4 Affordable Rustic Getaways Not Far from Singapore
4 Affordable Rustic Getaways Not Far from Singapore
When Singaporeans think of taking a rustic getaway, images of staying at luxurious jungle resorts or glamping ...
20 March 2015
Find Work Overseas Easily With These 3 Qualifications
Find Work Overseas Easily With These 3 Qualifications
If you’ve ever spent time really travelling and not just blitzing overseas shopping malls with your entire ...
18 March 2015
budget airlines cheap flights
Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Travel Insurance From Airlines
Travel insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, but for all those people who just passively buy ...
17 March 2015
wedding photoshoot overseas
Top 3 Wedding Photoshoot Destinations Singaporeans Love For $4,000 and Below
Singaporeans have this interesting habit of posing for staged wedding photos months before the actual wedding. ...
26 February 2015
chinese new year holiday CNY singapore
5 Places You Can Go on a Last Minute Trip over CNY Without Spending a Bomb
If you intend to run screaming from Singapore over the Chinese New Year weekend, you’re not alone—the rest ...
12 February 2015
travel insurance singapore
Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?
Travel insurance sounds like something meant to fleece kiasee people of their hard-earned cash. Many of ...
2 February 2015
cheap holiday destinations
5 Amazing and Affordable Holiday Destinations Not Many Singaporeans Visit
Many Singaporeans save up their annual leave like a beggar hoarding pennies so they can go on a sanity-restoring ...
31 December 2014
holiday in argentina under $2,300
How to Enjoy a Week in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Under $2,300
Ask the average Singaporean what he knows of Argentina and he might be hard-pressed to mention anything ...
15 December 2014
natas travel fair singapore
NATAS Travel Fair: Is it Still Worth Going?
For many years, it was the world’s biggest gangbang NOT starring Annabel Chong. NATAS was essentially screwing ...
9 December 2014
year end holiday credit card travel
Year-End Holidays: Read This Before Booking Anything
It’s the end of the year and you’re ready to get away for a much needed holiday with your family. You add ...
8 December 2014
travel to siem reap cambodia angkor wat
How to Enjoy a Week in Siem Reap and See Angkor Wat for Under $450
Your friends might all be flying off to New York or London for the holidays, but if you’re broke don’t ...
8 December 2014
How to Enjoy a Week-long Holiday in Barcelona, Spain for Under $1,600
How to Enjoy a Week-long Holiday in Barcelona, Spain for Under $1,600
If you’ve ever wanted to see the trippy architecture of Gaudí or sip real sangria while being serenaded ...
1 December 2014
last minute travel singapore
5 Travel Strategies to Get Out of Singapore at the Last Minute During Public Holidays
Trying to book a last minute holiday over public holidays in Singapore screams “Titanic” as everyone scrambles ...
26 November 2014
budget travel london holiday
How to Enjoy a Week-long Holiday in London for Under $1,600
If you’ve ever wondered why older Singaporeans use quaint British expressions like “donkey’s ears”, a trip ...
24 November 2014
travel to melbourne australia on a budget
How to Go on a Week-Long Holiday to Melbourne, Australia for Less Than $1,400
If there were a definitive list of Singaporeans’ favourite cities, Melbourne would definitely be within ...
17 November 2014
holiday to iceland under $2,000
How to Spend a Week in Reykjavík, Iceland for Under $2,000 Including Flights
There are holiday destinations that everybody has been to and nobody is really impressed by, like Australia ...
11 November 2014
travel to italy for under $1,600
How to Go on a Week-Long Holiday to Rome, Italy for Less Than $1,600
So the university holidays have started, or perhaps you’re thinking of finally taking that block leave ...
3 November 2014
how to claim overseas tax VAT
Having a Huge Headache With Overseas Tax Refunds? Here’s 6 Tips To Make Your Life Easier
On a recent trip to Europe, I bought my first Miu Miu clutch bag. It was a beautiful purchase in an equally ...
30 October 2014
air miles calculator
Air Miles – How Much Do You Really Need to Get a Free Trip?
After hearing about a certain someone’s $23,000 first class ticket to New York, lots of Singaporeans are ...
16 October 2014
airbnb top travel destinations 2014
How Much Does It Cost to Visit Airbnb’s Top Travel Destinations of 2014?  
If you’re like most Internet users, you check out all those articles featuring the top 20 places to travel ...
1 October 2014
biggest mistakes when buying travel insurance singapore
5 Biggest Travel Insurance Mistakes People Make
Travel is indeed a favourite Singaporean pastime. A national sport, if you would. Buying Travel insurance ...
24 September 2014
why budget air travel is not as cheap
Why Budget Air Travel May Not Be As Cheap As You Think
The few times I’ve tried to fall asleep on the cold, hard floor of an airport praying that no one would ...
19 September 2014
best travel points credit card singapore
Here’s What You Absolutely MUST Look for if You Want a Great Travel Credit Card
In Singapore, we NEED to travel every few months (or weeks) just to keep our sanity in today’s high-stress ...
20 August 2014
4 free hotel apps that saves your money on booking last minute
4 FREE Last Minute Hotel Booking Apps That’ll Save You Some Serious Cash
You don’t need me to tell you that the best way to save money on travel is to PLAN AHEAD! While that’s ...
18 August 2014
Booking Your Air Tickets Online – Here’s the Expert Tip on the Best Time to Do It!
Booking Your Air Tickets Online – Here’s the Expert Tip on the Best Time to Do It!
Timing is everything. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a new job, trying to buy your first ...
25 July 2014