Sentosa Guide (2020) – Entry Fees, Parking Rates and More Money-Saving Hacks

sentosa entry fee car park parking

I always thought Sentosa was an overpriced scam-land that only tourists ever visit. I mean, how many times can you make a splash at Adventure Cove Waterpark and zoom around on roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore, right? Wrong.

Turns out, there are people who adore the island. In fact, my boss calls it his “happy place”.

Siao ah? Nowhere that charges a $6 entrance fee should ever qualify to be a “happy place”.

BUT just in case you too enjoy strolling the Sentosa beaches, eating atas food at Quayside Isle and having family days out at Sentosa, here’s a guide on a) Sentosa entry fees, b) Sentosa car park charges and c) the Islander annual membership.


How to get to Sentosa – latest Sentosa entry fees

Here are the 6 ways to get to Sentosa from the cheapest to the most expensive:

How to get into Sentosa Island admission fee
By foot (the Sentosa Boardwalk)  Free ($1 waived until 31 Dec 2020)
By bicycle (via Sentosa Boardwalk)  Free 
By public bus 123 / RWS8 Distance-based bus fare / $1 
By taxi / car vehicle $2 to $6 island admission fee (per car)
By monorail (Sentosa Express)  $4 (public) or $2 for those with eligible concession cards. Free for Islander members. 
By cable car (from Mount Faber or Harbourfront)  $33 (Mount Faber Line) 


Walking or cycling to Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk – free (for now)

The cheapest way into Sentosa is by foot via Sentosa Boardwalk that connects Vivocity to Sentosa. The usual entrance fee is $1, but until 31 Dec 2020, it is free. My friends who drive usually park at Vivocity (or the nearby car parks) and walk in.

If you prefer to cycle, it costs $2 per entry, but that’s also waived for now (until 31 Aug 2020). There are three recommended cycling routes all over Sentosa island, but the only way in is via the Sentosa Boardwalk.


Taking public bus 123 or RWS8 to Sentosa – no entrance fee, but usual bus fares apply

You may also choose to take a public bus. The only non-RWS bus to take is 123, which goes from Bukit Merah interchange to Sentosa. If you don’t live in the Queensway or Holland Road areas, the bus passes through central districts Orchard and Havelock Road too. You can alight at Resorts World Sentosa, Merlion Plaza or Beach Station (in Sentosa).

RWS8 is a Resorts World Sentosa shuttle bus that goes from Harbourfront to Sentosa, looping at Telok Blangah Road. The route costs $1 for a round trip.

If you take these buses, you won’t have to pay any additional entrance fees, but the usual bus fares will apply.


Taking a taxi or driving to Sentosa – $2 to $6 per entry, depending on the day and time

Time Price (daily)
7am to 12nn  $6
12nn to 2pm $2
2pm to 5pm $6
5pm to 7am $2

If you enter Sentosa via car – be it taxi, Grab or your own car – the entry fee is now the same. Previously, it was slightly cheaper for taxis (for cars, it was $1 more during peak hours).

The cheapest time slot is during lunch (12nn to 2pm) and dinner (5pm to 7pm), when it’s only $2 per entry. Otherwise, it’s pretty pricey at $6.

Personally, via taxi is my preferred way into Sentosa: I usually cab from Vivocity directly to my destination. During peak hours it should cost under $1o. It’s fast and comfortable, and especially worth it if you have a group of friends to share the cost with (because entry is per vehicle, not pax!).

I generally don’t recommend driving to Sentosa, but if you’re bringing your kids or pets out, then having the car may just be that more convenient. When you add up the entrance fee and parking charges, it’s not going to be cheap unless you’re entering in the evening and will be paying per-entry parking fees.


Taking the Sentosa Express monorail from Vivocity to Sentosa – $4 per ride

If you’re taking the train to Harbourfront, you can also take the Sentosa Express monorail from Vivocity to Sentosa. Most people think this is the cheap way to enter the paradise that is the state of fun, but it really isn’t – $4 per pax adds up! If you have a family of 4, that’s $16 – more than enough to pay for a comfy cab ride in. You can pay via your EZ-Link card.

However, for eligible concession card holders (Senior Citizens Concession Card, Persons With Disabilities Concession Card, Workfare Transport Concession Card, Primary, Secondary, Junior College and ITE Student Concession Cards), the price has been lowered to $2 effective 1 Oct 2018.

If you are an Islander member, the Sentosa Express is free for you.


