5 Ways UNIQLO Helps You Shop Smart — Versatile “One-Mile Wear”, Online Shopping Perks & More

UNIQLO Singapore 11.11 sale shopping

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Ever since UNIQLO opened its doors in Singapore, it’s been a big part of my life.

Recently, I’ve been wearing my UNIQLO T-shirt dress to bits, as it’s loose-fit and super comfy to wear while lounging on the sofa and working from home, yet presentable for video calls with my boss and clients, not to mention a nice dinner out in town after.

My husband, too, is kitted up in UNIQLO from head to toe for work — from formal pants that are stretchy yet wrinkle-resistant (he got the length altered for free, btw) to erm, underthings from the store’s AIRism range to keep him cool.

The price point, too, is value-for-money, even when there’s no offer. Actually, considering the comfort, quality, style and versatility I get, it’s a steal. But there’s more to UNIQLO than that — here are 5 ways UNIQLO helps us become smart, savvier shoppers:


1. Streamline your wardrobe with UNIQLO’s “one-mile wear”


“One-mile wear”, as you’ve probably guessed, is a Japanese concept. This refers to comfortable clothes that can be worn in the home, yet are chic enough to be worn out in a one-mile radius (actually, I feel it’s a whole-Singapore radius)… NOT literally one-mile-long dresses, if you’re wondering.

Remember during Circuit Breaker when many of us were busy KonMari-ing (aka decluttering) our homes, including our wardrobe? One-mile wear helps to streamline our wardrobe. Instead of having one outfit for home, another for running nearby errands, and yet another for cafe-hopping, one-mile wear cuts down on multi-occasion clothing with just 1 set for all.

For example, one-mile wear takes me through a full day of WFH, including video meetings (where I can’t wear my Gudetama PJs). I can easily wear the same clothes when going downstairs to tabao lunch, lounge around on the sofa (or on my bed, don’t tell my boss) during a 15-minute break, and nipping out for a grocery run. This same outfit is also stylish enough for a nice cafe dinner in town.

  • There’s no hassle of changing out or finding different outfits to wear for each activity
  • I’m comfortable the whole day and I can spend less time planning my wardrobe
  • I don’t need to worry about looking like a slob for work, or feeling underdressed in town
  • I save money because a single outfit is so versatile, yet affordable
  • It’s more sustainable (if not for the earth, then for my wallet)


2. Quality + Comfort + Versatility


Come to think of it, the amount of R&D that goes in UNIQLO’s clothes is quite fascinating. 

Work pants are engineered to be wrinkle-resistant and stretchy yet cost less than some sold in departmental stores. This makes them ideal for those who cycle to the office, move around a lot for work (retail/F&B manager), and are comfy enough for you to chillax in on a Friday night with friends.

I find this saves both time and energy (don’t really need to iron) and even money as UNIQLO offers free alteration for bottoms $29.90 and above… while waiting, I usually have my dinner and collect it after, on the same day.

The AIRism range, too, is intriguing. Made out of a thin and smooth material, chef friends I’ve spoken to, including my husband, say it helps to wick away moisture. They wear it as an inner layer or on its own (so cooling) on their off days.

For the affordable price point and consistent quality, comfort and versatility, UNIQLO’s clothing lines really help us become smarter shoppers — even more so for the savvy ones that know how to maximise the utility of the brand’s clothing tech.

(Can Covid-19 just disappear so that I can wear my UNIQLO HEATTECH items on a winter holiday again?)


3. Not “standard size”? UNIQLO’s online store has got you covered


Not every clothing store sells a wide range of sizes. You’ll usually find small, medium and large; sometimes extra-small or extra-large. In UNIQLO’s case, shop smarter because additional sizes — from XS all the way to 3XL — can be found exclusively on its online store.

This way, UNIQLO caters to a wider range of shoppers as the additional sizes are available on its online store. There’s also no need to make a trip to the store to enquire if the size you want is in stock.


4. Save time and energy by shopping online


Did you know that it’s smarter to shop online for your UNIQLO items? It can actually be cheaper than shopping in-store — from now till 12 Nov 2020, UNIQLO is giving out an $8 online coupon (for use from 6-12 Nov 2020) to new UNIQLO app members.

It also provides free shipping with an easily achievable $60 purchase — the cost of perhaps a pair of bottoms, 2 tops and some innerwear. What I do is I will jio my friends/neighbours to order together.

Or, if you’re often out and about, enjoy UNIQLO’s free service of Click and Collect (there are outlets pretty much everywhere in Singapore). That’s smart because:

  • You don’t need to jostle with other shoppers
  • You don’t need to spend time hunting for the item(s) in a big store, especially if you already know what you need
  • With current safe-distancing measures, zooming into a crowded store, making a beeline to collect your stuff and quickly leaving feels awesome


5. Enjoy even more value at UNIQLO’s 11.11 sale


Of course, UNIQLO helps its customers shop even smarter with special offers from time to time, including major sale events, like the upcoming 11.11 sale, where you’ll find discounts on bestsellers and basics that don’t usually enjoy a price reduction during normal promotions.

Here are a couple of deals you don’t want to miss:

Item Usual price 11.11 price
Men’s Packaged DRY Colour Short Sleeve T-shirts $7.90 $4.90
Kids’ Cotton Colour Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt $5.90 $4.90
Baby Newborn Short Sleeve Bodysuit $14.90 $9.90
Women’s Random Ribbed Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt $14.90 $9.90
Men’s SUPIMA Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt $14.90 $9.90
Men’s Dry Stretch Easy Shorts $19.90 $14.90
Women’s Joy Of Print Short Sleeve Set $29.90 $19.90
Men’s AIRism Short Sleeve Set $29.90 $19.90
Women’s Mercerized Cotton Short Sleeve Mini Dress $29.90 $19.90
Men’s Dry Pique Polo Shirt $29.90 $19.90

During UNIQLO’s 11.11 sale, you can also enjoy other perks, and even stand a chance to win a staycation:

  • 1-night’s stay at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel (5-star hotel) (4 winners; spend at least $150 from 6-12 Nov 2020 to be in the running) 
  • $50 gift card to spend in any physical store (30 winners; spend at least $100 from 6-12 Nov 2020 to be in the running)

Here’s a smart shopping tip: Download the UNIQLO app to enjoy $8 off* your online purchase during the 11.11 sale, from 6-12 November 2020.
*For new UNIQLO app members

All photos were supplied by UNIQLO.