Why GOMO is The Only $20 SIM Only Plan You Should Get

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There’s currently fierce competition amongst SIM Only providers, which means that for consumers, even better value can now be had from SIM Only plans.

When choosing a SIM Only plan, going for the cheapest plan without paying attention to what you’re actually getting isn’t always the smartest thing to do. That’s because many plans come with terms and conditions that you might not be aware of, as we mentioned in a previous article.

That’s where GOMO by Singtel comes in. This no contract SIM Only plan was built to be simple and deliver strong value. And now, it has gotten even better with data roaming.


What you get with Singtel’s GOMO Plan

Singtel’s GOMO is a no-contract, all digital SIM Only Plan with a very affordable price of $20 a month. This gets you 20 GB of data, 200 minutes of talktime and 200 SMSes. You also get free Caller ID and free incoming calls, and free SIM card delivery (same day delivery if you purchase before 10.30am).

You can purchase a $10 add-on which gives you 10 more GB of data, 100 more minutes of talktime and 100 SMSes.

In terms of price alone, GOMO is the most affordable plan in the market right now, since Circles Life only gives you a discount if you port over your number.

In terms of normal usage, 20GB is a lot of data. With 20GB a month, you can surf the Internet, read and watch videos to your heart’s content without ever having to worry about exceeding your data.

If you know you would not need more than that, it’s probably wise not to pay extra for more.

GOMO also comes with lifestyle perks. Termed as ‘GOMO Gifts’, GOMO has been giving little surprises such as GOJEK & Shopee vouchers, plus exclusive 1-for-1 Hungrygowhere deals for their users.

Got a problem? You can get help immediately with Singtel’s 24/7 live chat. We mean you can even get customer service in the wee hours of the morning at 4am.

Signing up for GOMO by Singtel is very easy thanks to free same day delivery, which means you can receive your new SIM card almost immediately. Credit and debit card payment is accepted.


GOMO’s New Roaming Add-on

One of GOMO’s recent upgrades is a new and affordable roaming feature to let you Get Out of Singapore more often.

Now, for $10, you get 1 GB of data to use for 10 days in 10 popular destinations across Asia.

No need to worry about buying a local SIM card when you reach your holiday destination. With GOMO’s roaming plan, all you have to do is activate a Data Roaming Pump before your departure and you can whip out your phone to use once you land. This add-on can be activated the day before or on the day of travel, so you can do non-stop Instagram live videos or real time Instagram stories from the top of Mount Fuji!

GOMO by Singtel has also launched its Roam Like A Local data plans. This means that for the first time, users can get loads of data at local data prices, with the convenience of a data roaming plan. i.e. up to 100GB in Thailand, 15GB in Philippines, and 10GB in Indonesia, from as low as just $5.

Country Thailand The Philippines Indonesia
data roaming rate
$5 for 1GB
(valid for 7 days)
$12 per 1GB
(valid for 30 days)
$5 for 1GB
(valid for 7 days)
Roam Like A Local
data roaming plan
$14 for 100GB
(valid for 7 days)
$10 for 7GB
(valid for 7 days)
$19 for 15GB
(valid for 15 days)
$5 for 4GB
(valid for 7 days)
$10 for 10GB
(valid for 14 days)

For many travelers who are going for a short trip and don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a local SIM, this is a simple and fuss free solution that you now have access to.


Get the GOMO Pass for rewards

GOMO by Singtel: Claim your rewards via the GOMO app's GOMO Pass rewards programme!
Screengrab: GOMO by Singtel

In addition to really low cost roaming data, GOMO by Singtel has also launched the GOMO Pass — a rewards programme exclusively for GOMO customers in the GOMO app.

GOMO Pass has over 40 special hyperlocal experiences and privileges available to GOMO users to redeem in Singapore and also when they travel to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Here’s a taste of what the GOMO Pass has to offer:

  • Singapore: 1-for-1 restaurant deals at Gake, Jekyll and Hyde, The Meats & Malts and many more with Hungrygowhere
  • The Philippines: 7% discount off all local activities with Klook
  • Thailand: Free upgrade to a Gold package when you purchase a Tandem Jump Silver package

Redeeming is simple – just flash your GOMO pass or enter a promo code, in the GOMO app (available on Google Play or on the App Store).


Built on a strong foundation

At the end of the day, there’s nothing stopping other providers from going to an all-out price war and offering plans and services that are dirt cheap. But one thing that is not going to change is the foundation on which these services are built on.

A cheap or expensive plan doesn’t make a network any better, but what any consumer expects when they pay for one is a certain level of reliability and excellence. GOMO is backed by Singtel’s 4G network. For all that’s said and done, Singtel was recently awarded the fastest 4G peak throughput speeds, which makes it one of the most reliable networks in Singapore.

Source: IMDA IMconnected Report H2 2018

Network coverage is something often taken for granted until we encounter a spotty connection, but we’ve heard enough complaints to know the importance of a stable network.

Based on the latest Tutela Annual report, Singtel topped the competition in with the fastest download speeds.

GOMO by Singtel 4G Chart Tutela Feb 2020
Source: Tutela Annual Report, Feb 2020

The combination of Singtel’s strong infrastructure and a very competitive pricing is a very good reason why GOMO has gotten so much attention since its launch.

Find out more here and sign up directly on the site.

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