Working From Home? Optimise Your Home WiFi Experience With These Tips & Tricks

Singtel Fibre Broadband — tips to improve WiFi speed if you're working from home.

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Does it sometimes seem like your WiFi experience just can’t keep up?

You lag at the most inopportune moments during your Zoom presentation, your connection drops when you’re having an important negotiation with a client, or it’s just frustrating when your Netflix video keeps buffering at the most crucial/exciting/emotional parts.

Here are some helpful tips courtesy of Singtel’s WiFi Master:

Singtel WiFi Master

Router matters

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that the equipment (AKA your router) is working at its best.

  • Place your router on a high and well-ventilated area away from clutter. 
  • Regularly reboot your router to ensure better connectivity.
  • To minimise WiFi congestion, avoid placing your router near to signal-transmitting equipment (such as bluetooth devices, or WiFi-interfering items like mirrors or baby monitors).
  • Avoid coiling, tying or bending your yellow fibre optic cable.

Experience counts

In addition to the hardware, how you use the Internet also matters. And if you’re going to be working from home more often or for a longer period, try out these easy fixes.

  • Switch to a wired connection for maximum throughput (the rate of successful delivery of your Internet packets) if you need to download/upload files.
  • Minimise the use of WiFi for other non-work related gadgets and do close the work apps on your laptop when they are not in use.
  • Check if your company requires you to be on VPN when you are on a video conferencing call — as this is an additional Intranet layer, you might experience a slower connection if the Intranet is overloaded.
  • Curb unnecessary heavy internet activities (i.e. big file downloads in the background, file sharing and so on), as these utilise higher bandwidths — guarantee plus chop will slow down your surfing experience.
  • Connect to 5Ghz WiFi band (instead of 2.4Ghz) to enjoy a faster and better quality Internet connection.

For even more Wifi tips, visit here.

Invest in a WiFi Mesh

A WiFi Mesh basically works as a “blanket” that covers your whole home in WiFi. One pair can comfortably blanket the area of a 3-room HDB flat. So, if you have dead spots or poor coverage in certain areas, consider getting WiFi Mesh.

Here are some situations in which you might need a WiFi Mesh:

  1. You want to turn your HDB flat into a smart home
  2. You want to invest in an awesome home theatre system
  3. You’re a gamer and a laggy connection = instant virtual death
  4. You’re working from home and use video chat often for presentations/sales pitches
  5. You’re a Type A personality and slow internet speeds really frustrate you, even if you’re just trying to watch a YouTube video while in the toilet

If you are looking to switch to a faster broadband connection, it is worth considering Singtel Fibre Broadband. Many plans come with WiFi Mesh for maximum coverage, AND the provider has won many awards too. 

Singtel has Fibre Broadband plans for every need

Whether you’re a gamer, drama guzzler or a casual Internet user, there are various ultra-fast Singtel Fibre Broadband plans available for every need, including:

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  2. 1Gbps Fibre with WiFi Mesh @ $54.90/month
  3. 2Gbps Fibre with WiFi [email protected] $69.90/month
  4. 1+1Gbps Gamer Bundle @ $69.90/month

*New sign-ups get a free router with fibre plans worth $329 (a $229 router was previously offered; this upgraded $329 router helps to boost WiFi capability and coverage)

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