The 2 Cheapest Ways to Park Your Motorcycle in Orchard Road

cheapest motorcycle places to park in orchard road

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While car drivers might consider $10 all-day parking “cheap”, motorcyclists know better. To a motorcyclist, $1 per entry is more or less standard. Anything more is on the expensive side.

Orchard Road isn’t exactly the cheapest place on the planet, but the resourceful motorcyclist knows it’s still possible to park there for a dime—or less. Here are our top picks.

Absolutely Free Parking

If you’re riding a bike that’s not a Ducati or a Harley, chances are you do try to save money. This means you’re willing to walk 10-15 minutes to your destination if it gets you free parking.

You can park for free at Orchard Hotel and then walk to destinations such as Forum the Shopping Mall, Tanglin Mall, Lido, Wheelock and ION.

Park for free at Centrepoint if you’re headed to the other end of Orchard where Orchard Central, Somerset 313, Peranakan Place and the Heeren are located.

65 Cent Coupon Parking

As every motorcyclist knows, the next-best thing to completely free parking is 65 cent HDB or URA parking, payable by coupon.

If you’re headed to ION Orchard and its environs, park at the Anguilla Park open air URA car park beside Wheelock Place. This place fills up quickly and on weekends you might have to wait quite a while for a spot.

Catching a movie at Cineleisure, headed for a coffee at Somerset 313 or chilling out at *SCAPE? Park at the open air URA carpark across the road from Cineleisure on Grange Road.

There are also several URA lots behind Lido and Pacific Plaza on Claymore Hill and Claymore Road, close to the Tanglin Club and the American Club. These usually see less traffic than Anguilla Park and Cineleisure, and are worth a try if you’re tired of waiting for a spot.

Where else do you park your motorcycle on Orchard Road? Share with us in the comments! 

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