Taking a scenic cable car ride into Sentosa – $33 from Mount Faber

Now, the cable car route into Sentosa is not for regular trips, unless you’re very high SES – it costs a whopping $33 to go from Mount Faber to Sentosa Station. Check out the Sentosa cable car route here.


The Sentosa Islander membership – worth it if you drive to Sentosa at least 4 times yearly

Islander membership Price (per year) Renewal price (per year)
Individual $25 $20
Family $50 $40

For those of you who, like my boss, zip to the island for a run every month or so, get the Sentosa Islander membership.

Assume you like to drive there on weekends when the entrance fee is $6 per car, you only need to visit Sentosa at least 4 times in 1 year to make your money’s worth.

The annual pass costs $25 per year, and entitles you to free entry into Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk, Sentosa Express and Sentosa Gantry (drive-in). After your first year, renewal is only $20. The individual membership is non-transferrable though, and only entitles one car and one person to the entrance fee waivers.

If you’re a dad or mum, get the family membership ($50) instead. You’ll be the main cardholder and your children/relatives will be the supplementary members. (up to 4 pax, immediate family members only).


Sentosa car park prices – what’s the cheapest parking in Sentosa?

Parking in Sentosa is surprisingly affordable… Unless you park at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Here’s an overview of all the car parks in Sentosa and how much parking costs.

Sentosa car park Weekdays Weekends
Sentosa Costa Sands Resort (Imbiah walk)   Free Free
Sentosa Golf Club (Bukit Manis Road) Free (7am to 7pm) Free (7am to 7pm)
Sentosa car parks (Beach Station, Imbiah, Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach, Sentosa Cove Village) $0.02/min ($1.20 per hour) from 7am to 5pm, $2.40 per entry from 5.01pm to 6.59am. $0.02/min ($1.20 per hour) from 7am to 5pm, $2.40 per entry from 5.01pm to 6.59am.
Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove $3.50 per entry from 7am to 12 midnight (Mon to Thu only) $4 for first 4 hours or part thereof (7am to 5pm), $4 per entry from 5pm to 1am (Fri to Sun)
W Singapore Sentosa Cove $3.50 per entry from 7am to 12.59am, $1.50 per hour from 1am to 6.59am (Mon to Thu) $4 for first 4 hours or part thereof, $1 for subsequent hour (7am to 5pm), $4 per entry from 5pm to 1am, $1.50 per hour from 1am to 7am (Fri to Sun)
Capella Singapore $8 for first 2 hours, $1 for subsequent 30 mins (capped at $25) $8 for first 2 hours, $1 for subsequent 30 mins (capped at $25)
Resorts World Sentosa (for Universal Studios Singapore, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Michael) $7 for first hour, $1 for subsequent 30 mins (7am to 7pm), $6 per entry from 7pm to 7am. (Mon to Thu only. Capped at $28) $8 for first hour, $2 for subsequent 30 mins (7am to 7pm), $8 per entry from 7pm to 6.59am. (Fri to Sun. Capped at $28)

The cheapest car parks are Sentosa Costa Sands Resort and Sentosa Golf Club, and surprise, surprise – they’re actually FREE. You can try your luck there, but they’re not exactly near the more popular attractions.

The Costa Sands Resort is probably your best bet: It’s quite centrally located at Imbiah Walk, which is near the Siloso Beach and Wave House. However, if you’re going to places like USS or Adventure Cove, get ready for #throwback to your NAPFA days – it’s 2.6km away.  Sentosa Golf Club doesn’t charge for parking either, but this one lagi more ulu.

In my opinion, you’re better off just parking at one of the Sentosa car parks (Beach Station, Imbiah, Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach and Sentosa Cove Village). They’re are quite reasonably priced at $0.02 per minute (which is $1.20 per hour) in the day. That’s like HDB parking, so you can’t really complain. In the evening, it’s even cheaper at $2.40 per entry (5.01pm to 6.59am).

Those dining at Quayside Isle will appreciate that parking is a flat $3.50 per entry almost all day (7am to 12.59am the following day), but as with the free parking spots, it makes no sense to park here unless you’re going to Sentosa Cove. (It’s also 3km away from RWS.)

The only car park to watch out for is the RWS one. They charge a whopping $7 for the first hour ($1 for every subsequent 30 minutes), so just wait for a damn lot elsewhere.

Here’s the Sentosa map to help you better plan where to go and where to park.

How often do you head to Sentosa and do you think it’s worth it to pay $6 to drive in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!