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Decathlon Sports Gear

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If cheap sporting goods were a religion, I would definitely be one of the most pious because I visit Decathlon just about every Sunday. Need a new water bottle? Decathlon. Need underwear? Decathlon. Just bored? Decathlon.

Seriously, I’ve investigated so many of their dirt-cheap sporting goods that I can say without reservation that Decathlon is the cheapest sports shop in Singapore. Prices are even cheaper than Mustafa. And that is a sentence that is seldom uttered.

While you can find good basic items like yoga mats, footballs and exercise wear at cheap prices, don’t just stop there. What I like is that Decathlon has lots of specialty gear that used to be very expensive before they came along. And, so far, I’ve found the quality to be good (unlike some of the cheap shit you might find from Taobao).

Take a look at my top product picks and check out how much cheaper they are compared to “branded” items:


Low cost Penny Board lookalike – Yamba Cruiser ($39.90)

decathlon yamba cruiser skateboard

Decathlon’s Penny board near-replica costs less than a quarter of the original, and seems really close to the real thing. You can even test out the boards in-store and they have really helpful staff who’ll teach you on the spot. By the way, it’s available in the 27” version too.

Price: $39.90

Similar product: 22” Penny skateboard, $175 ($135 more)

penny board decathlon

Decent quality hammock for under S$20 – Quechua hammock ($16.90)

decathlon hammock

I’ve always wanted a hammock but found them too expensive, until this ultra-thin packable hammock came along. It can actually save you some cash if you’re going for a beach holiday too. Instead of paying to use privately-owned daybeds and cabanas, set up your own hammock and enjoy your a nap on the beach for absolutely free, as nature intended.

Price: $16.90

Similar product: IKEA RISÖ hammock, $39.90 ($23 more)

Decathlon Sleeping in Hammock

Cheap camping tent – Arpenaz tent ($29.90)

decathlon arpenaz tent

I swear the population of campers (squatters?) at East Coast Park has simply exploded since Decathlon opened an outlet in Bedok. I wouldn’t count on Decathlon’s basic 2-man tent as my main form of accommodation in the Himalayas or anything, but hey, it’s $30. What’s not to love? There are slightly cheaper ones on Taobao, but at least Decathlon tents have a warranty.

Price: $29.90

Similar product: No-brand 2-man tent, $105.79 ($75.89 more)

Decathlon camping tent

Cheap wet suits for beginner divers – 2mm shorty wetsuit ($49.90)

decathlon shorty surfing wetsuit

If you’re planning to take your PADI Open Water, you might want to get a cheap Decathlon wetsuit rather than rent one from the dive shop. One, you can make sure it fits you well, which is so important for retaining warmth. Two, everyone pees in wetsuits. And yeah, I know it’s a surfing wetsuit but honestly it doesn’t matter in tropical waters. I find these so much more comfortable and flexible than most diving wetsuits.

Price: $49.90

Similar product: Roxy 2mm Syncro Springsuit, $174 ($124 more)

Wet suit windsurfing

Cheap and functional hydration pack – 1L hydration bag ($29.90)

decathlon hydration bag

Hardcore runners will probably go for a “proper” pack from Salomon or Camelbak, but if you’re looking for a cheap hydration bag that still does the trick, this is it. The hydration bladder isn’t the easiest to handle, but the bag itself is well-designed. It’s mostly made of power mesh which doesn’t hang on to your sweat (gross), and you can stuff a whole bunch of gear even after you fill the bladder. There’s also a sternum strap to prevent swinging while you run.

Price: $29.90

Similar product: Camelbak 1.5L HydroBak, $73.12 ($43.22 more)

Decathlon Hydration pack

Low cost down jacket for winter holidays – X-Light down jacket ($49.90)

decathlon quilted hiking jacket

Uniqlo isn’t the only place where you can get a cheap but effective down jacket. The Decathlon down jackets, available for women and men, might even perform better as they are engineered and tested for rough conditions.

Price: $49.90

Similar product: Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka, $99.90 ($50 more)

Low cost down jacket for winter holidays Decathlon

High capacity backpack for half the price – Arpenaz 30L backpack ($17.90)

decathlon 30L backpack

I love this backpack to death. It’s really simple and roomy but ergonomically designed. I like that there are no excessive straps and pockets which are just extra weight, really. Because of the vertical “bucket” design, it’s really easy to stack the weight up close to the middle of your torso rather than too low which will strain your back. Of course, I lust over fancy Osprey bags like every gearhead. But whatever, you can’t argue with an $18 bag.

Price: $17.90

Similar product: Osprey Tempest 30L backpack $139.45 ($121.55 more)

High capacity backpack Decathlon

Decathlon stores in Singapore and their operating hours

Decathlon Bedok

Address: 750A Chai Chee Road #01-01 Singapore 469001

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9AM to 10PM

Decathlon Joo Koon

Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, #02-21, Singapore 629117

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 10PM

Decathlon City Square Mall

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-03 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 10PM


No, Decathlon did not pay us anything to say nice things about them. Neither did they give us any products to review. This is not a sponsored post.

What’s your favourite product from Decathlon? Tell us about it in the comments.

In-article image credits: Decathlon

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