Did You Know? Other Than the Singtel Combo Plan, There Are Also Sim-Only Plans, No-Contract GOMO and Other Value-for-Money Mobile Options

Singtel mobile plans

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Singtel has a wide selection of mobile plans, which offer various phone subsidies, data, talktime and SMSes. With so many options, how do you choose? Singtel’s Combo plans are fantastic on their own, with a decent amount of data, talktime, SMSes and even entertainment thrown in. You can even buy your dream phone at a subsidised rate. And when combined with Singtel Circle, you can save up to 30% off your monthly mobile subscription and enjoy unlimited mobile data on Sundays.

But it may not be what you need.

Maybe you need loads of data instead of SMSes and talktime? Or perhaps what you want is a no-contract plan? Could it be that a second SIM card is all that you desire? Plus, not everyone is able to reap the benefits of being on Singtel Circle as you need to add your family members’ mobile lines to the plan, as well as bundle your fibre broadband (comes with home line) and Singtel TV to enjoy extra value benefits.

If Singtel Combo is not for you, did you know that Singtel has other good-value mobile plans to suit your needs? Let’s take a look at what they are:

If you need even more data

  1. Enjoy unlimited free weekend data with XO mobile plans
  • Three tiers — XO 48 at $48/month, XO 78 at $78/month and XO 108 at $108/month, each with an increasing amount of data, talktime, SMSes and additional entertainment benefits such as Entertainment Plus (all), HOOQ (XO 78 and above) and HBO GO (XO 78 and above)
  • All the plans come with free unlimited weekend data for a 24-month contract period and beyond, on top of the respective data plan
  • Get the latest phones from $0 with your plan
  • Can be used to get MobileShare lines
  • If you run out of data, get 18GB for $18 automatically
  • Other add-ons include those under Singtel Music
  1. Pay just $1/day for unlimited data
  • The DATA X INFINITY add-on for Singtel’s Combo 3 mobile plans and above costs just $29.90/month (usual price: $39.90/month), which works out to slightly less than $1 per day. And this is shareable among MobileShare supplementary lines. How’s that for value?

If you want a 2nd SIM card

  1. Get GOMO (Get Out More Often), an all digital no-contract plan
  • Offers 20GB data, 200 minutes talktime and 200 SMSes for just $20 a month
  • Free incoming calls and caller ID
  • GOMO Gifts — the longer you stay, the more GOMO exclusive deals you get! The current promotions are 50% off mains at The Drunken Poet and Meat & Malts, and a 1-for-1 deal on signature cocktails at Jekyll & Hyde
  • Free registration and SIM worth $48.15 and free delivery (get it on the same day if you order before 10.30am)
  • Top up for a Roaming Data Pump, to enjoy 1GB of data at $10 to 10 popular Asian destinations
  1. SIM-Only plans with data, talktime and SMSes
  • 3 plans to choose from — $25/month for a 20GB plan, $46.75/month for a 40GB plan, or $73.50/month for a monster 70GB plan
  • A shorter 12-month contract (Combo plans run on 24-month contracts)
  • Upsize as needed for more SMSes and talktime
  • Enjoy add-ons such as Spotify Premium, Singtel Newsstand and ReadyRoam
  • No phone, no problem! Get Singtel’s Mobile Leasing from as low as $29/month for a Samsung Galaxy S10e (128GB)
  • Works like a Combo plan but with a shorter contract term and similar add-ons, plus lease a phone at a subsidised rate
  1. Opt for a supplementary line instead, with MobileShare
  • Just $12.90/month to share as much talktime, SMS and data with your loved ones and/or among multiple devices
  • Sign up to 3 MobileShare lines each with a different number
  • Bonus: Get an additional 1GB data per month for every MobileShare line added — this means additional 3GB if you add the maximum of 3 MobileShare lines
  • If your main line has a Data X plan, that can be shared too ($39.90/month for DATA X INFINITY)
  • Both the Combo and XO plans are eligible for MobileShare subscription.
  • Things to note: There is a one-time Registration Fee of $10.70 and SIM Card fee of $37.45 for each supplementary line, and data roaming plans are not shareable

Maximise your Singtel plan further

  1. Free entertainment add-ons worth up to $666.72
  • Combo, XO and SIM-Only plans come with FREE entertainment add-ons such as Entertainment Plus, HOOQ and HBO GO 
  • Stream these shows anytime, anywhere on your mobile device
  • Entertainment add-ons run for the duration of your mobile phone contract (up to 24 months)
  1. Need a mobile device? There’s a wide range of devices to choose from
  • What’s available: Phones, tablets, smart watches
  • Different payment options to suit your needs:
    • Normal 24-mth postpaid plans (Combo and XO) from $0 for the latest phones
    • Mobile Leasing from $29/month
    • Buy a device at its retail price (only in stores), device comes without a contract line
    • Instalment payment plans (only in stores)

Whether you’re a data guzzler, in need of multiple SIM cards, or a free-spirited being who just wants to be untethered to a binding contract, Singtel has lots of good-value options to suit all sorts of needs.

Sign up online here or walk-in to a Singtel store for more information.

What do you look for in a mobile phone plan? Is it the amount of data, price or recontracting to get a free phone? Let us know in the comments below!