New Benefits Alert: Connect Your FairPrice App to Your Plus! Account to Enjoy Sweeter Rewards & Easier Ways to Earn LinkPoints

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Whenever I go out to run errands and do some shopping, I lose count of the number of times I fumble through my wallet’s various crevices for membership cards and unlock my phone to search for the right membership app.

Does that happen to you too?

Sometimes I find myself wishing that there’s a universal membership programme, card or app for my favourite stores — also, so that there’s synergy and my savings or rewards points can be maximised. I can see this being a big hit especially for those families with young children… one less thing to think about when they already have lots of tasks and responsibilities to juggle!

Well, the dream situation isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but here’s a close second: The FairPrice app recently got an upgrade so you can now enjoy more ways to earn and redeem LinkPoints. You can even go cardless and still rack up LinkPoints whether you’re shopping in-store at FairPrice or Unity, by paying via the FairPrice app. Also, now you can even earn LinkPoints when you shop at FairPrice Online! With no more minimum spend requirement, it is indeed easier to earn LinkPoints.

Let’s take a closer look at the new benefits you can enjoy when you connect your FairPrice app to your Plus! account:



To begin, connect your FairPrice app to your Plus! account

 The first step, is of course, to connect your FairPrice app to your Plus! account. You’ll first need to download the app. 

Next, tap the user icon with your name on the top left of the FairPrice app’s home screen and select “Account”. Select “Plus!” under “Membership” and tap “Connect”. Not an existing Plus! member? Select your marketing preferences and tap “Join”. 

When you’re done, you will be able to see many exclusive promotions by Plus! partners:

Congrats, you are now successfully connected! You can now start earning and redeeming LinkPoints via the FairPrice app.



New benefit #1: Earn LinkPoints when you shop online at FairPrice

 The first new benefit is something that has probably been on our wishlist for a super long time; but it’s finally here! We can now earn LinkPoints when we shop online at FairPrice! 

Awesome possum, especially in these pandemic times! Or when we can’t simply lug home bulky packs of toilet paper and tissue, heavy detergent bottles, dishwashing liquid, rice, diapers, cooking oil, coconut water by the carton, and all that jazz.

After connecting the FairPrice app to your Plus! account, you can earn 0.5 LinkPoint per $1 spend for online purchases at FairPrice. Even better, sign up as a Digital Club member at just $9.99/month to earn 2x LinkPoints! This membership also comes with other perks, such as member exclusive promos and waiver of the $3.99 service fee with a minimum spend.



New benefit #2: You can now pay in-store at FairPrice and Unity via the FairPrice app

 Earning LinkPoints when shopping online at FairPrice is great, but how about those who prefer to shop in-store at FairPrice and Unity? Well, since 1 Aug 2021, we are now able to pay via the FairPrice app — convenient max!

After connecting your FairPrice app with your Plus! account, go to Payment.

Key in your credit card details here so you’ll be well-prepared when you begin your cardless journey (anyone go jogging then end off your run with a trip to the supermarket?).

Payment via the FairPrice app was previously only available in FairPrice stores with Scan & Go. By the way, if you haven’t tried out the Scan & Go function, it’ll save you even more time and you won’t need to waste time in a long payment queue! Read more about 5 Scan & Go shopping tips.

This is great news for me actually, because at one time, I may be digging through my wallet for at least 3 items when standing at the FairPrice or Unity checkout counter: My Plus! membership card, my credit card, FairPrice voucher (sometimes), and if I’m shopping with/for my mum, I’ll also need her Pioneer Generation (PG) card or related concession card.

With the new move, I’ll only need to present a maximum of 2 items — the PG card or concession card, and FairPrice vouchers (if any). The Plus! card can stay firmly in my wallet as it’s already connected to my FairPrice app, and payment can easily be done via the FairPrice app as well. 

Imagine the relief of parents who can now hold on firmly to their young child, while the other hand just settles everything via their mobile phone (versus needing both hands to dig through their bag/wallet). 

Bonus: I can also digitally track my loyalty points and grocery receipts real-time via the app.



New benefit #3: No minimum spend needed to earn LinkPoints for FairPrice, Unity and Cheers

There used to be a minimum spend before we could start to earn LinkPoints. It was $20 for FairPrice/Unity and $10 for Cheers purchases. However, good news! This minimum spend has been removed, and you can now start to earn LinkPoints from the first cent spent… Every single transaction, no matter how little, will earn you LinkPoints!

This definitely benefits everyone, from young families who buy a lot of daily necessities, to those who make minimal purchases… as well as shoppers popping into Cheers to grab a cold isotonic drink in our blistering Singapore heat.



New benefit #4: Earn bonus earn rates in-store at FairPrice, Unity and Cheers

Remember that synergy I was wishing for right at the beginning of this article? Well, it’s come true too! 

Now, in addition to earning 0.5 LinkPoints per $1 spend at FairPrice, Unity and Cheers physical stores, you’ll earn an additional 0.83 LinkPoint per $1 spend for a combined monthly spend of $400 across the physical stores.

This adds up to a total of 1.33 LinkPoints per $1 spend for those who hit $400 monthly spending. It’s fantastic for families, who need to get their household necessities ranging from groceries to pharmacy items, and even the occasional convenience store visit for after hours and family outing pit stops.



New benefit #5: Better redemption rate at all Plus! Partners

So you’ve accumulated all those LinkPoints and you’re thinking of redeeming them. Looks like it’s an even better time to do so, as there’s now an improved redemption rate at all Plus! partners.

Previously, 150 LinkPoints could save you $1. Now, 100 LinkPoints save you $1, and this is so much easier to remember. That’s like using 33.3% less LinkPoints each time, so you can now redeem even more at the over 1,000 participating partner outlets (and earn LinkPoints when you spend with them too). 

It’s impossible to paste the whole list of Plus! partners here, but here are a few standout ones that many of us frequent: CaltexHong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, and even for your dining, shopping, entertainment and enrichment needs at Downtown East.



Enjoy all the existing benefits too

In addition to the 5 new/enhanced benefits, connecting your FairPrice app to your Plus! account still retails all of your existing perks. 

As a Plus! member, you can also choose to convert your LinkPoints to partner points/miles and vice versa. For example, 500 LinkPoints = 2,900 GrabRewards Points. You can also earn LinkPoints while indulging in much-needed online retail therapy with brands that include Adidas, ZALORA and Razer.

There are also a slew of promotions just for Plus! members, such as 10% off regular priced items at shoe brand Skechers, and more.

With the FairPrice app, enjoy time-saving conveniences such as Scan & Go, go paperless with digital receipts and lucky draw stubs, review your past purchase history easily, view your “live” spending and savings while shopping, and instantly check in-store promotions and deals via the app.

Have yet to connect the FairPrice app to your Plus! account? Download the enhanced FairPrice app to start paying, earning and redeeming LinkPoints with ease.