Here’s How Your Family Can Save BIG On Your Mobile Phone Plans and More

Here’s How Your Family Can Save BIG On Your Mobile Phone Plans and More

It’s no surprise that the cost of living is rising. Families may be forking out quite a lot for their entertainment and mobile services every month without fully optimising their spends. And with an upcoming 2% GST hike, it’s more important than ever to get the best value for your household expenses.

When everyone in the family from Grandpa to the kids has their own smartphones and data plans, just glancing at your family’s mobile phone bill might give you a heart attack.

That is unless you’re smart about it.

If you’re a Singtel subscriber, we have good news that could help you save up as much as 30% on your mobile bills.


Game the system and cut your costs with Singtel Circle

Did you know that your family could save a lot on your telco bills if you bundle your Singtel mobile lines, broadband and TV together?

All this is possible thanks to the Singtel Circle customer benefits programme, which costs you absolutely nothing to join.

Your family members would collectively be paying a lot less versus their individual monthly subscriptions.

The more people there are in your household with Singtel mobile phone plans, the more you can save. A family of five will get to save up to 30% on their mobile subscriptions.

On top of that, there are a slew of attractive perks, such as Annual Handset Upgrade Fee Waiver (worth $350), Free Local Data on Sunday and Stingray Music.


Are you eligible for Singtel Circle?

You must be a subscriber of at least one of the following Singtel Fibre Broadband plans:

  • 300Mbps Fibre Home Bundle
  • 500Mbps Fibre Home Bundle
  • 2Gbps Fibre Home Bundle
  • 10Gbps Fibre Home Bundle

One of the following Singtel TV Packs:

  • Family Starter
  • Trio
  • Variety
  • Value

and have one of the following mobile plans:

  • Combo plan
  • Lite (2GB data)
  • Value (3GB data)
  • Plus (4GB data)
  • Prestige (12 GB data)

Note that all the main users of the mobile, broadband and Singtel TV packs under your bundle should be under the same name, and additional nominated lines registered in the same residential address.


What are the benefits of Singtel Circle?

If you’ve got the above-mentioned subscriptions or plan to take up all the services, all you have to do is nominate your main mobile data line and sign up for Singtel Circle to enjoy these benefits:

  • Annual handset upgrade fee waiver– Your family members can now own the spanking new iPhone X or Samsung S9+ without waiting for the end of your contract period. As a Singtel Circle member, you’ll get to upgrade your handset every year with your early re-contract fees (worth $350) waived.
  • Free local data every Sunday – If your family has the habit of maxing out their data allowance watching their favourite Korean dramas or Netflix shows on-the-go, this might save you a bit of cash, as local data is free for the whole family on Sundays.
  • Free use of Stingray Music – This is a music streaming and browsing site that offers access to 50 live music stations via Singtel TV, Stingray Music mobile app, and web browser. This means no more fighting over screen or radio time. Dad and Mum can listen to their favourite live Canto and Getai pop hits on their own devices, at the same time.
  • For mobile lines, here’s how you can save up to a whopping 30% off your total monthly bill:
Total Number of Mobile Lines with Singtel Savings












On top of these benefits, you get 50% off both MobileShare, which allows you to share mobile bundles across multiple lines if your family members don’t fully utilise their plans, and DataMore which covers the other end of the spectrum for family members who are extremely data-hungry and need to add more data.

Here’s a very simple illustration of how you can customise different plans to suit your family’s communication and media needs:

singtel circle bundles

Image credit: Singtel


Is it worth it?

In all fairness, most telcos these days offer bundles too.

What makes Singtel Circle a better deal above the others though, is the fact that even if you only have one mobile line, you can still get a 10% discount on that first mobile line. Definitely something to consider for singles who might be living in their own place.

The annual handset upgrade fee waiver is another key selling point. You get to upgrade your handset every year with the early re-contract fees (worth $350) waived. While your friends wait out their contract till a time when they can upgrade their phone, you’ll be at a much bigger advantage come September when Apple releases a new iPhone and you don’t want to pay hefty re-contract fees.

And with your entire family on Singapore’s fastest and widest network, you’re assured of quality you can rely on. After all, the plan is as important as the network it runs on, and you want the only the best for your family.

All in all, if you’re looking for great value in a comprehensive bundle for the family, you can see how Singtel Circle can help with significant cost savings, while at the same time catering to different lifestyles so that you’re not locked into a plan that doesn’t suit your needs. Find out more here.

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This article is brought to you in collaboration with Singtel.