train to JB guide 2018
Train to JB Guide – How Much KTM Train Tickets Cost & How to Get There
Now that the borders have finally reopened, it’s time for you make the trips down to JB you haven’t been ...
3 days ago
things to do in singapore on a budget
Things To Do in Singapore – Fun & Free Things For Couples, Families, Children (20-22 May 2022)
So you’ve been stuck in Singapore for the past two years and life is starting to get pretty boring. You’ve ...
19 May 2022
Cheapest Travel Destinations for Singapore Public Holidays 2018
Singapore Public Holidays in 2022 – 11 Cheap Travel Destinations For Long Weekends
The borders are open after two long years and with travel back in full swing, you’re all set to start planning ...
17 May 2022
expedia promo codes credit card promotions
Expedia Singapore – Citibank, HSBC, DBS Credit Card Promotions (2022)
It’s no secret that Singaporeans LOVE travelling – and there are numerous long public holidays in 2022 ...
6 May 2022
agoda promo codes
Agoda Promo Codes – Citibank, DBS, HSBC, UOB Credit Card Promotions (2022)
Few friends I know actually makes their travel bookings via airline or hotel websites anymore. Most of ...
4 May 2022
VTL Singapore – Latest Bus Tickets & Flights Updates (May 2022)
VTL Singapore – Latest Bus Tickets & Flights Updates (May 2022)
The COVID-19 lockdown nightmare is almost all over. It’s a new dawn! It’s a new day! With no more restrictive ...
4 May 2022
bangkok trip
Bangkok Travel Guide Post Covid-19 : Cheap Flights, Best Hotels, Best Buffets & Food (2022)
Going on your very first Bangkok trip… in two years? Here are some tips on what to do, the best hotels ...
30 April 2022
big c bangkok thai snacks 2018
Best Thai Snacks – 17 Must Buy Thai Snacks From Big C Bangkok
Before you start sniggering, Big C Bangkok is NOT a gay club and the “C” stands for “Central” (not whatever ...
30 April 2022
bangkok shopping mall
13 Best Bangkok Shopping Malls and Night Markets From Cheap to Luxury
Bangkok is the most popular budget travel destination for short trips. The flight tickets are affordable, ...
30 April 2022
senior citizen tours
7 Best Travel Agencies in Singapore for Elderly-Friendly Family Tours
In Singapore, travelling is not only reserved for fit singletons with few responsibilities on their back. ...
28 April 2022
How much more expensive will travelling be post-COVID-19?
How much more expensive will travelling be post-COVID-19?
Between airline websites crashing amidst travel demand, and soaring energy prices, travelling post-COVID-19 ...
25 April 2022
best money changer singapore 2018
Best Money Changers in Singapore – 13 Places to Go for Good Exchange Rates
After not having travelled for 2 years,  you might have lost touch on all things travel-related. It might ...
20 April 2022
overseas wifi router rental changi recommends klook
Travel Wifi Router Rental Guide (2022) – ChangiWiFi vs Y5 Buddy vs Yogofi
Since the rise of millennials and our strange need to document everything online, overseas wifi router ...
19 April 2022
natural disaster travel insurance
Best Travel Insurance Policies for Places Prone to Natural Disasters (2022)
Here in Singapore, our idea of a natural disaster is “ponding”. But if you frequently travel to places ...
19 April 2022
what to do in Taiwan 2018
Singapore to Taipei Travel Guide (2022) – Taipei Weather, Best Hotels, Night Markets & Metro
Planning to fly from Singapore to Taipei soon? Here’s a comprehensive guide we put together for you on ...
19 April 2022
personal loan singapore
5 Common Reasons Why Singaporeans Take Personal Loans
Taking a personal loan from a bank in Singapore is a relatively common practice and has been for some time ...
7 April 2022
cheap onsen hot spring asia
7 Cheap Travel Destinations in Asia for Onsen & Hot Spring Lovers
I know it makes no sense in sauna-like Singapore, but I am a huge sucker for hot springs of any sort.  ...
4 April 2022
countries singaporeans need a visa to travel
5 Countries Singaporeans Still Need A Travel Visa For and How Much They Cost
I hardly ever remember to check if I need a visa before I book air tickets, but so far I haven’t had any ...
2 April 2022
data travel roaming singapore
Data Roaming Plans Singapore – Starhub DataTravel vs Singtel ReadyRoam vs M1 Data Passport
If you see a bunch of bewildered looking tourists searching for Wi-Fi hotspots while on holiday, there’s ...
1 April 2022
passport lost overseas
What Should You Do When Your Passport is Lost or Stolen Overseas?
We’ve all read those news articles about how the Singapore passport is the world’s most powerful in terms ...
1 April 2022
How to Transfer Money from Singapore to Malaysia: 3 Best Remittance Services
How to Transfer Money from Singapore to Malaysia: 3 Best Remittance Services
Singapore-Malaysia money transfers have always been a sore sticking point for me. You see, my father lives ...
24 March 2022
krisflyer miles redemption guide 2018
KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Guide – How to Start Playing the Miles Game in Singapore
So, you’ve finally decided to become a full-fledged travel hacker – to start collecting miles in order ...
23 March 2022
DBS young adult firsts - milestones
Conquering Your ‘Firsts’: How to Smash Your #GOALS in 2022, Finances Wise
This post was written in collaboration with DBS. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
credit card overseas spending fees
5 Ways to Minimise Your Credit Card Overseas Spending Fees
Using your credit card when you’re on holiday sure beats hiding wads of cash in your socks and underwear ...
11 March 2022
Digital nomad remote working: How much it costs to work from another country (2022)
Digital nomad remote working: How much it costs to work from another country (2022)
The pandemic has magically transformed hordes of people into digital nomads. Some companies have even downsized ...
10 March 2022