pay gst
Do You Need to Pay GST When You Buy Stuff on Overseas Holidays?
When Singaporeans go on overseas holidays, shopping is a mandatory activity. People are willing to travel ...
29 January 2018
3 Questions to Ask Yourself The Next Time You’re About to Buy Something
3 Questions to Ask Yourself The Next Time You’re About to Buy Something
Now that we’re entering a new year and have left our profligate pasts behind, it’s time to start on a clean ...
18 January 2018
paypal convert currency
Amazon Singapore vs Lazada vs Wish: Which Online Shopping Site is Best for Singapore?
Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping sites. More and more international ...
17 January 2018
online shopping sites singapore
Female Readers List Their Favourite Online Shopping Sites and Why They Think It’s Cheaper
As a Singaporean female (or just any ordinary common folk), I’m always on the lookout for cheap and quality ...
27 December 2017
christmas presents
5 Bad Christmas Presents You Should Avoid Giving
We’re not going to lie—receiving Christmas gifts is one of the most awesome things about the holiday season. ...
20 December 2017
How to Turn 5 Clichéd Gift Items into Memorable Christmas Presents
How to Turn 5 Clichéd Gift Items into Memorable Christmas Presents
People judge others for the kinds of Christmas gifts they receive from them. Try offering your child underwear ...
19 December 2017
uob lady's card shopping singapore
Spend the Holidays with UOB Lady’s Card – 3 Good Reasons Why You Should
It’s been almost 30 years of “the men don’t get it”, and in terms of shopping, wellness, beauty and fitness, ...
online scams singapore
Online Scams That Affected Singapore in 2017 – Don’t Let Your Guard Down Shoppers!
It’s been a busy year for scammers targeting Singaporeans. The first half of 2017 saw more than $22 million ...
7 December 2017
affordable christmas gift ideas
5 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for the People in Your Friend Group
Every year, your friend group organises a Christmas party, where you all drink a bit too much, reminisce ...
6 December 2017
credit card charge disputes
Credit Card Charge Disputes – 5 Things Singaporeans Should be Aware of Before Making One
Many people don’t know why it’s better to use a credit card than a debit card, especially because credit ...
6 December 2017
office gift colleagues
5 Affordable and Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Your Colleagues
It’s that time of year again—no, not the day you receive your year-end bonus, or the period when your colleagues ...
28 November 2017
tmall 11.11 online shopping sale
7 Amazing Items to Buy at a Huge Discount from Tmall’s 11.11
Ever since Singaporeans discovered, more people have started to wish they had paid attention ...
3 November 2017
fashion clothes shopping Singapore
5 Fashion Items Singaporeans Need to Stop Wasting Money On
Gone are the days when the Singaporean uniform was a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, or when blogshop fashion ...
27 October 2017
These 5 Inexpensive Products Will Definitely Improve Your Life
These 5 Inexpensive Products Will Definitely Improve Your Life
Now, we’re pretty hesitant to call any purchase an investment. Contrary to what your shopaholic friend ...
9 October 2017
retail stores in singapore
7 Retail Stores in Singapore Where You Can Do More Than Just Shop
Whenever I need to buy something—whether it’s a new laptop, a pair of shoes or a McDonald’s meal—I inevitably ...
5 October 2017
grocery shopping credit card singapore
3 Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore
These days, there are only two ways to get cheap groceries. The first is with an optimized credit card. ...
7 September 2017
saving money cool fun
4 Products That Can Make Saving Money Cool and Fun
The “cool” kids aren’t exactly staying at home, cooking their meals to save money and comparison shopping ...
31 August 2017
korean makeup i'm startice singapore
Korean Makeup – Is I’M STARTICE the best place to get your K-beauty fix in Singapore?
So social media has been exploding recently with the opening of mega Korean marketplace at Big Box, “I’M ...
28 August 2017
redmart online grocery shopping singapore
Here’s Why Online Grocery Shopping Will Soon Become the New Norm in Singapore
In a country whose people are known to work the longest hours in the world, coupled with the fact that ...
amazon prime now singapore
Amazon in Singapore: Why Is It Such a Big Deal
Amazon‘s Prime Now service launched a few weeks ago in Singapore, and they had a rough start. Their delivery ...
15 August 2017
amazon prime now singapore
What Are the Best Things to Buy on Amazon Prime Now?
Amazon did their research, and they realised we’re a nation of internet-savvy, convenience-hungry shopping ...
4 August 2017
5 Most Value for Money Items You Can Buy from Muji
Muji is a brand that needs no introduction. Each time I walk into a Muji store, I feel like I’ve been transported ...
17 July 2017
4 Gifts Your Friends Would Definitely Not Like to Receive
So it’s your best friend Ah Kow’s birthday, and you want to get him something that will make his life better, ...
14 July 2017
25 Best Places to Use Your NS50 Vouchers
You’ve probably already received the notification in your mail. As the name suggests, NS50 vouchers are ...
30 June 2017
6 Types of Products You Can Sell on Etsy to Make Some Cash
6 Types of Products You Can Sell on Etsy to Make Some Cash
Most people who spend lots of time on the Internet know about Etsy. It’s an online marketplace that enables ...
17 May 2017