Seriously, who the hell names these things? Probably a bunch of guys who spent half their business degree on a bar room floor. And, who empathize with the drinking habits of tertiary students (ranges between “too much” to “chunks of my liver are in this glass”). Anyone, however drunk or broke, qualifies for this no-income requirement card. Advantages are:

  • Drink discounts to get you smashed out of your skull
  • Food discounts so your waistline can race students with the MANHATTAN card
  • Good rewards program
  • No income requirement
  • Annual fee of $29.96, waived for the first year

Practically every discount on the “clear” card is related to alcohol. I’m not kidding. With free entry to Zouk, Phuture and Velvet Underground – Dance, 1-for-1 drinks at Wine Bar and Velvet Underground – Dance… I suspect the card holders’ visions are anything but clear. So, get it if you party and drink.

The dining benefits are comparable to the MANHATTAN card, and by that I mean it gives you discounts at Starbucks and Burger King. Clearly targeting broke students who THINK they’re classy.

Unlike the other two cards, the Citi Clear Card is sticking to its rewards program. It’s one point per dollar, and you can cash in for bonus miles, food vouchers, and movie tickets.

If you are interested in the Citi Clear Card, you can apply here.


Get the Cards

To compare more viable cards, go to MoneySmart.sg. This free to use site has information on all local credit cards. Simply choose a preferred category (e.g. entertainment or dining), enter your income requirement, and you’ll have a list of the best matching cards. You’ll be able to make one-to-one comparisons, as well as apply for the cards directly through the site.

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