6 Tips to Help Drivers Stretch Their Dollar Even Further With the DBS Esso Card: Up to 21.2% Fuel Savings at Esso, Complimentary Fuel Vouchers & More

DBS Esso Card - Up to 21.2% Fuel Savings, Smiles Points & More

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DBS Esso Card - Up to 21.2% Fuel Savings, Smiles Points & More

If you’re reading this article, you probably drive. Chances are, you might also be juggling multiple commitments too, such as working to support your household, being the bestest daddy or mummy to your little ones, ferrying the folks around, and being a loving partner.

Kudos to you, because it’s not easy balancing everything, including your finances. And you know how tough it is to be able to save while still enjoying convenience, value, quality and reliability.

But it’s totally possible with the DBS Esso Card! Enjoy 18% instant discount + $7 off with min. $180 nett fuel spend monthly. That’s a total of up to 21.2% fuel savings! 

With the DBS Esso Card in hand, it’s easy to make use of these tips to help drivers like yourself strrreettcchhh their dollar, without sacrificing their family’s creature comforts.


Tip 1: Get a credit card that matches your spending habits

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Fuel Savings at Esso
Up to 21.6%
per S$10 charged outside of Esso
1 Smiles Point
per 1 Litre of Synergy Fuel
1 Smiles Point

If you’re already spending a fixed amount on something, you might as well get back some benefits from it, right? That’s where petrol-focused credit cards such as the DBS Esso Card come in; so that you can reap the rewards of fuel savings, rewards points and other credit card perks.

It’s also really helpful that the DBS Esso Card offers one of the highest savings amounts in Singapore for drivers. I mean, you get a whopping instant 18% upfront discount on fuel purchases! Combine that with the $7 off with a minimum nett fuel spend of $180 in a month for a total of 21.2% fuel savings.

Considering that drivers of a compact car spend an average of $50 on fuel a week, that’s about $200 a month — so that $180 minimum nett fuel spend is easily hit.

Also, you can enjoy 0% interest-free instalment Payment Plan for Motor Insurance and Road Tax with DBS Esso Card.


Tip 2: Sign up for a loyalty membership and stick to that petrol brand

DBS Esso Card - Up to 21.2% Fuel Savings, Smiles Points & More

Are you the kind to just fill up your tank at the nearest petrol station because it’s the most convenient option? We don’t want to bring you bad news but you could be missing out on loyalty benefits that will add up to a lot of savings in the long run!

If your car is not dangerously low on fuel, why not stick to one brand so you can accumulate more rewards? Unlike big countries such as the US, you’d easily find your preferred petrol station wherever you are in Singapore.

For example, there are 62 Esso stations across the island — and while you’re there you can also fuel up with a cold drink or even pick up some (forgotten) groceries on the way home as some of them have FairPrice Xpress outlets.

To sign up for the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme, just pick up an Esso Smiles card from any Esso service station. You can register the card and start using it immediately!

Alternatively, if you have the DBS Esso Card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme. Yup, you heard us right: The DBS Esso Card acts as both a credit card AND an Esso Smiles card, so you don’t need to carry 2 cards in your wallet!

As an Esso Smiles Driver Rewards member, you’ll get additional Smiles Savings of up to 2.4% when 250 litres of Synergy fuel is purchased within a calendar month (when you redeem those Smiles points for instant fuel redemption).

Here’s a summary of savings you can enjoy with your DBS Esso Card:

Instant fuel discount 18%
$7 off with a minimum nett fuel spend of $180 in a month Up to 3.2%
Additional Smiles Savings (instant fuel redemption)

  • 300 Smiles Points = $10 instant fuel discount
  • 750 Smiles Points = $30 instant fuel discount
Up to 2.4%
Total fuel savings + additional Smiles Savings Up to 23.6%

Don’t forget you can also earn Smiles Points! For every litre of Synergy fuel purchased at any Esso station, you get 1 Smiles Point. They won’t expire too, as long as you pump at least once every 12 months.


Tip 3: Don’t forget to earn points at every opportunity

Fuel aside, those with the DBS Esso Card can also earn Smiles Points on all their card spend from now to 31 Dec 2021. This means all your shopping, dining and other card retail spend can be converted into Smiles Points so you can score free fuel!

Every $10 charged outside of Esso is equivalent to 1 Smiles Point. And yes, this also doesn’t expire as long as you pump once every 12 months — timely for your Great Singapore Sale shopping in this month of July!


Tip 4: Remember to redeem your points!

DBS Esso Card - Up to 21.2% Fuel Savings, Smiles Points & More

If you have points, please remember to redeem them! Although Smiles Points don’t expire as long as you pump once every 12 months, just redeem them from time to time to reap the benefits and to have more to spend on fun extras for your family.

Here are some of the many rewards you can redeem your Smiles Points for:

  • 300 Smiles Points = $10 instant fuel discount
  • 750 Smiles Points = $30 instant fuel discount
  • 220 Smiles Points = Instant foam car wash
  • 250 Smiles Points = $5 instant mart redemption (For use at Cheers / FairpriceXpress)

Check out the full catalogue of rewards on the Esso Smiles website or on the Esso app.

To redeem your Smiles Points, just present your Esso Smiles card or your DBS Esso Card at any Esso petrol station to claim the reward instantly. Car wash, anyone?

If you’d like to use your Smiles Points outside of Esso stations, you can also convert them into other rewards with established partners such as KrisFlyer, Foodpanda, FairPrice, Adidas, Zalora, Cathay movie tickets and many more! 


Tip 5: Find ways to score additional perks

Fuel savings, instant fuel discounts and rewards aside, what else could you possibly get with Esso? Why yes, there’s so much more.

If you download the Esso app, you can receive up to 4x complimentary fuel vouchers for logging in for the first time, and you can get an additional 6-8% in fuel savings. The app also gives out e-vouchers from time to time so be sure to keep a close look out!

You can also follow Esso’s Facebook page to check out the monthly offers. For example, in July, get 1.5x Esso Smiles Points when you fuel up with Esso Synergy Supreme+ petrol, and enjoy exclusive SAF Day deals.


Tip 6: Timing is everything, make use of limited-time sign-up offers

As with everything in life, timing is key, especially when it comes to limited-time sign-up offers.

From now till 31 July 2021, new DBS Esso Card holders can enjoy a sign up bonus of up to $110 fuel savings.

This month of July, you can also enjoy up to 3x Smiles Points on monthly retail spend outside of Esso (minimum of $500 spend). This means that the ongoing promotion of 1 Smiles Point for every $10 qualifying spend transaction (rounded down to nearest dollar) is now supercharged by three times!

If you spend $500 in July, you’ll get 50 Smiles Points, multiplied by 3, for a total of 150 Smiles Points. Hip-hip-hooray!

It’s time to stretch your dollar and score those savings. Sign up for the DBS Esso Card and you’ll definitely be all Smiles.